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    Codex: Hruds - Tribe Rancur

    Racial Traits
    Instinctual Preservation: The Hruds are relatively small creatures compared to the other sentient species of the universe. Their natural genetic conditioning of self-preservation allows them to take cover even in the barest of settings. To reflect this, all Greyfurs gain a natural 5+ CS regardless of whether they are actually in cover, while Blackfurs gain a natural 6+ CS due to their larger size and their more aggressive disposition. Also, whenever a Hrud unit has to make a Fall Back move, it flees 2D6"+2 if it is a Greyfur unit and 2D6"+1 if it is a Blackfur unit.
    Nocturnal: Hruds were born as a race in the darkness of the caverns of the Underempire through exposure to Warpstone. As a result of living in conditions of eternal darkness, the eyesight of the Hruds are extremely sensitive to light. To reflect this, Hruds have a naturally low Ballistic Skill. Should however, the battle be a Night Fight scenario, or if night is created through artificial means, the Hruds gain a +2 bonus to their Ballistic Skill. In addition, they suffer no penalties for targetting in Night Fight scenarios.
    Fleet of Paw: The Hruds were naturally creatures that crawled on all fours, before evolving into bipedal creatures that moved upright. In the heat of a battle, in order to gain ground and move with haste across the battlefield, the Hruds may choose to fall on all fours, and use their powerful forelimbs for added mobility, transversing even over difficult terrain with ease. To represent this, during the Shooting Phase, the Hruds may choose to Move instead of Shoot that Turn. The distance travelled is determined through the roll of 2D6 and the result is translated directly into the distance moved in inches. This rule is only applied however, if the Hruds have free use of their forelimbs, as they are unencumbered by the handling of any weapons. If the Hruds in question have their forelimbs occupied in some form or manner, roll a single D6 instead to determine the movements of the Hruds during the Shooting Phase. The CS bonus provided by Instinctual Preservation is forgone however, to reflect the Hruds moving forward in their need for haste, ignoring the possible dangers that lie ahead. You may instead choose to keep the CS bonus of Instinctual Preservation by moving forward your Initiative value in inches. This is to reflect the Hruds traversing ground cautiously, with their senses on the alert.
    Burrow Warren: Should the Hruds encounter enemy within their own ground, they may use the burrows of their Warren to quickly traverse ground from one point to another. Should you be the defensive player within this battle, i.e. you take second turn after the other player, you may distribute Burrow Exits and Entrances anywhere upon the battlefield. To determine the number of Burrow Exits and Entrances, count the number of Greyfur packs and Vermin Tides within your army. That number is the exact amount of Burrow Holes upon the battlefield. Place a marker to determine the presence of a Burrow Hole. Any Hrud unit within your army is free to access these Burrow Holes to pop out anywhere upon the battlefield through another Burrow Hole. If an enemy unit is within 6" of a Burrow Exit, the Hrud unit counts as charging with a +1A bonus on top of the usual Attack bonus for charging just as if it has the Surprise Assault Special Rule. This is to represent the Hruds ability to sense the vibrations caused by movements above ground and thus gain the preemptive on units on the surface. A Hrud unit may choose instead to enter a Burrow Entrance and lay in wait underground till an opportunity presents itself, when an enemy crosses a Burrow Exit, to reemerge for a Surprise Assault.
    Scavengers: Hruds are known to live in huge underground Warrens beneath Hive Cities. In such situations, the Hruds are forced to subsist on scavenging, emerging from their subterranean dens to snatch whatever food supplies or equipment they can get their hands on. So too it is with technology. Much of their progress in science has been through the acquiring and dissecting of the gadgets of other races. This much to do with the fact that the dens they live in do not harbour the appropriate conditions for the manufacturing of firearms or any other such technological products. So it comes to be that Hruds residing within the underground of Hive Cities resort to a life of scavenging for all manner of things, from food to weaponry. To represent the scavenging tendencies of the Hrud race, whenever a Hrud unit happens upon fallen bodies on the battlefield, you may choose to swap one model per fallen warrior, to represent the Hrud grabbing the equipment for his own. In other words, when any soldiers on both sides are to fall in battle, place them sideways down on the battlefield instead of removing them as usual. Soldiers that have been wiped out from a Sweeping Advance are removed as per normal and do not count towards the fallen bodies upon the battlefield.

    For every Blackfur born to a Hrud Queen within a single brood, there will be 5 Greyfurs in comparison. So it is that Greyfurs form the bulk of Hrud society, but it is not always that they occupy the majority status. What the Blackfurs lack in numbers, they make up more than sufficiently with sheer physical strength and aggressiveness. The docile, passive Greyfurs are often than not turned into submission, especially when they are still pups within their broods. During their infancy, they learn that their only recourse is to rely on their numerical superiority, resorting to strength in unity, against the advances of the Blackfurs. The Blackfurs meanwhile learn of their own physical limitations, even the weak become strong in sufficient quantities. They then turn their aggression towards other Blackfurs, where it is not a contest of numbers but of individual power. Blackfurs are thus tended towards a stance of independence and individuality from infancy, while Greyfurs in deep contrast, develop their identity within a group, with their individuality replaced with the needs of the group. This dynamic between the Blackfurs and the Greyfurs changes somewhat as both mature into adulthood. The Blackfurs hone their natural aggression into a tool of war and conflict. Against fellow kin within the same brood, the Blackfurs', having matured into adult Hruds, have the presence of mind not to turn against them needlessly unless provoked. The Greyfurs meanwhile, given their innate passivity, accept such conditions all too willingly, reaching an unspoken agreement with their Black counterparts that they be the directors and leaders in such matters that concern the security of the brood. The Blackfurs are thus free to develop their own system of hierarchy among themselves, developing a social order based entirely on physical prowess and aggression. The strongest and most tenacious become Warlords, the supreme directors of the Tribe in the theatre of war. The Greyfurs however, have their part to play too in the defence of their brood. It would be unfeasible to completely rely on the Blackfurs for the defence of the brood, when the Greyfurs do indeed form the bulk of the Tribe. These Greyfurs allow themselves to be led in war by the stronger Blackfurs, who in this position and role, refer to themselves as Blackfangs. During times of war, these packs of Greyfurs take up arms, making up for their lack physical ability by providing range fire support to the other elements of the Tribe. The Blackfangs lead at the front of the packs, where their physical skill can be of use, screening the Greyfurs behind from would be attackers that would engage the Greyfur packs in the melee. This set-up was established by the ruling Warlords, for it was discovered that large bands of Blackfurs tended to erupt into infighting. During times of peace, the Greyfurs have a larger standing within the Tribe, in regards to what they can do compared to the Blackfurs. The digits of their forepaws are more dexterous and nimbler than their Black-furred counterparts, which are larger and clumsier in comparison, resulting in the Greyfurs being the chief artisans of the Tribe. All manners of produce by the Tribe is done by the Greyfurs, including the manufacture of weapons of war. By exercising their mental reflexes and finesse through such creative processes, the Greyfurs access a deeper level of their psyche than the Blackfurs, which results in the Greyfurs possessing greater intelligence than the Blackfurs. This is the chief advantage the Greyfurs have over the Blackfurs, but yet the Blackfurs continue to maintain their dominance in the social hierarchy of the Tribe. This is chiefly because the Greyfurs have been so ingrained in their group identity since infancy that they find it hard to break away and stand out from the group. Those that do cherish such ambitions quickly draw the attention of the other Greyfurs, who seek to suppress and control the willful individual. All this would seem to go against their supposed greater intelligence but there is a deeper rationale behind it. The Greyfurs have been so programmed to believe since infancy that it is their strength in numbers that prevents them from succumbing to the Blackfurs, that any dissent or behaviour patterns that are deemed different is seen as a threat to that established security. However, the Greyfurs' passive nature and tendency towards peace simply allows the Blackfurs to dominate the power structure. The Blackfurs are entirely opposite to the Greyfurs in that department, born of pure aggression and want of power. The Greyfurs with their greater intelligence, do realise the danger and threat to their own standing within the social order if the Blackfurs are left unchecked, yet even with this realisation, it still takes only certain individuals of great personal strength and courage to break away from the established norm. The Greyfurs as they grow older, learn that they are truly alone, both within and outside of the group. They learn that in order to survive, they must deceive and manipulate, first their fellow Greyfurs, by keeping their intentions of ascendancy hidden, before through some outspoken act of merit, gain the attention of the ruling Warlords and enter a class of their own. Once there, further manipulation and tact allows the Greyfur to attain the status of Chieftains, the chief judicial authority within the Tribe during times of peace. In times of war, the Chieftains become delegates of the Warlords, leading troops of Greyfurs and Blackfurs alike in the theatre of war. These Chieftains tread a precarious line between life and death, as at any moment they can expect their Greyfur subourdinates to turn on them in retribution for their deceit and manipulation. Interestingly enough though, these Greyfurs that do become Chieftains are powerfully motivated individuals of great personal strength and willpower. They are drastically removed from the established norm of the Greyfur majority, and it is through much cunning and willpower that they have manoeuvred themselves to their positions of influence and power.

