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    How much for my character?

    I really don't know where to put this, in the chaos section, fluff, rules....move it if it's wrong

    There was a really good thread I saw a few days ago which gave some formula for pricing up your special characters and I can't find it.
    If anyone can link me that thread that would be top

    My Character is as follows.
    Chaos Lord
    WS - 7
    BS - 5
    S - 4
    T - 4 (5)
    W - 4
    I - 5
    A - 4
    LD - 10

    Terminator Armour, Feel No Pain, Combi Bolter, Daemon Weapon (Blissgiver).

    I came up with 200 I think - Normal Lord cost + terminator armour cost + Daemon weapon.
    Then I added up the marks I'd used (+1T - MON and +1A - MOK) and added around 20 points for +1WS and +1W.
    How much to pay for Feel No Pain?
    Should I pay extra for basically using 3 marks of chaos (Nurgle toughness, Khorne attack, Slaanesh Daemon Weapon.

    Its for my Night Scorpions renegade chapter, so everything will be renamed and suitably fluffy. (so, the weapon wont be called Blissgiver, there will be fluff reasons for the Marks rules....he won't actually have the mark of nurgle or khorne etc)

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    Um, a Chaos Lord...
    10pts for +1WS
    5pts for +1BS
    15pts for t4(5)
    15pts for +1A
    5pts for different marked Daemon weapon
    10pts for adding USR (Feel no Pain)
    Plus termie armour
    = 225pts
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