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    assassin kill team misson really cool check it out!

    Special kill team mission: Assassinate the chosen

    A group of assassins has been dispatched to dispose of the chosen of abaddon, 4 of the imperium’s greatest foes. They have infiltrated abaddon’s flagship, and must make their way to the bridge in order to slay them.

    The kill team consists of 6 assassins of any type. This is an exception to normal restrictions on kill teams.

    The enemy grunts are CSMs(can't recall if thats what they are called... grunts or something else)

    The table should be set up using preferably blocky/ mechanical structures, placed closely together to create a maze like environment(representing the ships interior.)

    At the objective are abaddon himself, and 4 chaos lords, one with each mark of chaos(so one khorne lord, one slaanesh lord, one nurgle lord, one tzeetch lord) and equipped each with a daemon weapon. The assassins must attempt to kill as many of them as possible.

    The odds are against the kill team, they will die; it is up to you to see how many of the chosen they take down with them.

    That is not dead which may eternal lie,
    for in strange aeons even death may die.

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    snippity snap thats beast. though you know whats going down. its either going to be pure eversor assassins, just because on the charge, you get up to 60 power weapon attacks, or the callidus assasin, because they all go after one lord and wipe the floor with him, and then massacre to the next.

    cullexis is only good to hurt the tzeentch lord,

    vindicare will be hillarious if you take 6, because first turn, they are all doing turbo penatrator or sheild breaker on them, but standardly, they cant win if you take 6 vindicare.

    oh well, i would still want to play that mission though.

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