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    Tyranid Viral ??? (something)

    I've come up with this creature. Its suppose to have been created by a splinter fleet that was bombarded by virus bombs. I have no idea what to name it though. Any ideas? This is the first creature I've ever attempted to make, so there may be many problems with what it does or how much things cost, so give me any suggestions. Thanks!!!


    WS-3 BS-3 S-8 T-6 W-4 I-4 A-2 Ld-10 Sv-3+

    Spore Cannon
    ????? may carry ONE additional bioweapon from the following list for the point cost indicated:
    Venom Cannon-55
    Barbed Strangler-20/30
    TL-Viral-Spitter- 20
    Crushing Claws-25
    Scything Talonsx2 (counts as one weapon)- 25
    Rending Claws- 3
    Lashwhip- 10

    Acid Maw-12
    Adrenal Glands (I)-12
    Adrenal Glands (WS)-8
    Enhanced Senses- 20
    Extended Carapace- 35
    Fleh Hooks-6
    Implant Attack-16
    Reinforced Chitin-25
    Symbiote Rippers-3
    Toxin Sacs-12
    Toxic Miasma- 12

    ????? Special Rules

    ????? is a Monstrous Creature and therefore may fire any two-weapons it carries and has all of the Monstrous Creature special rules given in the Warhammer 40k Rule book.

    Virus Weapons- Weapons with the Strength characteristic "Virus" will always wound on a roll of 2+ unless the target has a toughness greater than the number shown after the word "Virus." Then the weapon only wounds on a 6+. When used against vehicles, the weapon uses the number as its strength. So when used against a vehicle, the viral cannon has S8. Weapons with the "Virus" characteristic can only inflict glancing hits.

    Viral-Spore mine- When using the spore cannon, ???? can only produce viral spore mines. They have the same profile as the other spore mines, but has this effect:
    S-Virus (4) AP-5 Range-48'' Heavy 1

    S-Virus ( AP-3 Range-36'' Assault x

    S-Virus (4) AP-5 Range-18'' Assault 2x

    S-Virus (6) AP-5 Range-24'' Assault 1 Blast

    Viral-Plasma- This creature makes an additional close combat attack made out at double its initiative. This attack always hits on a 4+ no matter what the target is and will always wound on a 2+. No Saving rolls are allowed against this attack unless they are invulnerable saves.

    Viral-Vents- When in close combat, models in base to base contact with WS3 or less can only hit on a 5+, models in base to base contact with T3 or less will take a S3 hit at the end of each assault phase with saving throws allowed, units with Ld7 or less must take a leadership test at the start of each assault phase and if it is failed they can only hit on 6+ until the next assault phase.

    Viral-Attacks- All close combat attacks made by this creature will wound on a 2+ no matter what.

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    How about Toxicotrucido? Literal latin for venombutcher.
    or Virusfatum? Literal latin for poisondoom.
    Or occido?
    Acrassicauda? Black scorpion.

    thats pretty much all i can think of for names...
    for the cost of this thing...
    minimum is 350 points without upgrades... just too good!!! i would luv to have one of these destroyers in my army!!!!!!!!!

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    This sounds very interesting. I've actually had an army in developement for a while which is a splinter of Leviathan that survived a virus bombing, and it's name is Hive Fleet Toxicus (it's a creepy kind of mind-steal). ;?

    I was using the Chapter Approved Tyranid Monstrosity spawning rules to create something I called the Vomitoxus, a beast which carries a brood of Raveners into battle and vomits them up into enemy lines along with a nasty Spasm Devourer Cannon, but if you like the name feel free to go ahead and use it.

    I was curious, what creation rules are you using to make this, or is it just based on equivilant values from the codex?

    Hive Fleet Toxicus W/L/T: 3/1/2

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    His weapon options seem a bit much..
    He has 2 cannons by default and then can have another weapon on top? or 2 scything talons?
    Thats eight legs.. you only have 6.

    Looks like a Carnifex with special viral rules.. I think only open top vehicles should be effected by Viral weapons.

    Viral weapons are interesting but they don't really follow the Tyranid weapon rules of S based on user and are a bit strange. Wounding everyone on a 2+ most of the time seems a bit over powered.

    I'd simplify it to
    Coughie the mutant Carnifex
    stats as carnifex. Pts = carnifex base cost + biomorphs + 75(for cannon) + 30 (for Viral claws)
    Coughie is armed with a Virus Cannon and Viral Claws.
    May replace his Viral claws with either Twin-linked Viral Spitter or twin-linked Viral Blaster
    May take same Biomorphs as a carnifex
    Viral Cannon is a mutated venom cannon that fires globs of virus laden acid
    R 48" S X AP 5 Assault X
    Virus cannon always wounds on a 2+, except Monstrous(and Gargantuan) Creatures who are wounded on a 4+. Against Vehicles only glancing hits can be scored.

    Viral Claws are scything talons that drip with the toxic virus secreted by the Coughie.
    Viral Claws may reroll to wound hits and give +A in CC.

    S X AP 5 R 18'' Assault 2x
    Viral Blaster wounds on a 4+, cannot hurt vehicles or monstrous creatures

    S X AP 5 R 24'' Assault 1 Blast
    Viral Blaster wounds on a 4+, cannot hurt vehicles or monstrous creatures
    Arch Overfiend & Grand Despot
    I currently play:
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    Hive Fleet Omega Tyranids
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    and my attempted foray into fantasy
    'Dark Angel Green' Dark Elves in need of fluff

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    Me and my friend had made some nids like this for a setting we played. Maybe some of it will give you ideas.

    Infectaunt (2-5 in a brood)
    WS 5, BS 3, S 4, T4, W 2, I 4, A 2, Ld 5, S 4+, Pts 34

    boimorphs = Toxinspewer, rending claws

    Toxinspewer = always wounds on a roll of 2+ (no effect on non open topped vehicles and auto glances open topped vehicles but rolls only a d3), may fire using either of the following profiles.
    Range = template, AP -, S (X), Type = assault 1 OR Range = 18", AP -, S (X), Type = assault 1 (blast)

    Hopefully this will you give you some ideas.
    - You must set fire to water or you will be extinguished.

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