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    Apocalypse Datasheets - Design Formula?

    So having read through the Apocalypse book, and downloading the supplemental Datasheets provided by GW and reviewing some of the "Design a Datasheet" submissions on Warseer, I have questions regarding design concepts.

    In the design of Formations the majority (if not all) have a Points cost (x) + the cost of the models.

    However I haven't noticed a pattern as to what X is and why.

    For example, SM Armoured Spearhead (Landraiders) are 50 points + models whereas the SM Line Breaker Squadron (Vindicators) are 100 points + models. Battle Company, 200. Eldar Aspect Assault Wave, 75.

    Any thoughts and ideas?

    One might assume that the points are a way of paying for the Special Rules which come with each formation. More Special Rules cost more, however this doesn't ring true for the several I've compared.

    Besides, since these formations are for Apocalypse where you have points to waste, a paltry 25, 50 or 100 points can hardly be considered a hardship.

    I welcome anyone who can join this dialog.


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    I can only see it as better abilities require you to pay more points.

    The odd thing about it being a set points level is that the more models you have in the formation the less points you pay for it proportionally.

    Like the linebreaker squad costs 100 points for 3 and 100 points for 5, rather than a set extra amount per model.

    This is probably to make things easier for everyone who wants to field special apocalypse formations because they seem to be focusing on "making things fun." Rather than making apocalypse a competitive type of game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon23516 View Post
    In the design of Formations the majority (if not all) have a Points cost (x) + the cost of the models.

    However I haven't noticed a pattern as to what X is and why
    Based on past history, X is a WAG possibly adjusted by casual playtesting. Possibly.
    X *could* represent the discounted cost of a Formation's associated Assets. [shrug]

    Theoretically, any Asset is worth 250pts, but some sure seem more valuable than others.
    I daresay looking for method in all this madness will prove a frustrating endeavor.

    That's why I'll stick to designing DSheets like the BB variants and the Defence Laser.
    (No Formation rules or SA costing to justify.)


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