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    Trek in the 40K universe

    Some people want me to make Star Trek codexs that use 40K rules. Ground combat only (so no fliers just skimmers and we can ignore having to deal with orbital attacks).

    Now at first I like how it matches up. In both the power of weapons is toned down considerably in the face of fun/plot. I.e. eaven heavy shoulder fired weapons in trek only have a blast radius that would fit pretty easily inside 40K blast markers.

    But, aside from general input, an issue is that apperantly the fluff of 40K really over amps lasguns and things making the flashlights into super powerful weapons of doom. So they think phaser weapons should be like lasguns, which seems off to me.

    Anyway thoughts?

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    As unbelievable as it might sound (for a 40k nerd) I am pretty unfamilar with Star Trek and its lore. My understanding, regarding lasguns/phasers at least, is that in Warhammer they are trying deliberately to approximate modern weapons - a lasgun is only marginally more powerful, longer in range, in possession of a greater magazine, etc, than a modern assault rifle - to keep with the theme of the Imperial Guard being a "mass conscript WW1 style army in space." Whereas in Star Trek, a phaser is supposed to be depicted as an insanely sophisticated and futuristic weapon that is imcomprable to anything we have now. 40k is filled with 'reinterpretations' of all sorts of contemporary weapons - heavy bolters as heavy machine guns, mortars, etc. Star Trek isn't trying that at all, and deliberately wants to separate its technolgy from what we see today.

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    Phasers are like twice the power of a bolt gun they can vaproise half a building. in the show at least and then there are the phaser rifles like in star trek First contact

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