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    Dark Eldar Custom Character (Critique)

    I'd like some comments on a Dark Eldar character i've been working on. Here is the general concept of the character.

    Zei'kuin is the Archon of the Shadow Sting kabal which specialized in highly moblie and precise strikes. The Kabals modus operandi is a two stage attack: The first wave is a strike force of bikes and skimmers who swoop in and take out the target areas heavy weapons, vehicles, etc. and then get out. The second wave is when the slaver ships that are so typical of Dark Eldar attacks swoop in and being to raid and pillage.

    Zei'kuin is a former Autarch of the Saim-Hann craftworld. 100 years ago, His force after a heated battle had to retreat back in to the webway but they never returned. Recently, they have been appearing again but as mockeries of their former glory: As Dark Eldar. Although a skilled strategist, he is a bit reckless when in the middle of combat. As such, he tends to lead his kin in the first wave of attacks.

    Zei'kuin, Archon of the Shadow Sting Kabal
    PTS WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    200pts 6 6 3 3(4) 3 7 3 8 3+

    Wargear: Jetbike, Shadow Field, Poisoned Blades, Plasma Grenades, Dark Vulcan.

    Special Abilities:

    Lustful Past: Zel'kuin has has some... unfortunate dealings with a particular Wych Cult and thus has a bad reputation with the Wych Cults in general. As such, they rarely are willing to work with him. Wyche Squads are now a 0-1 choice. You can also not take Dracites, Warp Beast Packs, or Hellions.

    Dark Vulcan: This gun is a modified blaster that is mounted on his custom Jetbike. It consists of a single oversized blaster with three smaller ones attached to the sides of the barrel.

    Dark Vulcan: 12" Range S9 AP1 Assault 1+d3, Lance

    Withdraw: Although he is reckless, that doesn't completely override his tactical sense. He hates to stay in close combat for prolonged periods and prefers to hit and run targets. Zel'kuin has the Withdraw Exarch power (see Eldar Codex).

    Crack Shot: Zel'kuin has the Crack Shot exarch power (see Eldar Codex).

    Tank Hunter: Because of his frequent raids on the heavy armor of his enemies, he has become adept at killing vehicles. Zel'kuin has the Tank Hunters exarch power (See Eldar Codex).

    Independent Character

    Loner: Zel'kuin refuses to work with others because they "will only slow him down." As such, other then his special retinue, he cannot join other units.

    Latent Power: Is a Psyker and can use Guide as the Eldar Psyker Power.

    Retinue: Zel'kuin may take 0-2 Honor Guard as his Retinue.

    Honor Guard
    Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    45 5 4 3 3(4) 1 6 1 8 3+

    Wargear: Jetbike, Blaster, Poisoned Blades.

    Bodyguard: The Honor Guard are specially trained incubi mounted on jetbikes. They are trained to protect him from all harm. At the beginning of the assault phase, an Honor Guard may switch places (and opponents) with Zel'kuin.

    Here is a general breakdown of the point costs (as I see it):

    The basic statline is that of an Archon (60 pts) but with an increased armor save. The armor save is compensated for by the Lustful Past rule which greatly limits our close combat ability since Wychs, Wyche Lords, and Hellions are some of our best close combat units. His Ld is also lower (-10)

    The Dark Vulcan is a blaster modified with the rules from Chapter Approved. So Blaster (10pts) + Increased Strength and AP (10pts) + 75% for Gattling Special rule (extra d3 attacks). Total: 35 Pts. It is a good gun but its short range is a major limiting factor since as a tank hunter most of his targets can easily shoot him out of the sky before he gets in range.

    The Bike, Shadow Field, Poisoned Blades, and Plasma Grenades are all for their armory point costs (total of 67 points).

    Loner Special rule also reduces it a bit although this is mostly a moot point since his Honor Guard are superior to Jetbikes. Then again, the only thing you COULD group with are other jetbikes anyway and you can take a fairly large squad instead of the just two. So in the end, it all balances out.

    Latent Power was mostly added to round his points to an even 200pts since without it he is sitting at little below 197 points. It doesn't add a lot to his points cost since although psyker powers are mostly foreign to Dark Eldar (and thus cost more), he has a low Leadership. It also makes him vulnerable to anti-psyker abilities.

    The Honor guard is a bit harder to calculate out properly since although it is based off an incubi (who cost 25 pts) they don't come with the incubi's weapons.

    The character evolved out of a campaign that I was in recently. The original one was just a normal Archon with standard set of wargear I kept using and the fluff for him was basically what I was using above. My friend suggested that (Personality wise) he really should be on a Jetbike and thus the above was created. He is quite powerful but he is hard to get in to range since his high points cost and fragile body make him a huge target for anything that can shoot him. In my limited testing of the above, he has been fairly balanced (and living up to his reckless reputation).

    In my game against a Tau army, he circled around and flanked a set of tau Heavy Suits (whatever they are called) and started to eat them but then the Tau Commander dropped in and killed him in a round of shooting when the Commander Deep Striked near-by.

    In a game vs Eldar, he and his retinue managed to take out a transport while Jain Zar and her banshees were in it and then took her out next turn while she was entangled. He didn't do much after that since he got pinned by sniper fire for a turn while every thing else moved away from him.

    Any suggestions or comments about this character? Too cheap? Too expensive? OMG BROKEN?

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    Well thought out.

    I normally ignore these pages because everyone breaks their characters.

    I do thing the custom blaster is a bit much though.

    I think it should gain the 'gets hot' rule, but he should be able to maybe get haywire grenades.

    Just ideas.

    Well done.
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