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    Necron We'll Be Back!

    Is this scenario true when comparing it to the Necron codex or is there a nice convienient codex errata out there to correct this atrosity?

    A squad of Nob Bikers decimates a Necron Warrior squad down to 3 models, all of which are on the ground awaiting We'lll Be Back rolls. On the next turn 2 fail the rolls and 1 succeeds. Instead of getting back up and continuing the combat with the Nob Bikers, he is placed with another warrior unit within 6 inches leaving the Nob Bikers out of combat and available to shoot with multi rapid firing guns and gauss blasters nearby (which thankfully only a couple bikers died from) in the same shooting phase.

    That means a Necron warrior unit can be used as an expendable troop in order to ensure that the squad is massacred by shooting in the next turn with no way to consolidate or get out of the way!

    Surely this cannot be true?

    On a side edit note, I just realised I stuck this in the wrong rules forum page by mistake! Don't hold it against me!

    Last edited by farmergiles65; May 24th, 2008 at 11:49. Reason: Realised error in where posted

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