My group and I are working on a new campaign to play test some new rule sets. We'd like to get some feedback on these ideas and see if you can suggest some additional ones to try. The point of them is to try something new, not break the game, and keep things simple and fun.

1. Elimination of IgoUgo. Thinking several routes on this one. Have an entire turn based on Initiatives for priority. But would the units get to make their entire turn at once, or go in simple phases? Ex; Eldar Banshees move before Marine Devestators. Would the Banshess be able to move, shoot and charge before the Marine got to do anything? Or would the Banshees, move, then Marines forgo their move to shoot heavies, then proceed to the shooting phase?

The idea was to try to eliminate the vast advantage one gets by going first for destructable missions and for going last during objective missions. However this would drastically change the structure of play in various ways, given that High initiative units would usually always get to charge before anyone else, but isn't that the point anyway?

2. Elimination of Gun shot wastes. We don't like that an entire squad has to forgo their shooting at some target just so a single heavy shot could be made at long range. The Space Wolve long fang pack have an option where as long as the Leader is alive, they may select two different targets. We were thinking of making it so as long as the Leader is alive in any squad, the squad may choose to allocate Heavy weapons differently. Ex; the Marine squad is a bout to get charged by Banshees, but is also be fired upon by a tank. If the Captain is still alive, he can command the Lascannon to fire at the tank and the remainder of the squad to shoot at the Banshees. Although it would require some sort of check, probably leadership if anything.

The idea was to make firing a bit more affective while allowing maximum affect of purchesable upgrades. But we're still keeping in mind that Heavies should still be allocated to the same target. So taking 4 Lascannons in a single Devestator squad wouldn't mean you could fire at 4 different targets, just two; one for the assault weapons and the other for the heavies.

A lot of our other rules are map specific, just cause we like being a little crazy. (Try playing on a map where the entire bottom level is heavy forest... it's crazy).

If you can suggest others you may have tried or even would like to try, we're always open to new suggestions.