This is a special character for my Inquisitorial army, oddly enough the only character I wanted to make special rules for. Her background fluff can be found in the fluff section of 40k.

Platina The Maiden may be included in any Witch Hunters or Imperial Guard army as an HQ choice. She does not count as the compulsory HQ choice however. She has simply joined the battle for some reason, whether she was ordered by a divine vision; felt the cause was worthy, or at the request of the local Imperial forces or Inquisitor Anonyme. If Platina is included in the army as an allied HQ, one squad of Zealots may be added to the army as a non-compulsory troops choice.

Platina The Maiden: 180 pts

WS 5
BS 3
S 3
T 3
I 5
W 3
A 4
Ld 10

Special Rules: Maiden, Chosen of the Emperor, Faithful, Pilgrim, Furious Charge, Independent Character

Equipment: Holy Blade of Absolution, Sanctified Armor, Rosarius

Maiden: As the figurehead of a war of faith, she is seen as a holy individual, second only to a living saint. All squads within 12” of her may use her leadership for any pinning, morale or leadership tests. However, if she is to fall in battle, whether by shooting or by close combat, all units not locked in close combat within 12” must take a leadership test or flee. Unless the squad is below half strength they may regroup the following turn.

Chosen of the Emperor: As she claims to have spoken to the Emperor himself, she is tenacious in pursuing her goal. She may not be instantly killed by double toughness weapons, instead taking a single wound. She is also fearless and conveys this to any squad she joins.

Faithful: While not a Sister of Battle, she has strong ties with the sisterhood due to their belief in the Emperor. She may use acts of faith as if a Sister of Battle and Independent Character, detailed within the Codex: Witch Hunters. She adds two points of faith to the faith pool as well and benefits from Martyrdom. If she joins a non-Sisters of Battle squad they may use the act of faith using the normal rules for an Act of faith, but this consumes two faith points instead of one. If she joins a Sisters of Battle Squad, then she counts towards the total number when casting the Act of Faith. She does not benefit from the shield of faith, nor does she count as a Sister of Battle.

Pilgrim: Platina may not ride in any vehicle, nor may she arrive as reserves. She must be there at the start of the battle on foot, or not at all. However, in escalation games she may enter as normal.

Holy blade of Absolution: Presented to her by the Cardinal of Levan, it counts as a master crafted power weapon that adds 2 to her strength.

Sanctified Armor: Presented to her at the same time as the Blade of Absolution, it confers a 2+ armor save.

Retinue: Platina may have a retinue of 2-6 characters. If she takes a retinue she loses her independent character status and acts as a sergeant for the squad. Should the entire squad be destroyed she reverts to an independent character. The characters that may join her are:

0-3 Crusaders:
As detailed for Crusader henchmen for a Witch Hunters Inquisitor at the same price. The presence of at least 1 Crusader increases her WS to 6, but should they all be destroyed her WS reverts back to 5.

0-1 Priest 40 pts each:
As detailed in the Codex: Witch Hunters, the priest may take up to 50 points of war gear from the Witch Hunters armory.

0-6 Celestians:
As detailed in the Codex: Witch Hunters, they may also take up to 15 points of war gear from the Witch Hunter’s armory. They may also trade their bolter for a bolt pistol and chainsword for free.