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    Chaos: Mutable Force Organisation

    Just something I came up with last night - a sort of Doctrines for Chaos Space Marine armies.

    A CSM army can modify its Force Organisation Chart limits by selecting ONE of the following options:

    - Sorcerous: Sorcerers can be taken as Elites as well as HQs. An Elite slot Sorcerer has 1 wound less than normally, and retains all options available for the HQ Sorcerers.

    - Swift strike: Reduce the allowed maximum of Heavy Support choices by two and increase the allowed maximum of Fast Attack choices by one.

    - Siege specialists: Reduce the allowed maximum of Fast Attack choices by two and increase the allowed maximum of Heavy Support choices by one.

    - Strong in numbers: Increase the allowed maximum of Troop choices by one: decrease the allowed maximum of Elites OR Fast Attack OR Heavy Support choices by two. This can be done multiple times, eg you can trade 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack and 2 Heavy Support for a total of three additional Troop choices.

    Your thoughts?

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    This would be pretty useful in helping represent the different chaos legions more efficiently. More Heavy support will be useful for Iron Warriors, Swift Strike will be good to represent Night Lords, Strength in Numbers will help with Word Bearers.
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