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    The Council of Thirteen

    Council of Thirteen:
    Great Horned Hrud: Singular deity of the Hruds
    Verminlord of All Verminkin: Verminlord representative of all Verminlords
    Nightlord of Clan Eshin: Nightlord representative of the Council of the Night
    Overlord of Clan Skyre: Ruling Warlord of Clan Skyre
    Master Packlord of Clan Moulder: Greatest Packlord of Clan Moulder
    Arch-Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens: Head Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens
    Skylord of Clan Rictus: Skylord representative of the Sky Bridge
    Skavenlord of Clan Skaven: Grey Seer representative of the Grey Council
    Overlord of the Great Kinship: Dominant Warlord of the Lesser Tribes
    Prophetlord of Tribe Whitempest: Prophetlord of all Hrudom, Prophet representative of the White Council
    Stormlord of Tribe Blackstorm: Strongest Stormlord of Tribe Blackstorm, Representative of the Black Council
    Seerlord of Tribe Mors: The Seer Chieftain of the ruling Splinter Tribe of Tribe Mors
    Warlord of Tribe Rancur: Single Warlord who gained a seat in the Council of Thirteen through clever political manoeuvring

    Great Horned Hrud: Also referred to as the Great Horned One, the iconic representative of the race of the Hruds as a whole, revered as the singular deity of the Hruds.
    Verminkin: The Prophets who have managed manifestation of their inner psyche are collectively referred to as Verminkin. As the most powerful individuals within all of Hrudom, they are given a permanent seat within the Council of Thirteen and are considered next to the Great Horned Hrud in terms of seniority.
    Clan Eshin: The actions of the Clan on the whole is governed by the Council of the Night, a ruling caste made up of Sorcerers and Prophets but largely populated by Nightlords. As per the traditions of the Council, a single Nightlord is chosen to represent the Clan in the Council of Thirteen. Current Nightlord representative, Sneik.
    Clan Skyre: Overlord Skyre still maintains his grip over the other Warlords within his Clan. He is aided in all decisions by the Council of Warlords, which is comprised of the remaining Warlords within the Clan.
    Clan Moulder: The social hierarchy within Clan Moulder is determined by one's prowess with controlling the Rat beast packs in the theatre of war. The Packlord currently recognised by the others as the best among them is regarded as the overall leader of the Clan. He is regarded with the title of Master Packlord. Currently, Griffkin. The wealthiest Clan in all Hrudom.
    Clan Pestilens: The highly religious Clan Pestilens is governed by the most senior Plaguelord, the Arch-Plaguelord of the Clan, who so happens to be its founder, the Plague Prophet Varmint.
    Clan Rictus: Clan Rictus is divided into three lesser tribes, the Tribe of the Sky, the Tribe of the Stars, and the Tribe of the Soil. The Tribe of the Sky is the ruling caste within the social order of Clan Rictus. The Skylords of Clan Rictus rule at the command bridge of the Bastion Class Commerce Vessel they forcefully took from the original Demiurg occupants. The command bridge is referred to as the Sky Bridge. Clan Rictus maintains its seat in the Council of Thirteen because its the main medium of communication and trade between the scattered tribes of the Hruds, as they sail through the stars in their Commerce Vessel from planet to planet. Whenever their Commerce Vessel nears a planet that is inhabited by a Hrud tribe, the Hrud tribe will use this opportunity to further advance the technology they possess and resupply on any necessities they lack through trade exchanges with Clan Rictus. If there are any particular goods they are in need of, they would place an order with the Clan, while paying the required goods as part of the exchange. The next time the Commerce Vessel of Clan Rictus passes by that particular planet, the tribe would receive the goods they had ordered, while having to pay a commission fee to the Clan.
    Clan Skaven: The social order within Clan Skaven is highly Machiavellian due to the relatively higher aggression levels of the Blackfurs within the Clan. The Machiavellian social order of Clan Skaven allows the Greyfurs within the Clan to rise to positions of dominance even over their stronger kin, the Blackfurs. The politics of the Clan are precariously balanced by the actions of the Grey Seers and the stance of the Blackfur Warchiefs. As of now, the Grey Council has most influence within the Clan, and the current leader of the Grey Council is recognised by all within the Clan as the Skavenlord. Currently Grey Seer Skittar. With the Great Debt incurred by the hundreds of lesser tribes during the Great Migration, Clan Skaven has maintained a seat within the Council of Thirteen for many starlight cycles. Due to their maintenance of the Warportals that link the Migratory Tribes with the Underempire, the voice of Clan Skaven is considered the collective voice of the Migratory Tribes. Should any of the Migratory Tribes so wish for an action to be taken by the Council of Thirteen, they would do so through the medium of Clan Skaven.
    Great Kinship: The Great Kinship are the conglomeration of all the lesser tribes within the Underempire. The Great Kinship is prone to infighting and petty squabbles over territory. Sometimes a Warlord through sheer feat of arms, expands his domains and spread his influence over several other tribes. Whenever a Warlord manages such a feat, he is recognised as an Overlord, and a potential candidate to represent the Lesser Tribes on the Council of Thirteen. As per the Great Treaty, the seat occupied by the Great Kinship is a permanent one on the Council of Thirteen, so intended as a means for the Lesser Tribes to have some sort of representation for their collective voices against the major Clans within the Council.
    Tribe Whitempest: Fanatical reverence towards the Prophets due to the relatively high occurence of Whitefurs in a single brood. The Prophetlord is seen as representative of every Whitefur within all of Hrudom and is selected from among the White Council, a gathering of all the Prophets within the Tribe. Current Prophetlord Psyre.
    Tribe Blackstorm: Mercenary tribe that has gained a seat through their importance to the other tribes. They provide their elite Storm Runners to the armies of other tribes. A hierarchy determined by physical strength and martial prowess, the representative sent to occupy the seat on the Council of Thirteen is the strongest Stormlord among them all. Currently, Stormlord Blackstorm, founder of the Tribe. The Black Council, a gathering of all the Stormlords within the Tribe, decides the movement and employment of the Tribe's Storm Runners based on the highest bidder.
    Tribe Mors: A relatively minor tribe that has gained a seat through their monopoly over Nightshades and Hovercraft technology. Current Seerlord Morskittar.
    Tribe Rancur: Named after its founder, Warlord Rancur, who through much personal effort, brought his Tribe to a relatively strong position within the politics of the Underempire.

