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    Ogre Kingdoms Special Character


    M - 4
    WS - 2
    BS - 4
    S - 2
    T - 3
    W - 2
    I - 3
    A - 2
    LD - 6

    Weapons & Armor - Pelt Scraps, Really Sharp Stuff, Sabretusk Fang

    Special Rules - Still Insignificant, Bicker & Squabble, Scouts, Skirmishers, Master Trapper

    Only one Scruzy'ga can be taken per army. He counts as a hero in all respects except he does not count toward the maximum number of characters an army may take. He may not be the army's General.

    Pelt Scraps - Scruzy'ga has managed to steal bits and pieces of Yhetee, Sabretusk and Rhinox pelts from the bigger, stronger Ogres. This motley collection of pelts is crudely sewn together in a single piece of armor. Pelt scraps count as light armor.

    Really Sharp Stuff - Scruzy'ga knows how to get the sharpest stuff for his collection. Really Sharp Stuff counts as Sharp Stuff in all respects, except has the added benefit of being Armor Piercing.

    Sabretusk Fang - Scruzy'ga claims to have slain the sabretusk this came from himself, although it was most likely already dead when he found it. Regardless, the Sabretusk Fang is a magical hand weapon with no other benefits.

    Still Insignificant - Scruzy'ga counts as "Largely Insignificant." Additionally, if he has joined a unit of Gnoblar Trappers, any wounds allocated to him are automatically redirected to the unit. This is because if Scruzy'ga falls in battle, another Gnoblar will simply collect his gear and proclaim himself the new Scruzy'ga!

    Bicker & Squabble - Scruzy'ga has exceptionally shiny equipment compared to other Gnoblars. Therefore, when a unit of Trappers Scruzy'ga is attached to makes a Bicker roll, a 1 or a 2 results in that unit being unable to act.

    Master Trapper - Scruzy'ga is a self-proclaimed master trapper. Nobody believes him except other Gnoblars, of course. Any unit of Gnoblar Trappers within 12" may use his leadership as if he were the army General. Furthermore, any unit of Gnoblar Trappers within 6" of Scruzy'ga when he is charged may stand & shoot at the charging unit without the normal -1 penalty, even if they are not contacted by the charge. Scruzy'ga may only join a unit of Gnoblar Trappers.

    Additionally, an army which includes Scruzy'ga may include one more unit of Gnoblar Trappers than normal.

    Points - 45 maybe?

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