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    My own take on the Warriors of Chaos.


    For a long time I have been quite mispleased with how the mighty Warriors of Chaos have been represented. Rules-wise, that is. The new models for them are terrific.

    So here is my own take on these fell warriors of the Dark Four. I've not come up with a set points cost yet, I can't think of myself to be qualified enough to do so on my own.

    Warriors of Chaos

    M 4
    Ws 5 (Unit Champion +1)
    Bs 4 (for show only, since they forego the use of any missile weapon)
    S 4
    T 4
    W 1
    I 5
    A 2 (Unit Champion +1)
    Ld 9


    -Hand Weapon
    -Full-Plate-Armour-Equivalent, FPAE for short (I only know of Gromril and Chaos Armour as an equal, can't think of a new creative name)


    -Either add Halberds or Great Weapons to their arsenal
    -Upgrades for the usual command models (Standard Bearers may take magic banners up to a value of 50 points) (Champions may have magical weapons up to a value of 25 points)
    -One regiment of Warriors in the army can be upgraded to the status of Chosen Warriors of Chaos. Chosen Warriors replace their FPAE with Chaos Armour. Chaos Armour confer a 4+ armour save on the wearer as well as a 6+ ward save that can be used against any and all attacks, barring those that disregard wards as normal. Chosen Warriors also causes Fear.
    -A regiment of Warriors must be given a Mark of Chaos from the list below.
    Mark of Chaos Undivided (Standard Warriors): Immune to Psychology.
    Mark of Chaos Undivided (Chosen Warriors): Immune to Psychology, Enemies must re-roll successful Fear tests when charged by the Chosen Warriors of Chaos.

    Mark of Khorne (Standard Warriors): Immune to Psychology, Hatred (even though they are immune to psychology.), Magical Resistance (1).
    Mark of Khorne (Chosen Warriors): Immune to Psychology, Hatred (even though they are immune to psychology.), +1 attack for each model, The unit generates two Dispel Dice to the common dice pool for the controlling player's army, Magical Resistance (1).

    Mark of Slaanesh (Standard Warriors): Immune to Psychology, They recieve no penalty to their initiative for using Great Weapons.
    Mark of Slaanesh (Chosen Warriors): Immune to Psychology, They recieve no penalty to their initiative for using Great Weapons, No enemy will ever benefit from the Always Strike First rule against them, instead it will be based on normal initiative order, +1 to their initiative.
    Mark of Nurgle (Standard Warriors): Immune to Psychology, Causes Fear, Enemies in base contact suffer a -1 to their leadership for any tests that they have to take.
    Mark of Nurgle (Chosen Warriors): Immune to Psychology, Causes Terror, Cloud of Flies.

    Mark of Tzeentch (Standard Warriors): Immune to Psychology, The unit generates one extra Power Dice to the common dice pool for the controlling player's army, Magical Attacks.
    Mark of Tzeentch (Chosen Warriors): Immune to Psycholgy, The unit generates two extra Power Dice to the common dice pool for the controlling player's army, Magical Attacks, The unit is considered to be a level one Wizard (who does not generate an extra Power and/or Dispel dice for the army!) with access to the Lore of Change. For Miscast purposes, the unit champion (if any is present) is the one who suffers any negative effects. If no unit champion is present, a regular rank and file model will be affected instead.

    Special Rules

    Warriors of the Gods

    If a regiment of Chaos Warriors (both standard ones and Chosen) are defeated in close combat and subsequently forced to flee due to a failed break test, the procedure will be altered slightly. First, roll the flee distance for the Warriors of Chaos and move them separately from their pursuers. Move them like you would any other fleeing regiment. If the pursuers roll high enough on their pursue to catch the Warriors, immediately rank up the Warriors of Chaos, facing them towards their pursuers. Then move the pursuers into contact with the Warriors. They now count as having charged the Warriors according to the rules for "Pursuit into fresh enemy", but since the Warriors have already fought that turn (and lost!), the combat between the two units will not continue before the next turn.

    The Warriors of Chaos, caught in their momentary flight, struggle to obtain superiority over their pursuers. They recieve no bonus for Ranks in the subsequent turns of combat. Should the Warriors of Chaos win a round of combat after being charged while in flight, they will immediately obtain their Rank bonus once again.

    If any enemy unit wishes to charge a regiment of Warriors in flight, they will do this using the same procedure as any actual pursuers would. If charged by multiple enemy units, the Warriors of Chaos may choose which enemy unit to face against. If denied their Rank bonus due to being charged in the flank or the rear by a large enough enemy unit, they will not Recieve any Rank bonus following a triumphant turn of close combat, as normal.

    If the pursuers do not roll high enough to catch the Warriors of Chaos and they are not charged before the controlling player's next turn, the Warriors will automatically rally following the normal rules.

    If a unit of Chaos Warriors were to roll high enough on their flee-dice to take them off the table, stop them on the very edge of the table itself. They will never leave the battlefield if they'll have anything to say about it! This also applies to any occurences such as the Warriors being forced to flee into impassable terrain or other things like that.

    Search for Glory

    Any Warrior of Chaos model may accept an issued challenge, though only the Unit Champion and any attached characters may issue challenges.

    And that's it!

    These rules accurately portray the way I myself view these mighty Warriors of Chaos. They are powerful and durable, brave and dependable. They will have to be killed down to the last man to be completely destroyed, but due to them not actually being unbreakable, they are still able to be shaken and stirred up when fiercely attacked.

    I hope I've written it all up in an understandable way. This is not something that I planned on using very extensively in any way, but I felt like throwing my own opinion on how Warriors of Chaos should be out here.

    Again, I've not come to a verdict for the points cost for anything in this entry, but I can imagine that it'd be something high. I'd SO be willing to pay alot for a bunch of these guys, though!

    Thanks for your time.

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    I like some of the ideas, they sound pretty interesting, and possibly go with fluff, but unfortunately the big ones are pretty undoable. Having no way to kill them by pursuit means that you pretty much have immunity to rank and file units - hordes like greenskins (with big blocks of orcs) and skaven (clanrats) will be forced to focus all other powers on them (shooting/magic). Otherwise, there is no way to beat these guys except with superior force, beating every last one down, which will be difficult given that they are powerful, and that's just talking about the base troops, the chosen would be nigh unstoppable close combat monsters. The fact that they auto-rally too means that your opponent doesn't even get a benefit to attempting to restrain pursuit... they have no winning option after beating you in combat, and they will cry cheese.

    That being said, the reason they are really unusable is that the price cost for a unit that is already that great in CC then getting no way to be defeated in CC except to have every last one killed, they would have to be insanely high price. This would then make them completely ineffective, since your enemy would just shoot them with everything they had, making back lots of points. They could then feel free to wipe away whatever the rest of your force is (which would be small) with the rest of theirs. Armies which didn't have strong shooting would just bog the unit down or avoid it, thus making it impossible to make its point cost back.

    Having said all that, I think the "any warrior accepting a challenge" is an interesting idea. While most chaos unit champions or heroes would gladly accept the challenge themselves, it seems like this would still make sense. Every chaos warrior is out to prove himself. If there were a sorcerer in the unit, it is obvious that one of them would step up to fight, rather than have the sorcerer be forced into a cowardly retreat.

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