I give credit to <E!_Mance> for inspiring, and giving the basis for how i do this.

pheonix lords have been the cause of many headaches on how to make your own, so my eldar bretheren, i will do my best to get a suitble generator for the pheonix lord at most.

okay, since i have an executioner at my throat, i won't post stats.

Phonix lord. he costs 175 pts BASIC including rules

okay, so i can't post the stats.
in essentiality, there are three things a pheonix lord ALWAYS has

its own special weapon or piece of equipment
its aspect's exarch powers
its own special rule.

you should choose something along the lines of the following list. the names of the rules themselves are changable.

IN YOUR FACE! the pheonix lord and his squad gains counter attack
OH I AM SOOOOO BETTER THAN YOU! the pheonix lord gains an invul save (must have a different reason than Asureman and must be approrpriate cost. see <E!_Mance>'s Custom special character's kit.
I HATE YOU! gains preferred enemy against a certain enemy (make it fluffy, see example below)

to create your special character's weapon or equipment, do the following:

take an exarch weapon (i.e. powerblades, star lance) and change with it some simple things.

you can change what it is as long as it is still fluffy. so you could change the star lance to a star axe b/c the pheonix lord was from Saim-hann or something like that.

if you want to add or take away special characteristics, refer to the following thread
<http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...cial+character (Custom Special Character kit V0.95)

if you look on the second page there is an alternative way of constructing a PL

this is my Pheonix lord, Varin, the Flicker of Venom. 275 points

cannot post stats

HAs all exarch powers blah blah blah

THe Hralsishan (timewarp. yes i made that up)
plasma & haywire grenades
the spider's fang

I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!: prefered enemy: marines (including chaos, grey knights, loyalists, and deathwatch)

The Hralsishan- this is the specialized warp pack that Varin wears, an it confers upon him mirraculous abilityies. he gains a 3+ invulnerable save that he may only use if he warped jump in the last available assault phase. he also does not suffer from getting lost in the warp when rolling doubles, but loses a wound on a roll of 4+, no saves possible.

Spider's fang- a potent, two handed chain blade thats very blades are coated in venom so potent that it kills or mortally wounds victims instantly. combinied with the Hralsishan, varin can emit a dozen of microscopic yet lethal wounds in as many seconds as it takes to tell about it, but the effort leaves the Hralshisan drained of energy, allowing the enemy to strike back. The Spider's fang counts as a pair of powerblades that have the rending special rule.

Hunted: Varin is hunted by three figures of poriminence in the galaxy: Arhra the Fallen Pheonix, Karandras the Shadow Hunter, and Abaddon the Despoiler.

He offended Arhra in some unknown way, but it is romoured that he was the one that discovered the seed of chaos in Arhra's soul.

it is completely unknown why the shadow hunter makes his fellow pheonix lord hunt him so.

it is known however how Varin offended Abaddon. At the final battle of Narhis V during the Great Crusades , a system of beleguared eldar colonies, abaddon was dominating the battle and then Varin and a host of warp spiders and exarchs appeared in the middle of the battle, turning the tide. abaddon fought off 5 warp spider exarchs at once, and then VArin struck, wounding him. the space marine captain retaliated, and killed his adversary, but his spirit stone was not. one of the exarchs took up the armour and weapon and retreated. abaddon screamed curses at the retreating eldar.

For much of the great crusade, Varin would appear just to appose the Sons of Horus' first company, and humiliated Abaddon several times.

The Despoiler does not easily forget such humiliation, and now that after ten millenia Varin has reammerged, Abaddon has relished the chance for revenge.

none of these characters may be in the same army as him (not even in apacolypse, unless Asureman is there, he could always controll the two)

erm, das all i got