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    Warhammer Super Heavy Titan Destroyer

    So, after trying to go toe-to-toe with a Warlord Battle Titan (yeah...went over well...) with a Baneblade AND a Shadowsword, and after subsequently losing BOTH to well-rolled shots, I came up with the Idea for a new Super Heavy Titan Killer.

    Basically, it is just a Warlord titan with fewer weapons and tracks instead of legs. Mostly what I'm wondering is if the points cost I have outlined and the weapons load out are balanced.

    Thx in advance.

    Warhammer - Hammer of Justice

    Points: 2500
    Front Armor: 14
    Side Armor: 14
    Rear Armor: 13
    BS: 3 (4)

    Type: Tank
    Size: Super Heavy
    Crew: (10) Imperial Guard (commander, driver, comms-operator, master gunner, remote gunner, 2 gunners, 1 loader, 2 engineers)
    Speed: Lumbering
    Structure Points: 6
    Void Shields: 4

    --Volcano Cannon (2x) – Primary Weapon:
    Range: 200” Strength: D AP: 2 Special: Ordnance 1, 10” Blast,
    Titan Killer, Destroyer
    Ordnance: The ‘Hammer’ may fire Ordnance and still fire other weapons.
    Titan Killer: Each hit inflicts D3 structure points damage on a target that has structure points. Rolls separately on the damage tables for each point of damage.

    --Melta Cannon (2x) – Co-axial Weapon:
    Range: 72” Strength: 10 AP: 1 Special: Ordnance 1, 10” Blast,
    --Battlemaster Cannon:
    Range: 72” Strength: 9 AP: 2 Special: Ordnance 1, Blast

    --Double-barrelled Turbo-laser Destructor (2x) – Sponson-mounted:
    Range: 96” Strength: D AP: 2 Special: Heavy 2, 5" Blast, Destroyer

    --Twin-linked Heavy Bolter (2x) – Sponson :
    Range: 36” Strength: 5 AP: 4 Special: Heavy 3

    --Twin-linked Vulcan Mega-bolter – Hull-mounted:
    Range: 60" Strength: 6 AP: 3 Special: Heavy 15

    **Roll 3D6+10 for armor penetration against targets under the hole in the center of the marker, and 2D6+10 against other targets.

    Equipment: The Hammer has the following vehicle upgrades from the Imperial Guard codex: hunter-killer missile, improved comms, searchlight, and smoke launchers.

    Special Rules:
    Commissariat Crew: The Hammer carries members of the Commissariat, who use the Warhammer to urge the men on to more heroic deeds. And Imperial Guard unit within 12” of the Warhammer crew count their Leadership value as 10.

    Command Tank: The Hammer is used as Lord-Marshal Blake Grayson’s mobile field HQ. All Imperial Guard units within 24” of the Hammer may re-roll failed Morale checks.

    Targeting: Instead of picking one target for the Hammer, pick a target for each of its weapons.

    Warhammer Tank Shock: Enemy infantry must test at –1 to their leadership if they are Tank Shocked by the Hammer.

    Lumbering Vehicle: The Hammer can move up to 6” a turn. It must always move straight ahead, but can pivot up to 45 degrees at the end of the move.

    Difficult Terrain: The Hammer can ignore low walls, hedges, bushes and rubble. If it travels through other difficult terrain they test as normal. However, if it rolls a 1 it is not automatically immobilized, instead it loses D3” of movement just as if it had suffered an Engines Damaged result on the damage tables.

    Reactor Meltdown: If the Hammer suffers an Apocalyptic Explosion result on the Catastrophic Damage chart, its reactor goes nuclear! This is the same as an Apocalyptic Explosion, except the range is 6D6”, and models within range suffer a Destroyer hit.

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