These are pretty vague feel free to suggest changes anything is welcome.

New transport rules:

If an open topped vehicle is destroyed then the unit will perform an emergency dismount(similar to Eldar Online's acrobatic dismount rule on their Harlequins list). The crew leap out of the vehicle at the last minute and take one hit. This hit is taken at strength X hit. This is calculated by the following example. Take the models base toughness and add one to it for each 12" it has travelled. So a Dark Eldar Warrior in a Raider that moves 24" takes a strength T+2 hit where as an ork in a wartruck that travels 12" takes a strength T+1 hit. Saves are alowed to this hit. The unit the counts as being stunned the next turn.

However if the vehicle is not open topped the unit takes an armour save to any impact with the following modifiers 0-6" +1 to armour save(to a maximum of 2+) 6-18" on their normal save and -1 if moving over 18" if the unit decides to use an invulnerable save no modifiers apply. This is a pass or fail save if they fail they die, those surviving members of the unit are now entangled.