    Greyfur: MS:3 BS:1 S:2 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:5 AS:- CS:5+
    Point Cost: 4
    Unit Size: 30
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle +Warplasma Shell+1Pt, Mirage Cloak, +Nightshades+3Pts

    Warplock Rifle: R:30" S:5 AP:3 T:H1, Blast, Pinning, Warplasma Shell, Warplasma Acid
    The Warplock Rifle is useless without any ammunition. Ammunition for the Warplock Rifle is Purchased separately, due to the large calibre round of the Warplock Rifle. For each Warplasma Shell Purchased, the Greyfur is able to make a single shot.
    The Warplasma contained within a Warplasma Shell is highly corrosive. Upon contact with armour, it would simply eat away at the resistance of the armour, reducing its protective capabilities. The units caught within the Blast of a Warplasma Shell suffer a -2 modifier to their AS, that is accumulative with further successful Hits.

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Burrow Warren, Scavengers, Fleet of Paw
    Pack Mentality: Take a model at the front of the pack as a reference point. For each model directly behind that reference unit, add 1 to the Leadership value of the unit on the whole. The individual models within the pack must stay within 1" of each other at all times.

    Blackfang: MS:4 BS:1 S:3 T:3 A:1 W:1 I:3 L:6
    Point Cost: 6
    Unit Size: For every 5 Greyfurs, there is 1 Blackfur.
    Equipment: Warplock Pistol and Scimitar+1Pt, Mirage Cloak, +Nightshades+3Pts, +Warplasma Grenade+3Pts

    Warplock Pistol: R:12" S:3 AP:5 T:P, Blast, Warplasma
    The Warplock Pistol uses ammunition of a much smaller calibre compared to the Warplock Rifle and as such, their ammunition is attached to it unlike the Warplock Rifle, in which the ammunition is slung into a belt around the body of a Hrud.
    Scimitars are the preferred weapon of the Hruds. Their curved shape and design makes them lethal weapons on the charge, granting +1S to its wielder.
    Warplasma Grenades are thrown right before engaging with the enemy in close combat. They are specially designed for use when attempting to engage enemies behind cover. For each Charge bonus you choose to lose, you may throw a Warplasma Grenade. It has the following profile: R:G12" S:5 AP:3 T:A1, Blast, Pinning, Warplasma Acid. For each casualty suffered from the Warplasma Grenade Attacks, the enemy unit takes their Pinning Test with a -1 modifier. If the target unit fails its Pinning Test, all bonuses gained when receiving a Charge while in cover are negated. Both Attackers and Defenders engaged according to Initiatve values as if there was no cover.

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Scavengers, Fleet of Paw
    Pack Leaders: When determining the model as the reference point for the rules of Pack Mentality, a Blackfang must always be chosen. As such, the Blackfangs within a Greyfur pack must always be in the lead of the pack.
    Overgrown Incisors: The front incisors of a Blackfang are especially large, which has given rise to their name. In combat, the Blackfangs use their fangs to rip into the enemy. As such, as long as there is an enemy unit within 1" of the Blackfang, he gains an additional Attack.

    It has been speculated that Vermin Tides are Hruds in their infant forms gathered into swarms. The question is why would the Hruds sent their young in their diminutive forms into battle when they would have a near survival rate of 0%? It has been suggested that the Hrud Queen produces too many offspring at times, going beyond the ability of the tribe to provide for the increase in mouths to feed. This would be highly agreeable for indeed the Hrud Queens are capable of producing many offspring in a single given brood. Yet the rare Black-furred pups have been spotted in Vermin Tides. If the Hruds within a Vermin Tide are meant to be expendable, it would almost certainly be composed entirely of Greyfurs. The truth of the matter is that the pups that compose a Vermin Tide do not have the necessary means to achieve sentience, becoming stunted in a primitive state. The Hrud Queen is able to sense which among the brood are born without sentience. These defects are gathered into a single swarm and thrown at the enemy to act as fodder and a distraction for the more integral parts of a Hrud force. The fact that there is the presence of Hruds that lack sentience within the broods gives relevance to the fact that the Hruds achieved sentience as a species from an external source rather that through the rigours of evolution. Although it is uncertain as to how the Hrud first came into contact with Warpstone, it is undoubtable that the mutational effects of Warpstone allowed for the arising of sentience within the Hrud. The Hrud Queens knowingly repeat this process by ingesting raw Warpstone particles and allowing the Warpstone to influence the developing foetuses within Her womb. When the damaging effects of the Warpstone becomes too much for the Hrud Queen, She regurgitates the Warpstone, now in a liquefied state, which is either fed to a developing Whitefur or left to be crystallised once again into solid Warpstone. This explains the close relationship the Hruds share with Warpstone. To them it is more precious than gold for it is their lifeblood.

