I developed this on Warseer I just thought I would let you have a look at it before I send it off to Jervis Johnson to have a look at.

HARLEQUIN GRAND MASQUE 200pts plus models

Since the fall the Harlequins have travelled the galaxy through the Webway performing on craftworlds, maidenworlds and even the dark hell of Cammoragh. Their acts tell of tragedy and triumph, of sorrow and joy, of the past and of the future.
The Harlequins are also the guardians of the Webway and know the entirety its myriad pathways.
In times of war when the webway is threatened on a massive scale or a particularly powerful enemy has risen the Harlequins will emerge in force led by a mighty High Avatar to fight alongside their brethren such as recently during the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon where the Harlequins fought alongside the Ulthwe Strike Force against the Thousand Sons, the Necrons and the Dark Eldar.


Harlequin Grand Masque

3+ Harlequin Troupes

Special Rules

High Avatar

The High Avatar is the most senior and oldest of the Harlequins. It the High Avatar who plays the part of the Laughing God in the greatest of all the Harlequin performances and their skill has been perfected across the millenia since The Fall.
They are the keepers of the Darkest secrets of the Black Library and answer to none save their master the Laughing God. In their presence all Harlequins strive to emulate the High Avatar and will strive to reach new hights of skill and grace.

One Harlequin Troupe Master is automatically upgraded to a High Avatar. They have the same stat line as an Autarch and their holofield save is increased to 4+. They may take the same Wargear options as a Troupe Master for the points cost listed in Codex Eldar.
The High Avatar is not an Independant Character and may not join another Harlequin troupe even if their own is destroyed.
All Harlequin models within 12" of the High Avatar may re-roll all missed to hit attacks on the turn that they charge.

The Webway

The Harlequins use the Webway extensively and their knowledge of its mysterious pathways is far above that of any other Eldar. An advantage they are not above using in battle.

The Grand Masque formation confers the Strategic Redeployment and Flank March assets.