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Thread: Codex: Slanni

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    Codex: Slanni

    There is a seventh sacred Spawning, one that comes every few star cycles, and which even the most ancient Mage Lords have no control over, for the technology of this Spawning has been kept secret from them by the Old One who engineered it in the first place. It is the Blessing of Tlazcotl, the Psyker God. The Spawning of Tlazcotl was meant to be the fourth generation of Slann, and were designed to be the most powerful of the generations. They are the chosen of the Ether God, destined to become the epitome of Psykers throughout the galaxy. At first, their main purpose as the fourth generation was to clear up the acts of the first three generations, refining and polishing their work, and rectifying any flaws they might have made. However, the Old Ones fearing the Slann may become too powerful and overcome their masters, sought a means to control them. That eventually became the role of the fourth generation, as the protectors and upholders of the law of the Old Ones. They were thus imbued with tremendous psychic potential by the Ether God, designed to supercede all the previous generations in the realm of the Psyker. While the first generations were tasked with creating, preserving and destroying, the fourth was meant to rule and act as stewards of the Old Ones in their relation with the Slann. As such, the race that was selected to become the favoured of the Old Ones was the Saurans, for they are a warrior race, and what better way to protect the race of the Old Ones than a warfaring race? They would possess the dual powers of both physical strength and psychical might. Thus, the spawning of Tlazcotl was a secret one, a technology kept hidden even from the eyes of the first generation. They were a rare spawning, given the difficulty of engineering psychic powers within a race that is barely sentient, and as a precautionary measure against the interference of the Slann Mages, should they learn of this secret fourth generation. Their rarity ensures that they would go largely unnoticed by even the oldest of the Slann, and thus the secret plan of the Old Ones was carried out.

    However, eventually the Old Ones died out in their war with the C'tan and Necrontyr, in the War of Heaven, and this fourth generation never had to fulfill their destined role, for the Old Ones were no more. Eventually it came to the notice of the Mage Lords that there were appearing a rare spawning in every several star cycles, a spawning that they had no knowledge of the technology required in their bio-engineering. They noticed they were exclusively Sauran and surprisingly, were capable of wielding the psychic powers of each of the three generations. For this "mimicry" of their powers, the Slann referred to them as Slanni, to differentiate them from true Slann. The Mage Lords deduced them to be the spawn of a long forgotten blessing, or even a technology that have been kept secret from them by the Old Ones. They were distinguished by the vivid yellow hues of their hides, the preferred colour of the Phoenix God, Tlazcotl, the Mage Lords noted. However, the Slann Mages have come to dread, even fear the occurence of this spawning, however rare they may be, for at every instance of their occurence, they have known only to make war with the Slann Magehood, in an attempt to secure their dominance. The technology of this spawning has been so cleverly implemented by Tlazcotl that the oldest of the Mage Lords are unable to prevent their becoming, and so the coming of the Slanni every few star cycles have come to be viewed as a cursed event.

    On the other hand, the Slanni see their coming as an especially blessed occurence. Tlazcotl had imparted within their DNA the entire code of their purpose of existence as the stewards of the Old Ones, meant to rule in their place. So hard-coded is this knowledge within them, that they can recall from memory all of their duties that were planned for them by the Old Ones. They thus pride themselves as the Chosen of the Old Ones, closest children to the Old Ones, even the Regents of the Old Ones. Their primary objective from the moment of their spawning is to gain control over the Slann Magehood and have them acknowledge their sovereignty, as the Stewards of the Old Ones, and to submit to their rule in the absence of the Old Ones, till they come again, an event which they believe will happen in the End of Times, the time of the end of all creation, as prophesised by the oldest of the Mage Lords.

    So far, there have been seven occurence of the spawning of Tlazcotl over seven millenia, each on one of the seven homeworlds of the Slann. The first was put down with some difficulty, the second has managed to claim some territory in the world of its origin, while the third failed miserably in its attempt. The fourth was largely ignored, while the fifth managed to conquer one of the homeworlds. The Slanni as they have come to refer to themselves, rule over the Slann in that world, the world of Quetzl the Lightning God, for the skies of that world are constantly torn asunder with lightning. The Slann of the free worlds have responded by sending their great ships to deliver the Slann of Quetzl, which they succeeded after great difficulty. The sixth spawning was successful too in conquering the Slann in their world of origin, which happened to be Tlazcotl, motherworld of the Slann, their original birthplace where they were found and made a servant race by the Old Ones. The Slann of the other homeworlds have responded in the same manner to the situation by sending their ships and armies to the world of Tlazcotl, but so far they have yet to succeed in freeing their motherworld from the dominion of the Slanni. While Tlazcotl is indeed the motherworld of the Slann, the capital world, or fatherworld, is none other than Chotec, the Ruler God. Now is the time of the seventh spawning of Tlazcotl, the Phoenix God, and they have occurred in Chotec, fatherworld of the Slann. Should they claim this world of greatest importance, the likelihood of the Slanni in fulfilling their destined role as the rulers of the Slann might possibly be achieved.