    Vermin Tide: MS:3 BS:0 S:1 T:1 A:10 W:10 I:4 L:4 AS:- CS:4+
    Point Cost: 10
    Unit Size: Swarm Base
    Equipment: Claws and Fangs

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Burrow Warren
    Blackfurs: For every 6 rolled when determining the number of Hits, an Attack is made at S2. This is to represent the presence of the stronger Blackfurs within the Tide.
    Swarm: The Vermin Tide never gains the +1A Charge bonus for Charging into combat. For every Wound incurred, the number of Attacks is likewise reduced. They may never be Insta-Killed by all manner of weapons except Blast and Template weapons.
    Herd Mentality: The unit of Vermin Tide must always stay within 2" of a Greyfur pack at the start of the battle. The Greyfur pack may choose to drive forward the Vermin Tide to attack the enemy. They make a number of Attacks against the Vermin Tide as if they were engaged in combat. For every Hit incurred, the Leadership of the Vermin Tide increases by one. Decrease the unit by the appropriate number of Unsaved Wounds as usual. The Vermin Tide becomes subject to Frenzy and has to charge towards the nearest enemy unit. If the Vermin Tide is broken in combat, the unit loses Frenzy and its Leadership reverts to normal. In addition, whenever the Vermin Tide has to take a Leadership Test for losing in combat, the Test is taken with an unmodified Leadership, i.e. it will always be taken with the current Leadership value of the Vermin Tide, unmodified by Combat Resolution.

    Storm Runners are the elite fast attack close combat specialist of the Hrud Tribes. Like their name suggest, they are meant to storm the front of the enemy, closing in at breakneck speeds before tearing the enemy in the melee. They are composed entirely of Blackfurs and only the fiercest and strongest of the Blackfangs are allowed to join. The early origins of the Storm Runners began when the strongest of the Blackfangs started banding together as a single fighting group during times of war. This was unheard of in the past because the natural disposition of Blackfurs when gathered in groups was to turn against each other. The Warlords of those times found a solution by splitting up the Blackfangs amongst units of Greyfurs, eliminating any chance of infighting. When the ruling Warlords first learnt of the gathering of this large group of Blackfangs, it was mostly disregarded as the possibility of any sort of determined organisation arising from such a group, especially one as large as this, was met with derision by them. Great as a threat such a large number of Blackfangs would pose, the huge size of the group meant that the Blackfangs would be all the more uncontrollable and disorganised, and it was their faith in the latter that the Warlords so trusted in. Surprisingly, the group did not succumb and the rumours abound of their sightings at critical moments on the battlefield, striking with great speed before quickly withdrawing. All this revealed an alarmingly high level of discipline. What was even more puzzling was their unpredictable behaviour, withdrawing from the scene as quickly as they came, reaping none of the spoils they had so surely earned. Clearly, they were not merely a mercenary band and moved with greater intentions. Not surprisingly, this renegade group adapted to a fighting style that most suited their nature. Being amongst the fiercest and strongest of the Blackfangs, they revelled in the melee, abandoning the use of weapons so that their claws and fangs can perform unhindered. This became their hallmark; indeed such was their prowess in combat that the mere mentioning of them caused ripples of fear among the Warlords. The Warlords, once rivals and enemies upon the battlefield, convened together for the first time in response to this threat. To the Warlords, the renegades represented a threat that could possibly destabilise the natural order of Hrud society. They presented a direct challenge to the supremacy of the Warlords, for only a Warlord had the right to wage war, as established by the traditions. The traditions were so established in order that only a select group of individuals would control the movements of the general populace as a whole during times of conflict and prevented the bulk of Hrud society from falling apart into civil war. Being under the banner of no Warlords, the very existence of this roaming renegade warband was against the traditions established during the Age of Warlords. If the traditions were to fall, so likewise would the primacy of the Warlords be questioned by their subordinates, and in the worse scenario the entire Clan would be torn apart by civil strife. The Warlords decided to parley with the leader of the renegades, offering him and his band to join the ranks of the Black Guard of the ruling Overlord, the highest honour one could offer to a mere mercenary band, or so they thought.

    From their conference, the Warlords learnt that Blackstorm, leader of the renegades, had rallied the other Blackfangs under the promise of power. Through sheer feat of arms, he quelled the inevitable bickering and infighting of the Blackfangs, and against those who would challenge his leadership of the group. Upon gaining their utmost attention he revealed to them his plans in forming a specialised fighting troop that was based on manifesting the very essence of the natural instincts of the Blackfurs in combat. The random sightings of Blackstorm and his band in the beginning were simply the first few forays to test the effectiveness of this new fighting formation. All this reflected of Blackstorm to be a singular-minded individual of great personal and physical strength. Blackstorm, ultimately however refused the Warlords' offer, insisting that he would only cease with his actions if he be recognised as a fellow Warlord. Discussions fell apart after that, the Warlords being unable to accept this young upstart as their equal. Against the combined might of the Warlords, Blackstorm and his band was forced to resort to living a guerrilla existence, relying on their superior speed in ambushes before quickly withdrawing, slowly depleting the enemy forces through attrition. During these grueling months, Blackstorm and his warband lived an existence of constant warfare, and through trial and error, perfected their fighting style. Such was the height of their combat ability that the persistence of the Warlords waned, and eventually Blackstorm was recognised as a Warlord by the Tribes, as they grew tired of this fruitless chase. Thus, Tribe Blackstorm was borned. Blackstorm's first act as Warlord was to formalise the Storm Runner elite fighting regiment, which recruited Blackfurs on the basis of speed and strength. The Storm Runners carried with them the fighting traditions established and perfected by Blackstorm and his band during their days of guerrilla existance, ultimately superceding their predecessors. In battle, the Storm Runners are used as shock troops, crashing into the enemy and tying them up in combat, while the other elements of the Hrud force can proceed unhindered.

