Now I'm sure many of you will remember the Imperiums very own new weapons testers, the Mentors, and I was wondering what people would use to represent these guys on a battlefield? I've seen several renditions on teh B&C and various other sources, but here are my ideas.

Mentors esentially deploy as small squads to observe Imperial units, instruct on battlefield tactics, and test new weaponry or wargear. They must approve anything that goes into mass production for other Imperial units accordng to older fluff.

I was thinking that a Mentor Tutor squad could consist of a Squad of Sternguard veterans, with the following changes:

All models not equipped with squad special or heavy weapons are equipped with a Mentor bolter and targetting web - a modified Astartes pattern bolter, with a link that allows all Mentors in the squad to concentrate firepower.

Experimental weapons.
Any special or heavy weapon may be upgraded to an experimental version for X points.
All Experimental weapons have the "Gets Hot" USR.
If they already have the "Gets Hot" USR, then the "Gets Hot" roll is changed to 1 or 2.

Roll a D6 for each weapon at the start of the battle to see the effects of the tinkering by Mentors tech marines and Mechanicus tech priests.

1 - Armour Piercing - the weapon fires armour piercing ammo, or is otherwise adapted to bypass infantry armour - increase AP by 1 (so AP2 becomes AP1 etc)

2 - Enhanced tragetting - the weapon fires with an enhanced tragetting matrix, and allos the Mentor to track and engage targets more accurately. The weapon counts as Master Crafted. Note that blast weapons reroll the scatter dice. Template weapons such as flamers gain no benefit.

3 - Enhanced propellant - the ammunition, power cells or projectiles are given a boost to allow the weapon to fire out to a longer range. Add +6" to the range

4 - Suspensors - the weapon is fitted with suspensors which allow firing whilst on the move, at the expense of range. The weapon range is reduced by half, but the weapon becomes Assault rather than Heavy.

5 - Tank Buster - the weapon has been modified to defeat heavy armour better, and can penetrate the thickest plate. The strength of the weapon is increased by +1 against vehicle targets.

6 - Targetting web - the weapon is integrated into the Mentor targetting web and benefits from the rules below.

Targetting web.
A Mentor Tutor squad equipped with a Targetting web may choose to shoot normally, or else fire their weapons against a single target as a devestating volley, targetting specific weak spots, rather than each trooper marking his target. The best marksman in the unit will normally control the targetting web, and will allow his brethren to mark his shots and replicate the effects with millimetre precision.

Roll to hit ONCE for all weapons firing, all shots using the targetting web are considered to have hit the target if this roll to hit is successful.

As the weight of coordinated firepower is such, all hits are resolved at +1 strength and +1 AP. Weapons fired using the targetting web that "Get Hot" will do so based on this single roll to hit.

Note that the maximum number of casualties that may be caused when the targetting web is fired is 15, as the web is controlled by a single marine who chooses all the targets, rather than each member of the unit tracking his own targets..