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    WHFB-Chaos Hunters

    Hey Everyone,

    I just stared reading The Palace of the Plague Lord, and in the first chapter the book introduced a character who is basically a hunter or scavenger. So I thought to myself,

    "Self, why are these kind of warriors not available to be played in WHFB? They're not quite marauder or warriors, so what would they look like stat-wise?"

    I came up with this after a little time, sorry if they seem a little under costed, I don't usually play with scouts so I was unsure of how good they really are, but I tried to balance them.

    Rare Choice
    Chaos Hunters- 12 Points per Model
    Unit Size 10+
    ------------------- --M--WS--BS--S--T--W--I---A--LD
    Hunter-------- - ----5---4----3---3--3---1--6- -1- -7
    Leader of the Pack-5---4----4---3--3---1--6- -2- -7

    Equipment: Throwing Spear

    Rules: Skirmishers, Scouts, Hunters, Experienced

    Hunters: This Model gets +1 to hit all cavalry base models that are without riders (ex. Dire wolfs, Centigors, Warhounds...)

    Experienced: Even though Chaos Hunters are skirmishers they still deny rank bonuses when charging the flank or rear of an opposing unit.

    Leader of the Pack....20 Points
    Musician....................5 points
    Light Armor......1 pt per model
    Shields............1 pt per model

    Any unit of Chaos Hunters May take one of the following Marks of Chaos for it's cost.

    Undivided: The Unit may reroll all failed psychology tests...15 points
    Khorne: The Unit gains either Killing Blow or +1 Strength...30 points
    Nurgle: The Unit gains either Regeneration or +1 Toughness...30 points
    Slaanesh: The Unit gains either Always Strikes First or +1 Inisitive and either +1 Attack or +1 movement...30 points
    Tzeentch: The Unit gains a 5+ ward save vs. non magical attacks or the Unit may reroll all failed to hit rolls...30 points
    I tried to give more diversity to the marks, seeing how I always find myself frusterated with how little flexibility the current ones give.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    I demand that they be betentacled in some way >.>
    Two's to kill. Ahh, sweet sweet music.

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