    Elite/Fast Attack:
    0-2Storm Runner: MS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:3 A:2(4) W:1 I:4 L:7 AS:4+ CS:-
    Point Cost: 17
    Unit Size: 10-20
    Equipment: Claws and Fangs, Shell Armour, Stillsuit

    Special Rules:
    Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Furious Assault, Hit and Run, Overgrown Incisors
    Bestial Pride: Unlike their kin, who cower under the protection of their Mirage Cloaks, the Storm Runners stand proud in their knowledge of their battle prowess, letting not their visage be covered by the Mirage Cloaks and diminish the dominating powers of their presence on the field of battle. The Storm Runners are the epitome of the Blackfurs and all they represent, their ferocity and aggression in combat. As such, the Storm Runners do not have the same levels of self-preservation as their kin upon the battlefield. To represent this, the Storm Runners do not benefit from the rules of Instinctual Preservation.
    Feral Leap: Upon approaching the enemy, the Storm Runners are known for making Feral Leaps, pouncing upon the enemy over incredible distances through the momentum gained as they bound towards the enemy on all fours. Gauge using your judgement if the target is reachable with Feral Leap. To determine the Charge distance of the Storm Runners for that Turn, take the total distance travelled during the Movement and Shooting Phase(through Fleet of Paw) and add them together. That is the maximum Charge move they may make. The actual Charge distance is a distance up to the maximum Charge distance, arbitrarily determined by you. If the distance is misjudged and you fall short of your target, then simply move the Storm Runners that amount of distance. The Charge distance determined by you is important because if the total leaping distance would cause you to land within the ranks of the enemy, the Storm Runners gain a further +1S on the Charge. They count as slamming into the enemy with the full momentum of the charge behind them. Simply place the Storm Runners in between the enemy models, creating space by moving the enemy models ever so slightly apart. This means that more Storm Runners are in a position to Attack the enemy for that Turn. Also, if the leaping distance would cause some Storm Runners to land behind the ranks of the enemy, i.e. you overjudge the distance, this would never happen. Simply place the Storm Runners within the ranks of the enemy as you would in the previous scenario, with the exception that the Storm Runners do not gain the additional +1S on the Charge.

    Stormlords are the Warlord equivalents of Tribe Blackstorm. They are veteran Storm Runners who have seen through many battles. Unlike mere Storm Runners, to qualify as a Stormlord, you would have to be trained in the use of weapons, both melee and range. As a consequence of this and their privilege position as the leaders of the tribe, Stormlords are the most well equipped warriors of Tribe Blackstorm. During times long gone, when the Storm Runners had yet to become recognised as a tribe, Blackstorm divided his band of 130 Blackfangs into 7 units, each comprising 20 Blackfangs, with the exception of the 7th unit which was comprised of only 10. This 7th unit was led by Blackstorm himself, considering his strength as sufficient to make up for the lack of numbers. The rest of the 6 units were led by 6 select individuals, who were to become the first of the Stormlords. During their days of guerrilla existence against the might of the Warlords, these 6 individuals would commune with Blackstorm, to decide the tactical movements and role of each separate unit. Such communes would come to be known as Black Councils. So it is still carried on today, as per the traditions of the Tribe, that the movement and employment of the Storm Runners are determined by the gathering of all the Stormlords, in a reenactment of the Black Council. However, where in ages past the decisions made were on a tactical, military basis, the decisions of the current Black Council are to determine which side in any inter-tribal conflict would gain the support of Tribe Blackstorm and their Storm Runners. As Tribe Blackstorm is a mercenary tribe with a neutral alignment within the politics of the Underempire, their aid goes to the highest bidder. As such, Tribe Blackstorm is a very wealthy tribe, for their warriors are top quality and have proven their worth time and again on the field of battle. Whenever a band of Storm Runners is employed to fight in a particular tribe's war, they are often but not always, led by a Stormlord. By unleashing a Stormlord upon the battlefield, the Tribe risk losing one of its top members. As such, the tribe would have to pay accordingly for each Stormlord it hires. The increased cost required of the tribe sometimes puts it off from hiring Stormlords in the first place, which is why Storm Runner only warbands are quite common.

    Stormlord: MS:5 BS:2 S:4 T:4 A:3(5) W:2 I:5 L:8 AS:3+ CS:- IS:5+
    Point Cost: 35
    Unit Size: 1 per Storm Runner Unit
    Equipment: Twin Scimitars/Twin Power Scimitars+10Pts +Sheath+2Pts, Warpstone Armour, Stillsuit, +Warplasma Grenade+3Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts

    Special Rules:
    Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Furious Assault, Hit and Run, Bestial Pride, Feral Leap
    Champion: Stormlords are tasked with leading a band of Storm Runners in a battle. Their employment count towards the total cost of hiring the Tribe's warriors. The Stormlord must always be attached to a unit of Storm Runners.
    Great Fangs: The Overgrown Incisors of a Storm Runner sharpens and grows with age and through the metabolic processes the Storm Runner undergoes when facing the dangers of battle. As such, those of a Stormlord are especially sharp and large. [IThe Stormlord benefits from the rules of Rending for his one Special Fang Attack as long as he is within 1" of an enemy unit.[/I]

    The Black Guards are Blackfangs that are noted especially for their prowess in combat and has been specifically selected to form the bodyguard retinue of either a Warlord or Chieftain. The Black Guard can be seen as the cream of the crop of the various forces of the Hrud, for indeed they are. Amongst the various coloured subspecies of Hrud, the Blackfurs are the fiercest and imbued with the greatest physical strength. Then, even among this strongest of subspecies, there are those born with the raw strength that set them apart from their peers. There are those too, individuals of lion-heart and iron determination, that by their personal strength have risen against the odds and established their names on the field of battle. Whatever the means, these first among equals have garnered the attention of the ruling Warlords and have been handpicked to form his elite retinue. As the Warlord lives, these chosen warriors fight with dedication and pride, knowing that they are the elite of the elite. If any of these prideful soldiers have any designs on the seat of the Warlord, no emotion is shown, for indeed the Warlord has risen to his position not by luck or chance. Even if the Black Guard has confidence in his ability to challenge the Warlord, his intentions will not go unnoticed by his fellow Black Guards. He must contend himself with his current position, lying patiently in wait till such an opportunity presents itself to take that one step closer towards absolute power. So it comes to be that within the midst of battle, great as he may be, the Warlord will fall, and then the Hand of Fate beckons, enticing these mightiest of warriors. The tension mounts, as the mistrust and hate built up between them all this while threaten to spill out. Ambition fill their hearts; if not now, when? The vacuum created by the fall of the One has to be filled and who better than me? At last, one amongst these proudest of warriors succumbs to his inner desires, to the beast within. He is the trigger that catalyses a whole chain of reactions, the go button they were all waiting for. Now the dam has burst, the torrent of emotion rushes forth; nothing is left but for that one prize. All pretentions are abandoned, as brethren turn against brethren in this battle for one's worth. As the dust settles, one is left standing. The Fates has chosen, and as it is and always has been, there can only be one...

