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    Codex Necromancer Redux

    Seeing as Codex: Necromancer was completed a couple of years ago in 4rth long before the current style of codeci came out, I was thinking of updating it for fifth. Since we finished, several units in other armies have gained similar abilities to some used in C:Necromancers for far cheaper than we have, resulting in many things being overcosted by a fair bit in comparison. Some changes in USRs allow for better retemplating of different abilities (skillful sever, for example, can now just be rending that inflicts instant death) and there's also the issue of Berzerker Heralds of Death being far, far too powerful for their points (9 s6 I6 power weapon attacks on a charge for 130 pts? What the hell I was I thinking when I made that?). Also, due to how different armies that were grouped together before are now separated, I'm thinking that the Feral Hordes list should probably be dropped and the Mordecai Chessman list should get its own psuedo-codex, much like how the Dark Angels have a full codex now rather than relying on SM.

    So if anyone has any input they would like to add or has seem a member of the team anywhere, I'd been interested in hearing what you guys have to say. C:Necromancer has always depended on the input of many different people rather than just a single one so I'd much rather hear what others have to say instead of just doing everything by myself.

    Edit: Before anyone asks where this fandex is, its stickied in this forum. Also accepting ideas for Apok formation, too.

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    Thought for revised Undead special rule - All units would gain the following rules from it; Immunity to Morale/Pinning tests (like before), Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain, and finally (my personal favorite for this army) Slow and Purposeful. What do you think?

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