Ferrus Manus Primarch of the Iron Hands

As Horus made the opening moves of his rebellion on Istvann III, Ferrus Manus's old friend Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children attempted to sway the Iron Hands' Primarch into joining the rebellion. The attempt failed and Fulgrim barely escaped with his life. Overcome with mind-numbing rage at such treachery, Ferrus and his warriors gratefully received Rogal Dorn's orders. Together with the Raven Guard and Salamanders legions, were to confront Horus and his lieutenants, and crush them utterly. A second wave, comprising the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion and a contingent of Word Bearers, would follow them and support their attack. The Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders made a full combat drop on Istvann V and secured the dropsite, but at a heavy cost. Overwhelmed with rage, Ferrus Manus disregarded the counsel of Corax and Vulkan and hurled himself against the fleeing rebels, seeking to bring Fulgrim to personal combat. His veteran troops - comprising the majority of the legion's terminators and dreadnoughts - followed. Ferrus found Fulgrim, and the two former close friends duelled. It was then that Horus closed his trap. The Warmaster committed his reserves, and ordered the 'fleeing' troops to cease their feint and attack. Ferrus's force was outnumbered, cut off, and surrounded. Fulgrim defeated Ferrus in single combat but could not bring himself to slay his old friend. A daemon of Slaanesh within Fulgrim's weapon, that had been twisting his mind and perceptions, persuaded Fulgrim to decapitate Ferrus. In the following bloodbath the Iron Hands were massacred, the daemon possessed Fulgrim completely, and Ferrus's severed head was presented to Horus as a confirmation of Fulgrim's loyalty.

Ferrus Manus
Pts 725
Ws 8
Bs 5
S 8
T 7
I 5
w 6
A 6+1
Ld 10
Sv 2+/4+

Teleportation device, Hands of Ferrus.

"Hands of Ferrus: count as power weapons. In CC ferrus likes take hold of his Enemy and break them like a piece of wood, or even strike them with great power. If Ferrus hits an infantry model, they must role D6 4+ to stand the Force of the Hit. If it fail´s, the model moves D6" in the opposite Direction to Ferrus. Tanks and Vehicles must act like they were hit by a Thunder hammer (this may be taken in correspondence with his normal attacks). They have also amplified Ferrus’s strength and so add +2 to his strength.

"Grip of Ferrus: Ferrus can try to grab an enemy infantry unit with his
bare hands, and show his strength by ripping it apart. Roll D6 2+ to grab an Independent model within base contact of Ferrus. If successful the Model must roll a D6 on a 4+ he stay’s in combat and fights as normal on a 1 2 3 the unit suffers instant death. Ferrus will use this Unit to make an example and show his strength to the other enemies. All Models within an range of 12" must make a role for a Leadership test at -3 Ld if failed they may not assault Ferrus that Turn if passed they may assault as normal. (These rules apply to Primarchs even if they are immune to instant death, Fearless models do not take a morale check).

I shall Feel No Pain: To symbolise him dipping his hands in lava Ferrus can withstand more pain than the other Primarchs. So as a result Feel no Pain works against any type of wound and saves on 4+.

Teleportation Device this allows Ferrus to deepstrike around the Battle Field a whenever Ferrus Enters the battlefield you may deploy as many models from your reserves as you want also on the turn that Ferrus enters the field via deepstrike he may move shoot and assault as normal.

Iron Hands Leader: Ferrus Manus is a renowned commander who is respected by all his men who will obey his every order he allows them to experiment with their wargear and have bionic parts. All his men are Fearless, and have the Bionics.

Forge Breaker: The Forge Breaker is a Huge Thunder Hammer Gifted to Ferrus By the Primarch Fulgrim. It is able to Break through the deadliest of armour. The Hammer generates a strong Energy field which can be used to shake the ground. If Fererus hits the Ground with his Hammer, all infantry models 6" all infantry models must make an save role, to keep on there Feet (D6 5+), if they don’t succeed, then all models who fail they are at -2 initiative -1 strength and -2 attacks if they charge any allied unit that turn, this ability may be used in Either players turn. If Ferrus is in Combat then he may split his attacks between his fists and his Thunder hammer, if they Do succeed they are at -1 initiative. The Forge breaker automatically Penetrates vehicles with armour Values of 13 or lower.