    Black Guard: MS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:4 L:7 AS:4+ CS:-
    Point Cost: 14
    Unit Size: 10
    Equipment: Halberd, Shell Armour, Stillsuit, +Warplasma Grenade+3Pts, +Nightshades+3Pts

    Halberds are two-handed polearms with a large, curved blade at one end. Due to the leverage provided by its length, blows delivered by a halberd possess considerable strength. As such, a Halberd grants +1S to its wielder and a 3" Attack Range.
    Being the elite bodyguard retinue of the Warlords of the Tribe, the Black Guards have the privilege of adorning the rare Stillsuits of Tribe Mors, gained through much expense of the Tribe. The Stillsuits increases the AS by 1 while negating a single Wound suffered on the roll of a 6.
    The Hruds being a race that relies on the scavenging of technology of other sentient species to make up for their lack of it, create crude implements of armour by fusing together the various elements of pieces of armour scavenged from other races. These are the Shell Armours, so called for their protuberant shapes. The Shell Armour distorts the silhouette of the bearer, as its protuberant form causes the shape of the bearer to bulge out, eliminating the effects of the Mirage Cloak to conceal the form of the bearer through visually garbling the outlines. Wearing Shell Armour negates the benefits granted by the Mirage Cloak.

    Special Rules:
    Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Overgrown Incisors
    Elitist Pride: As long as the Warlord or Chieftain is alive, the entire unit is Stubborn. However, if the Warlord is to fall in battle, and the Black Guards are not currently within 6" of any enemy unit at the start of the Turn, the Black Guards have to take a Leadership Test. If the dice rolled is lower than the unmodified Leadership value of the unit, the entire unit erupts into infighting. Treat the Black Guards as Frenzied and resolve all Attacks against itself. At the end of the combat, count the total number of Wounds incurred, Saved and Unsaved. If the total number is 6 or more, replace one model in the unit with the Warlord. The new Warlord is counted as salvaging all the weaponry and armour of the previous Warlord. Remove any casualties incurred from Unsaved Wounds and the unit may act as normal in each Phase except the Movement Phase for that Turn as it regroups from the chaos of the infighting. If the total number is less than 6, continue resolving Attacks against the unit until the total number of Saved and Unsaved Wounds is 6.
    Martial Pride: The Black Guard pride themselves on their martial prowess, disdaining the need to seek protection in cover, as their lesser kin are so tended towards. As such, the rule Instinctual Preservation never applies to the Black Guard. As the bodyguard retinue of the ruling Warlord, diminishing their form by wearing Mirage Cloaks would reduce the impact of their presence. They see concealing their forms with the Mirage Cloaks as a sign of weakness. As such, Black Guards never deign to wear Mirage Cloaks.

    Warlords are Blackfurs who have risen in power through strength of arms. Among the offspring produced by Hruds in their mating dens, about 20% of them are Blackfurs, while the rest are Greyfurs. Within each batch of newborns, it is rare to find even a single Whitefur. Within the litter, the Blackfurs natural aggression causes them to fight amongst themselves in a bid for dominance. The weaker Greyfurs, being less aggressive, would avoid the Blackfurs, taking safety in their numbers as a deterrent from the predations of the Blackfurs. Thus, it is imprinted into the mentality of the Greyfurs from infancy of the supremacy of the Blackfurs, and this stigma is carried on even onto maturity. Due to the instilling of the dominance of the Blackfurs onto the Greyfurs right from infancy, the societal structure within the Hrud Clans is very much determined by the nature of the Blackfurs. Thus, due to their innate aggression, the dominant philosophy pervading Hrud society is based on the survival of the fittest. Even right from infancy, among the Blackfur litters, there is a struggle for dominance. In display of strengths and outright conflicts, the chief Blackfur is determined. Undoubtedly, this Blackfur would be naturally imbued with the physical strength that marks him above his peers. This, coupled with the fact that he is born into a harsh environment in which he is tested in the extreme in order to ensure his own survival, toughens him up, preparing him for the struggles up the hierarchical order within the clan. The mindset developed from exposure to the harsh reality during his time as a pup hones his natural instincts such that the driving forces of aggression and self-preservation override all other emotions, eventually leading him to wage outright war, as he comes into conflict with other such individuals who are similarly motivated. The Greyfurs are helplessly pulled along by the whims of these powerful individuals, as they struggle for supremacy. As such Hrud society is splintered into times of civil wars intermingled with periods of fragile peace when the balance of powers reaches a stalemate. These Blackfurs who come to determine the fate of Hrud society at large are called Warlords. As a Blackfur ages and survives through countless battles, the natural bulk of their body increases due to the metabolic processes incurred within their bodies through facing near-death situations. As a natural consequence of this, the pronounced incisors that are native to Blackfurs become larger and sharper in the older, and consequentially more powerful Blackfurs.

    Warlord: MS:5 BS:3 S:4 T:4 A:3 W:2 I:5 L:8 AS:3+ CS:6+ IS:5+
    Point Cost: 45
    Unit Size: One and only ever one.
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle/Fusil+15Pts/Warplock Pistol and Weeping Blade+5Pts/Halberd+3Pts/Power Scimitar+6Pts +Rifle Sling+2Pts +Warplasma Shell+2Pts, +Warplasma Grenade+3Pts +Nightshades+3Pts, Stillsuit, Warpstone Armour

    Weeping Blades are crudely shaped blades soaked in corrosive venom. Even the slightest contact with skin is enough for the venom to run its course through the body of the victim, damaging his internal organs. Each unsaved Wound from a Weeping Blade is multiplied into D3W.
    Power Scimitar: In usual circumstances, the Hruds do not have access to the advance power weaponry of the other sentient races of the galaxy. However, when they do chance upon them through their scavenging, the Hrud Smiths would work on them under order of the ruling Warlords, for their personal use. The result is the Power Scimitar, after the design and shape so prided by the Smiths. The Power Scimitar works exactly like a Scimitar, granting +1S on the charge, but in addition, they ignore AS.
    Warpstone Armour is armour specially crafted by the Smiths of the Hrud Tribes. They are made of pure Warpstone but present none of the negative side effects to its bearer. As a suit of Armour, it grants a 4+AS to its bearer that is combinable with Stillsuits to be increased to a 3+AS. In addition, the Warpstone Armour naturally generates an aura that affects the bearer's presence in the Warp. The Warpstone Armour generates a natural 5+IS that benefits the bearer. In addition, should the IS prevent a Psychic Attack from harming the bearer of the Warpstone Armour, the Psychic Power is immediately reflected back to the enemy. This works only if the IS is used in place of the AS. Due to the difficulties involved in creating Warpstone Armour, the Warpstone Armour is almost exclusively reserved for the Warlords of a Tribe, tailored to suit their stature and size.