    The strongest Slanni ever is said to be spawned in the seventh spawning, and his name is Kroq-Gar. He is hailed as the Chosen One of the Slanni for he is born under the twin blessing of Tlazcotl and Sotek, an occurence that has never happened before. As a result of his unique spawn of origin, the colour of his hide is vivid-yellow with stripes of blood-red. Together with his fellow Slanni, Kroq-Gar has subjugated the capital city of Chotec, Chotek, and have proceeded to claim lordship over the Mage Lords of that city. Using their psychic powers to subjugate the populations of Skinks and Saurans within the capital city, Kroq-Gar led a conquering force of warriors into the heart of the Temple Pyramid and succeeded in defeating the defences of the Mage Lords after a long battle of attrition. At the heart of the Temple Pyramid of Chotec, Kroq-Gar came face to face with Venerable Lord Kroak, the greatest Mage Lord in all the seven worlds of the Slann. There, a duel of immense proportions unfolded, as Kroq-Gar and Kroak wrestled with each other in the domain of the psyche. After an exhausting display of psychic might, Kroak was defeated by the psychic proficiency of Kroq-Gar. Even now Kroq-Gar has set his sights on conquering the rest of the Temple Cities of Chotec, in the hopes of completing the mission of the Slanni as been programmed into them by the Old Ones. Kroq-Gar has proven to be a particularly ambitious Slanni, and in his ambition he has set his sights on not only upholding the rule and stewardship of the Slanni over the Slann, but in conquering the lesser races that were their children in times long gone. The sentient races of the 41st Millenia would have to be most wary should Kroq-Gar succeed in dominating all of Slann Magedom.

    MS:6 BS:3 S:5 T:5 A:4 W:3 I:3 L:10 AS:2+
    Kroq-Gar: MS:7 BS:4 S:6 T:5 A:5 W:4 I:4 L:10 AS:1+
    Carnosaur: MS:5 BS:0 S:6 T:5 A:5 W:4 I:3 L:8 AS:4+
    Point Cost: 90/150
    Unit Size: 1
    Equipment: Force Halberd, Dragon Armour
    /Force Halberd, Phoenix Armour, Carnosaur

    Given the massive build of Kroq-Gar for being born under the blessing of Sotek, a unique suit of armour must be made for him. Thus, upon gaining control of the capital city of Chotek, Kroq-Gar had the Skink Smiths forged a suit of armour that matched his build. This is the Phoenix Armour, named after the Phoenix God, Tlazcotl. It has the protective capabilities of a Dragon Armour, while its powers of protection even extend into the psychic domains. The Phoenix Armour is Dragon Armour in all respects. In addition, it confers a 3+IS. Should any Psychic Attacks be made against the bearer of the Phoenix Armour, the Psychic Power would be reflected back to its caster should the Attack be Saved by the IS of the Phoenix Armour.
    Upon claiming the city of Chotek for his own, Kroq-Gar ventured into the jungles alone, without his Guard of Slanni. For days, great, spine-thrilling roars could be heard emanating from the jungles, and no one dared entered after Kroq-Gar to see what the Slanni Lord was doing. After 7 days, Kroq-Gar came back, but he was not alone. He came back seated upon the back of a great Carnosaur, the apex predator of the jungles of the homeworlds of the Slann. The Slann had never sought to tame the great Carnosaurs because they were too violent, and too much trouble would be expended in taming these great creatures. Kroq-Gar, knowing of these great beasts that roamed the jungles of Chotec, sought to possess one as a steed of war. In times of battle, Kroq-Gar leads his armies upon the back of his pet Carnosaur. Together, this dual team have yet to see defeat in their many battles against the Slann. The Carnosaur is a monstrous steed of Kroq-Gar. As such he counts as a Monstrous Creature.

    Special Rules:
    Scaly Skin, Cold-Blooded, Regeneration, Bite Attack
    Blessing of Tlazcotl:
    The Slanni are blessed by the bio-engineering of Tlazcotl. As a result, they are the most gifted psychics in the entire Slann race. They were initially meant to be the refiners of the work of the first three generations of Slann, but in the end became the stewards of the Old Ones, meant to rule in their place over their Slann servants. The Slanni may take any of the Psychic Powers from the three Slann generations.
    Psychic Masters: The Slanni were designed to possess such psychic powers of control that they will supercede the Slann in the realms of psychic mastery. When the Slanni first rise from the spawning pools of the Slann, their first motive is to subjugate the surrounding Skinks and Saurans, slowly converting the entire city and tribe to their side. When their numbers are sufficiently substantiated, they were then rise up against the Slann Magehood of the Temple City, and wage a war of dominion against them. The Slanni has the Subjugation Psychic Power. Both you and the opponent roll a D6 and add the score to your Leadership values. You add to the Slanni's Leadership while the opponent add to the Leadership of the unit you are trying to subjugate. Should you score higher, you may control the unit for the rest of the Turn, until the start of your next Turn. This includes, making a normal Move, Shooting, throwing a grenade, etc. Should you attempt to control a model within a vehicle, as long as the vehicle is not Open-Topped, it counts as having a Leadership of 10. Due to the strength of mind of the Slann as a result of their psychic mastery, members of the Slann Magehood are immune to Subjugation, and indeed all Psykers.

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