i thought this might be fun in an apocalypse game to use.

Datasheet: veterans in normal games of 40k.

Making veterans:
- first chose the arch type, a unit in your army.
Once that is done pick upgrades.
- each model may have one piece of equipment from the armory(if available) or from another unit entry in the codex. These consist of non-weapon equipment.
- one model may be given any heavy weapon in the armory or from other unit entries
- one model may be upgraded to leader for 25pts and gains an additional attack and wound on his profile and may be given weapons from the armory or other unit entries (although no special or heavy weapons)
- up to 4 models may select a special close combat weapon from the armory/ other unit entry or instead up to 5 models may be given a special weapon from the armory or other unit entry.
- The unit may be given any transport in their codex
- The unit counts as having infiltrate for free and 1 extra attack than normal on their profile.
- All costs must be paid appropriately.
- Note the unit may be split up during deployment into several squads(in a similar fashion to combat squads for space marines) each must be 5 strong however.
- Independent characters and monstrous creatures may be made into a unit, but their unit size must be 3-5 for monstrous creatures, and 5-10 for independent characters.

Example making of a veteran squad:

Example: plague marines:
- 10 plague marines have been chosen for the veteran squad, for 230pts.
- the plague champion is nominated as the leader, and therefore gains an additional attack (model cost + 25pts for nominated leader) he will also select a daemon weapon as his close combat weapon(chaos lord entry)
- since any model may take an upgrade from other unit entries, the plague champion takes nurgles rot(daemon prince entry), the other models are going to go without an upgrade.
- since one model may be given an heavy weapon, the plague marines will take a reaper auto cannon(terminator entry)
- 5 models are going to be given plasma guns as special weapons
Grand total: 425pts
Unit composition:
- 1 champ w/ daemon weapon
- 1 reaper marine
- 5 plasma marines
- 3 regular vets.