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw
    Ferocious Fighter: The Warlord is the epitome of the spirit that characterises the Blackfurs, one of unbridled ferocity. The stronger and more successful the Blackfur, the fiercer his disposition would be. In combat, the Warlord is an unstoppable whirlwind of whirling blades, giving in to his primal ferocity to channel his blows. Each blow that cuts deeper only empowers him to fight with renewed fervour, flowing with the momentum of his attacks, unleashing a devastating barrage upon the fools that dare challenge him. Each Unsaved Wound caused by the Warlord, grants the Warlord another Attack.
    Great Fangs: The Warlord gains Rending for one Attack only. This only applies if the Warlord is in the proximity to use his Special Fang Attack.
    Tenacity: On his rise up the ranks of Hrud society, the Warlord has experienced countless brushes with death. The only thing preventing him from suffering the same fate of the many before him is his tenacious will to succeed and not succumb to the weakness of death. When the Warlord is reduced to 1 Wound, all close combat Attacks made against the Warlord suffer a -1 to-Hit penalty. The CS bonus provided by Instinctual Preservation increases to 5+. When Hit by Template and Blast weapons, as long as the Warlord is not entirely covered by the template, the Attack misses the Warlord entirely on the successful passing of an Initiative Test.
    Overlord's Ambition: When a Warlord goes to war, he rides forth to establish his supremacy and through merit of victory of arms, extend his authority over a greater part of the Clan. As such the Warlord will always be the Army General and there may only be one Warlord in the entire army no matter the point size of the army. There may be as many Chieftains as allowable within the army though.
    Warlord's Pride: The Warlord never conceals himself with a Mirage Cloak, as such never benefitting from the -1 to the enemy's BS from Range Attacks.
    Alpha Pack: If any unit is to break and flee on the battlefield, it immediately takes a Leadership Test using the Leadership of the current Army General. If the Test is passed, the unit flees towards the position of the Army General instead of fleeing towards the edge of the battlefield. Upon reaching the Army General, the unit automatically rallies and regroups.

    Although Blackfurs dominate Hrud society, there are Greyfurs who rise to positions of power, some even having Warlords serving beneath them. More often than not however, the opposite is true. In a society ruled by physical strength and power, it is impossible for a Greyfur to rise up the ranks through the norm. Ultimately it is through a mixture of deceit and cunning, with the right amount of tact and the careful manipulation of circumstances that a Greyfur achieves an equal footing among their Black-furred counterparts. As such a Greyfur of such a standing would be in possession of tremendous willpower and force of personality. Other traits that characterise these remarkable individuals are highly developed senses of perception by virtue of birth. More probably though, it is an instinctive sense cultivated through a constant need to watch their back given the precarious nature of their positions. The Greyfur in all possibilities, has made countless enemies in the extent of his career, by his own unscrupulous actions of backstabbing and manipulation, not to mention ambitious younglings waiting patiently in the shadows to deliver the very same fate the upstart has so ruthlessly gifted to many before him. He is constantly on the watch and within the scheme of the survival of the fittest, he has been transformed into one of iron will and unshakable determination, fueled by ambition and self-preservation. These notable individuals are delegated as Chieftains by the Warlords above them, leading entire sections of the army during times of war. During times of peace, the Chieftains hold judicial authority over parts of the clan. Due to the circumstances of their rise to power, these Chieftains are often highly paranoid amongst their fellow Greyfurs, and are thus accompanied at all times by two Black Guards who act as his personal bodyguards. It should be noted however that Greyfurs are by their nature passive and not inclined to the power struggles of their darker brethren. This further distinguishes the Chieftains as individuals of tremendous personal strength, forced by circumstances to resort to Machiavellian means. Their true motives are not always clear; it may be that they are entirely self-motivated for position and power in a world dominated by their darker brethren, or it may be that they are acting with altruistic intentions, as a bastion of pride and strength for the Greyfurs against the supreme authority of the Blackfurs. Whatever the case, they are highly complex individuals, both loathed and admired in equal measure.

    Chieftain: MS:4 BS:4 S:3 T:3 A:2 W:2 I:6 L:9 AS:4+ CS:4+
    Point Cost: 30
    Unit Size: 1 per Greyfur pack
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle/Fusil+15Pts/Warplock Pistol and Weeping Blade+5Pts/Halberd+3Pts/Scimitar+1Pt +Rifle Sling+2Pts +Warplasma Shell+1Pt, +Nightshades+3Pts, Stillsuit, Shell Armour, Mirage Cloak, +Warplasma Grenade+3Pts

    Fusil: R:30" S:5 AP:3 T:HD3, Blast, Pinning, Warplasma, Heavy Equipment
    Fusils are directly ordered from Clan Skyre, as such only the Chieftains or ruling Warlords of a Tribe are able to afford one. Fusils operate in much the same way as a Warplock Rifle, in that however, instead of slinging the Warplasma Shells into a belt around the body, the Fusils use Warplasma Pellets. The weight and method of storing of these Warplasma Pellets, make the Fusils Heavy Equipment that are cumbersome to move around with. As such, the Chieftain or Warlord is unable to seek refuge in cover in the same way as if he was wielding a Warplock Rifle instead, thus the CS bonus gained from Instinctual Preservation is lost.

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Scavengers
    Delegate: The Chieftain and his bodyguard retinue must always be leading a unit and may never leave that unit.
    Force of Personality: All units within 12" may use the Leadership of the Chieftain for all Leadership Tests. If the Warlord and his retinue is within 12", and the Warlord is the general of the army, then the Warlord has to rely on his Leadership for his own Tests.
    Paranoid: Accompanied by two Black Guards that must stay within 1" of the Chieftain at all times. If the two Black Guards are to fall in battle and the Chieftain is leading a group that contains Greyfurs, at the start of every turn, the Chieftain has to pass an Initiative Test. If the Test was to fail, the Greyfur unit he is with will Attack him as long as the unit is not currently engaged in combat. The Greyfurs are considered as charging Chieftain and thus must manoeuvre themselves to surround him. If the Chieftain was to fall in combat this way, you may choose to distribute the weaponry and armour of the Chieftain as you wish among the Greyfurs of that unit, as the Greyfurs salvage his equipment for their purposes.
    Ruthless Cunning: If the Warlord is to break in combat and flee, the Chieftain will instantly seize this opportunity by declaring himself the new Army General. If there are more than one Chieftain, then they all consider themselves the Army General. If the Chieftain and his retinue are ever to be in charging distance of a rival Chieftain, then that unit must charge if at all possible. For purposes of the rule of Alpha Pack, the unit will treat the nearest Chieftain as the Army General. Once the Chieftain declares himself the Army General, he may freely join and leave any unit just like an Independent Character.
    Stigma of Inferiority: The Greyfurs are programmed from young to fear the Blackfurs for their superior strength. This stigma carries on into maturity and although it is not openly admitted to, a social hierarchy of sorts is formed within the Clan, with the Blackfurs at the top. Even in the fields of battle, the Blackfurs deign it beneath them to take orders from their "lesser" kin and as a result, the Greyfur Chieftains defer to them in their presence on the battlefield. If a Chieftain is within 12" of a Warlord, you may not use the Force of Personality Special Rule.

