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Thread: Custom Scenario

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    Custom Scenario

    Both players are trying to seise an objective and deny it from the enemy for as long as possible.

    Special Rules:
    Infiltrate, Deep Strike, Reserves, Take and Hold, Every Kill Counts
    1. in the exact centre of the table place the objective marker I use a imperial guard heavy weapon base although anything of a similar size would do.
    2. roll for deployment zone the winner choses which table edge to deploy on.
    3. take turns placing units whoever won the deployment zone roll goes first you may place any unit up to 12 inches in on your deployment zone. place units in the usual order hvy sup...
    4. roll for first turn

    whoever has the most VP's at the end of the game wins it's a tie if the players have an exact even number of VP's. VP's are scored in the following ways.
    Take and Hold:
    Each army is looking to take the objective and hold on to it asap to represent this VP's are given to whoever holds the objective at the end of each turn. as the game goes on holding the objective becomes more important.
    Whoever controlls the objective by having at least one model from a troops unit touching or on the objective at the end of each turn gets the following amount of VP's
    Turn 1-50
    Turn 2-100
    Turn 3-150
    Turn 4-200
    Turn 5-250
    Turn 6(if there is one)-300
    Turn 7(if there is one)-350

    Every Kill Counts
    You also get VP's for killing enemy models, for each kill you get you get VP's equel to the cost of the model killed. If a model has more than one wound you get half its points for causing at least one wound. If there is an enemy vehicle you get half its points for immobilising it or destroying a weapon.

    Note this game is made for 2000 point armies if you're playing different point games you might want to change the amount of VP's you ger for taking the objective.

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    Sounds awesome!

    Give us some fluff! *demands a back story*

    Or I'll get someone to come and throw a tantrum!

    Seriously though, sounds like a challenging game to play! Well done.
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