    This article details how you may use different Hrud Codex in combination. Tribe Rancur represents the prototypical Warlord Tribe within the Underempire. The Tribes within the Underempire are collectively called the Lesser Tribes, while the Tribes scattered across the galaxy due to the Great Migration are referred to as the Migratory Tribes. They may be in separate locations but they share one similarity, and that is a similar social order, and as such the same army composition. The Underempire is a dark cavernous place while the Migratory Tribes usually settle within the dark under parts of a Human city. They have much in common, even in location. As such, Tribe Rancur will be used to represent the typical Warlord Tribe. Tribe Rancur is used to signify the political freedom within the Council of Thirteen, even allowing a Tribe of relatively low standing from rising and gaining a seat with the required effort. They are the standard template to follow if you are planning an army of one of the Lesser Tribes or Migratory Tribes. The units you can draw from other Clans or Tribes is presented in the following list.

    Tribe Rancur:
    Mercenary Band: 0-2 Storm Runners (either Elite or Fast Attack) with attached Stormlords
    Great Pact: The Great Pact sealed between the Warlords and the Moulders sanctioned the Rat beasts to be used as mercenary troops. Packmasters (Elite) with attached Rat Packs/Dire Rats/Rat Ogres
    Great Treaty: As per the Great Treaty signed between the Great Kinship and Clan Eshin, Runner Assassins may be employed by the Lesser Tribes in their own private wars and agendas. Gutter Runners (Elite), Night Runners (HQ) with attached Sorcerers, Warp Runners (HQ)
    Great Plague: Due to the Plague the warriors of Clan Pestilens suffer from, the other tribes avoid them and will not fight by their side.
    Great War: Clan Skyre is a self-contained force that does not hire out its warriors to other tribes.

    Needless to say, if the Tribe is fighting one of the Hrud Clans, you may not hire from that Clan. Tribe Whitempest is similar in all respects to Tribe Rancur, with the exception that the 0-1 restriction on Prophets is removed. Tribe Mors may not hire from any of the Tribes for they are a secluded Tribe in a barren desert world, away from the politics of the Underempire. Tribe Blackstorm never fields their own army as they are a mercenary tribe. The Great Kinship is another collective term for the Lesser Tribes, but them as a united front against outsiders. Needless to say, a tribe from the Great Kinship follow all the rules of hiring as Tribe Rancur. Clan Skaven and Clan Rictus have their own army list that I may write in the future.

    Clan Skaven:
    Mercenary Band, Great Pact, Great Treaty, Great Plague, Great War
    Great Debt: With the Great Debt incurred by the Migratory Tribes to Clan Skaven during the Great Migration, the Migratory Tribes are obliged to supply armed troops to Clan Skaven whenever they are requested for. Greyfurs (Troops) with attached Blackfangs

    Clan Rictus:
    Mercenary Band, Great Pact, Great Plague, Great War

    Clan Pestilens:
    Great Miracle: Due to the Plague which the Clan suffers from, all other Tribes and Clans within Hrudom avoid Clan Pestilens if they can, and will not fight alongside them.

    Clan Moulder:
    Mercenary Band, Great Plague
    Great Wealth: With the wealth of Clan Moulder, the Packlords of Clan Moulder are able to "convince" the Overlord of Clan Skyre into hiring out their troops to them. Fusiliers (Troops), 0-1 Warpwind Grenadiers (Elite), 0-1 Warpflame Throwers (Elite), Warpstone Shooters (Elite)

    Clan Skyre:
    Great War: The forces of Clan Skyre consider themselves the foremost military power in all of Hrudom, having defeated the totality of the Tribes in a single drawn-out conflict, known as the First Great War. They consider their forces self-sufficient and contained, disdaining the need to employ the warriors of even the major Clans.

    Clan Eshin:
    Mercenary Band, Great Pact, Great Plague, Great War

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    Happy Christmas

    Nice summary

    Just doing a massive re-editing of Lethal Wargaming Rules - so haven't got roumd to converting the Clan Pestilence yet - looks great though..........

    Happy Christmas


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