    One out of every hundred pups within a litter, a Hrud with fur of the purest white is born. Normally, it is within the instincts of the Hrud Queen to kill off any defective offspring who reveal any abnormalities in physique, a preprogramming stemming from the need to maintain the survival of the fittest. Its eyes are red, an almost certain indication that it is an albino, a mutation, an anomaly. Even more ominous, whereas Blackfurs are predominantly male, the Whitefur is without sexual organs, an outright abomination of nature. Even amongst Greyfurs, its constitution is weak, vulnerable to even the weakest of the Greyfurs. Yet, it is left alive, even nurtured, with the utmost care and concern. This is most unusual, given as how the incessant infighting of the Blackfur pups as they turn on each other, even unto the extent of cannibalism, would be disregarded by the Hrud Queen despite being aware of it, as if silently encouraging these acts. The Hrud Queen would seclude the Whitefur from its coloured brethren, although there is little need to, for despite the frail constitution of the Whitefur and the indiscriminate aggression of the Blackfurs, the Whitefur is left untouched, almost as if revered as an object of sanctity. Or perhaps it is fear that drives them away, a creature not to be associated with and to be cast aside? It has been conjectured that the Whitefurs produce a natural pheromone that affects and allows them to control to some degree their coloured counterparts, staving them off away when it would easily succumb otherwise to their superior physical strength.

    The true reason for the Whitefur's seclusion however, is not for its protection but for its nurturing. It appears the true threat to the Whitefur is not the predations of its brethren but its own fragile constitution that would almost certainly deteriorate without the proper care. The Hrud Queen places the entirety of her attention upon the Whitefur and it is only upon the maturation of the Whitefur that the Hrud Queen's breeding cycle begins anew. Should the Whitefur dies under the nurturing of the Hrud Queen, the Hrud Queen would enter into a state of depression and be unable to reproduce for many cycles. As such, indirectly, the progress of the Whitefur's growth forms the cornerstone of the survival of the Hrud species as a whole. As a further complication of matters, the Whitefur's maturity is not determined by its physical growth. Indeed, the Whitefur retains its infant form throughout its life. In its premature stages the Whitefur utters not a word and is incapable of much movement, subsisting by suckling from the Queen. At regular intervals, the Whitefur is made to ingest raw Warpstone that has been regurgitated by the Hrud Queen. The regurgitated Warpstone appear as a viscous liquid, having been digested by the stomach acids of the Hrud Queen. In this form as viscous liquid, the infant Whitefur is able to swallow it whereas it would be unable to if it was raw solid Warpstone. These are the most perilous moments in the nurturing of the Whitefur, for ingesting raw Warpstone in any amount is lethal by itself. The Whitefur is able to consume them in certain amounts, yet indeed the Warpstone is anathema to the digestive systems of the Whitefur too. What happens is that the Whitefur is able to transmute the toxicity within the Warpstone and thus bypass its otherwise harmful effects.

    The reason why Warpstone possesses such malevolent effects on organic lifeforms is because Warpstones are condensations of pure Chaos energy. By ingesting Warpstones, the tremendous mutating powers of Chaos is able to directly affect the inner workings of the body. Chaos is utterly defineless, as such the structural integrity of the molecules of the internal organs is undermined at the fundamental level, as they lose form due to the potency of the influencing power of Chaos. However, the Whitefur is able to transmute the mutational energy of Chaos, controlling the direction and flow of the volatile Chaos energy through sheer willpower, subverting its volatile nature entirely, the resultant product being a high energy substrate that enriches the entire being of the Whitefur. Yet if the Whitefur were to receive too potent a dosage, it would most certainly die. This is why it is so crucial that the Hrud Queen exercises the most precise of judgements, giving what is sufficient and no more. As the Whitefur progresses towards maturity, its tolerance towards the Warpstone increases and it is better able to cope with larger dosages of Warpstone. At the penultimate point of reaching full maturity, as that last dosage of Warpstone is consumed, a sudden change overcomes the entire being of the Whitefur, as if taken by some otherworldly force. The red eyes emanate with a strange luminosity that burns with a steady gleam. To peer into them is to see two glowing disks that shine with an intense light that appear to radiate from some inner source. The burning intensity of that light pierces right into the soul, as if all is laid bare, yet one is unable to turn away, entranced by its inexplicable intensity. Even the form of the Whitefur, once crumpled and diminutive, lacking in definition and shape, becomes slender and upright. It is then declared that the Prophet has arisen, the One to channel the powers of the Warp has been made manifest.

    In truth, the Whitefur is indeed a mutation, an anomaly amongst Hrudkind, and the Hrud Queen recognises it for what it is. The closeness the Hrud shares with the Warpstone is due to the fact that the genesis of sentience within their species was a direct result of their gradual exposure to the warping influence of the Chaos essence within the Warpstones. Amongst the Hrud in their presentient state, white albinos were indeed rare yet not unheard of. Upon influence of the Warpstones that led to their genesis as a sentient race, white albinos that were born were more susceptible to the mutating influence of Chaos that is the source of their sentience. When they are born thus, they exist in a semi-vegetative state, unable to fully access their consciousness. As the Warpstone is fed to the Whitefurs, they are forced to undergo an excruciating process. The pain awakens them temporarily from their vegetative state, and the immediate reflexive response of self-survival causes them to instinctively transmute the Warpstone within them. This act requires tremendous willpower and self-control as the Whitefurs extend their will even over the inner workings of their bodily functions. Thus the process of nurturing of the Whitefurs can be said to be a manipulation of circumstances in order to create a situation where the Whitefur is forced to attain absolute dominion over the entire workings of its body. When the Whitefur reaches such a stage, it becomes "awakened", attaining instant recognisition of its self. To the Hrud, they interpret it as the descending of the One, possessing the vehicle that is the Prophet. The entire act of nurturing is seen as a process to prepare the Whitefur for the Descent of the One. In actuality, the Whitefur has simply unlocked the potential within it through force of will and freed itself from its vegetative state. Whitefurs, due to their own lack of pigmentation and other associated defects of albinism, have an exceptionally low resistance to the influence of Chaos. This makes them exceptional Psykers, able to easily tap into the flow of Chaos within the Warp.

