yeah, there has been a lot of talk about having a radical inquisitor for the new DH codex, but no one has tried to make a character, so im trying to make one, just because i want to see what people think. becuase he is radical, he is going to have some boosted stats to show his somewhat corruption.

Condemed grand inquisitor Barbados (just cause i love the name)

Inquisitor Barbados was one of the greatest inquisitors that the Imperium had ever seen. However, with greatness, there comes pride. After being insulted by the grey knights at the battle of Ictan VI, he swore to exact his revenge. He started to slip from the strict values of the Ordo Malleus, and became corrupted by the warp. For his final transformation, and excommunication, he went into the warp, made some daemonhosts, but from more powerful daemons, and made them more unstable, and was gifted with an ancient blade that passes seemlessly through all armor, and psycicly inscribed armor that emminats a sickly green glow that fills him with the passion to fight beyond his physical abilites when wounded.

pts. 400 (includes cost of daemonhosts)

WS 5
BS 5
S 4
T 4
W 3
I 5
A 4
LD 10
Sv 2+/4+

Weapons and Wargear:
Tracx'than's arm
Tracx'than's body
Tracx'than's heart

Special rules

Tracx'than's Arm: This weapon has been crafted straight from the warp, as such it is filled with strange and potent energies that cut through armor and flesh as though they were the same. as such, it is treated as a power weapon. if a model has a invulnerable save, even it cant save it completly from the blade. as such the invulnerable save is reduced by 1( 4+ goes to 5+ and so on). if its a 6+ then it gets no invuln save

Tracx'thans Body: This armor is one of the finest suits of armor that the warp has ever produced for any living individual. It confers a 2+ save, and a 4+ invulnerable save.

Tracx'thans Heart: This gem draws its power from blood, and lets Barbados fight even more when he is hurt. When he sufferes his first wound, he gains an extra attack. when he suffers his second wound, he gets feel no pain. When Barbados dies, his blood covers the entire gem, which explodes, causing a wound on a 4+ on everthing within a small blast template. No saves allowed.

Perfered Enemy: Daemon Hunters

Special daemonhosts.

The same as the other ones, though the only powers they have are
Reknit host form:2-3 as in codex
Warp Strength: 4-5 as in codex and count as having power weapons
Break loose: 1 or 6 see below

Break loose: the daemon breaks loose and attacks the nearest model, (this could be another daemon host, or even Barbados himself. use the stats of the daemon host). then then it dissapears. (remove the host from play)

so what do you think. a little too overpowered. i tried to make him cost more to compensate for that.