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    For Tzeentch; The Sorcerers Plateau

    Yes, once again I find a giant hole in what should exist; some nasty Tzeentch related... something. They don't have a Super Heavy Vehicle or a Gargantuan Creature or even a formation. But I have come up with a combination of one! Unfortunately due to how I created this originally, I was unable to mix and match it the way that I wanted (so many complications), so I decided it would be best to place it in the Gargantuan creature rule set but leave it as is fluff wise, which is somewhat of an odd combination of all 3.

    For the lack of Tzeentchs presence up to this point, I give you...

    ...The Sorcerers Plateau.

    The Sorcerers Plateau is a living monument to tribute the powers of everlasting change; Tzeentch. Constructed personally by the mighty Magnus the Red, commanded by a powerful cabal of sorcerers and fueled by the vast energies of a greater demon of Tzeentch, the Plateau seeks to forever change the face of reality as we know it. Through Arcane science, the cabal controls the vast powers of the Plateau, using its energies to unleash untold devastation on the battle field. But more importantly, it serves as a mobile command structure for the followers of Tzeentch. Even in the midst of holy fire thrown against it, it will continue to spread its heresies and taint to further the unholy change of Tzeentch. While the Plateau itself may be of machine like construction, its wires are the blood of the cabal atop it, and its engine the greater demon. Only through their death can the Plateau fall to the earth and be destroyed never to rise again through black magic.

    Points - 999
    Ws – 6
    Bs – 9
    S – 6
    T – 9
    W – 9
    I – 6
    A – 6
    Ld – 10
    Sv – 3+/4+
    Type – Gargantuan Creature

    Ponderous Flight – The Plateau moves as if a skimmer but may only move 6in per phase.

    Heretical Rhetoric – The Plateau continuously blasts the surrounding area with chaotic speeches of heresy. Any Chaos unit with 12in may re-roll any failed moral checks. Any enemy models within 12in suffer -1 leadership.

    Sorcerers Cabal – While the Sorcerers are still alive, they may use any combination of chaotic psychic powers per turn. You may use one power per wound in addition to the Plateaus psychic attacks. Because of the powers of the Plateau, the cabal is not required to take psychic tests and passes them automatically. They may use 2 powers per turn (Mark of Tzeentch) if the Plateau does not require their power. And as they are considered individual sorcerers, they may target different units with any combination of attacks (Gargantuan Creature). They have the following powers; Bolt of Change, Doom Bolt, Winds of Chaos. Two sorcerers may use the following; Gift of Chaos, Warp Time (one each).

    Demon Engine – The Plateau contains a bound greater demon of Tzeentch. While normally it could use its own powers, its energies are being used to power the Plateau and shield it from attack. By channeling their powers through the Demon (disallows 2nd power for the cabal), the Plateau can unleash 3 unique powers (but only 1 per turn)…

    1. Chains of Chaos. The Plateau summons ethereal chains to bind its victims in torment temporarily in preparation for a more devastating attack. The Plateau may target a single unit within 24in and disallow any actions this unit takes in a single phase; movement, shooting or assault. This can affect vehicles.
    2. Warp Storm. The Plateau summons a massive Warp storm over a targeted area, unleashing devastating damage upon anyone within it. It is considered a shooting attack with the following Profile; 36in Range, S7, AP3, Apocalyptic Blast.
    3. Fires of Tzeentch. The Plateau summons the very fires of Chaos and Tzeentch himself. It has the exact same profile as Winds of Chaos except it uses the Apocalyptic Hell Fire template.

    So there you have it. As always, comments, suggestions, frustrations, aspirations, dreams, hopes, desires and more are welcome. So leave a note if you want to.

    You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

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    pretty nice, rep for you!

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