    The process of the Whitefurs in attaining full mastery over their body does not stop upon the Awakening. Upon achieving consciousness, the Whitefurs focus their attention into manifesting their inner psyche, their true essence, into the physical world. Such is their psychical control over the sensitivities of their body that they can cause actual physical transformations over parts of their body, influencing their shape and figure in a similar fashion to the changes wrought when Chaos affects the physical plane. This manifestation, more often than not, happens in stages, resulting in partial manifestations, due to the extreme difficulties involved in the manifestation process. The Whitefurs, having attained full awareness over the functions of their body, attempt to go beyond even that, for even complete self-control is a limitation in of itself, and all barriers and limits are broken when consciousness is utterly surrendered and control is utterly given over to one's inner instincts. That is the true manifestation. Unfortunately for the side of the Hrud, it is highly possible that a fully manifested Prophet would lash out even against their own kind, for It is given entirely to Its own instincts and in Its absolute state sees only Itself and no other. It has been conjectured that there is an even greater form to the Manifest Form, of which they call the Verminlord, after the singular deity of the Hrud, the Great Horned Hrud. In this Form of the True Avatar, the Verminlord maintains Its essential form yet retains Its awareness. In this state the paradox of giving over to one's instincts while maintaining one's logical processes is eliminated as the Verminlord's instincts becomes indistinguishable from Its willful intentions. It should be noted however, that contrary to the belief of the Hrud, the Whitefurs are not Prophets that are vehicles for the manifestation of their God, the manifestation of the Verminlord is simply a reflection of the true inner psyche of that particular Whitefur, and thus Its form differs from each individual to the next.

    0-1Prophet: MS: 2 BS:5 S:2 T:2 A:1 W:3 I:4 L:10 AS:3+ CS:- IS:3+
    Point Cost: 60
    Unit Size: 1
    Equipment: Warpstone Armour, Stillsuit

    Psychic Powers:
    Warptravel: RIP. Once activated, the Prophet may cast his Psychic Powers from any point on the battlefield.
    Doombolt: R:18" S:5 AP:3 T:A3
    Warptime: R:18" Re-roll all to-Hit and to-Wound rolls in combat.
    Might of Heroes: R:18" +D3A for one Turn of combat.
    Fear of the Darkness: All enemy units 12" of the Prophet not locked in Assault, must make an immediate Morale Check with a -2 modifier to their Leadership, or Fall Back. All normal modifiers and/or exceptions apply(i.e., units that never Fall Back are immune to this power).
    Summon Darkness: RIP. Night descends upon the battlefield. Night Fight rules applies.
    Call of the Shadows: RIP. A huge mass of superdense shadows descend a point on the battlefield. Place the Large Blast marker anywhere within 12". Units caught under it are considered Pinned. All units may not fire through the Large Blast marker.

    Special Rules:
    Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw
    The Manifest: The presence of the Prophet upon the battlefield inspires the Hruds to incredible feats of arms. All friendly units within 12" of the Prophet is subjected to Stubborn. Any units requiring to pass a Morale Check or Leadership Test across the battlefield may choose to use the Leadership of the Prophet, as long as the Prophet is in LOS of them.
    Brilliant Aura: The Prophet benefits from a 5+IS.
    Luminous Presence: Every single troop within a unit attempting to target or Charge the Prophet suffer an automatic Hit at S1. Armour Saves do not apply. The unit then takes a Leadership Test modified by the presence of any casualties among the unit. If it passes, it may Shoot or Charge the Prophet as usual.
    Warpchanneller: The Prophet may only cast a single Psychic Power within its turn. However, it may keep a single Remains In Play Power, by passing a Psychic Test for that RIP Power on the first turn, and in subsequent Turns, continue passing a Psychic Test. Should it choose to cast another Psychic Power in addition to the one it is channelling, then it will only keep channelling the RIP Power if it passes a Psychic Test with a -1 modifier that is permanent and accumulative. In subsequent turns, should it choose to keep its channelling its RIP Power while casting an additional Psychic Power, it must pass a Psychic Test with a -1 modifier that adds on to the -1 modifier of the previous Turn. The modifiers are permanent which means that should it choose not to cast a second Psychic Power, the Psychic Test for channelling the RIP Power is still taken with any negative modifiers accumulated so far. He may cast any other Psychic Powers in addition to that RIP Power per Turn, but may only channel one RIP Power per Turn.
    Inner Essence: The Prophet may choose to attempt to manifest its inner essence. Take a Psychic Test at the start of the Turn, before all other movements take place. If the Prophet fails the Psychic Test, it has broken the boundaries of its mind that limits it from freeing its inner essence. Replace the Prophet with the Verminlord model. If the Prophet were to pass the Psychic Test however, it has failed to manifest the form of the Verminlord and has become exhausted by the effort. It may not make any further moves for the rest of the Turn, be it in the Movement Phase or Shooting Phase.
    Partial Manifestation: During the procedure of manifesting its inner essence, if the Prophet was to suffer a Perils of the Warp attack while attempting to pass the Psychic Test, the usual rules for a Perils of the Warp attack do not apply. Instead, a Partial Manifestation takes place. Replace any of the statistics of the Prophet with that of the Verminlord, be it Strength, Attacks, even Ballistic Skill.
    True Form: Upon attaining the form of the Verminlord, the Prophet is not truly complete as it attempts to master the beastly instincts of its inner self. Immediately take a Leadership Test, to see if It maintains Its sanity or fully gives in to Its instincts. If it fails the Test, the Verminlord goes berserk and is subject to Frenzy. On top of that, during your opponent's turn, he/she may control the Verminlord exactly as if It was his/her own unit. Whenever the Verminlord is broken in combat and loses Its Frenzy, take another Leadership Test. If the Leadership Test is passed, the Verminlord regains Its self-awareness and thus is returned to your control. Should you fail however, the cycle is repeated, the Verminlord gains Frenzy, is controlled by both sides during their respective turns until beaten in combat again, in which another Leadership Test is taken and finally the Test is passed and you break out of the cycle.

    Verminlord: MS:8 BS:0 S:6 T:6 A:6 W:6 I:10 L:9 AS:3+ CS:- IS:3+
    Point Cost: 60
    Unit Size: 1
    Equipment: Doom Glaive, Warpstone Armour, Stillsuit

    The Doom Glaive is a weapon created from the will of the Verminlord, meant to bring doom to other Daemonic Entities of equal strength to the Verminlord. Each Unsaved Wound from the Doom Glaive causes D6W.

    Special Rules:
    Fleet of Paw, Nocturnal, Monstrous Creature
    Brilliant Aura: The brilliant aura of a Prophet never truly leaves it, even in its manifested form as a Verminlord. The Verminlord benefits from a natural 5+ IS that is combinable with the effects of the Warpstone Armour.

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