Storm Vermin Rat Riders - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    They count as a 0-1 rare choice for Skaven.

    Storm Vermin:
    as storm vermin but with 6 ld

    Warpstone Giant Riding Rat:

    m 7
    Ws 3
    bs 0
    s 5
    t 4
    w 2
    I 2
    a 1
    ld 2

    points: 26

    Squad size:3-10

    Weapons and armor:heavy armor, shield, flail, ccw

    Options:may have barding for 3 points per moddle
    all the options storm vermin have(including the magic banner)

    Special Rules: fear: they cause fear(or rather their mounts do).

    hard to control: The Giant rats can be hard t controll. roll a die at the begining of the turn, on a one, the squad can't do anything for the turn.

    frenzy: thr giant rats are subject to frenzy, but not thair riders.
    if you havnt noticed yet, the real unit is the giant rats, the storm vermin just keep them in check.

    give me your thoughts, Im a little iffy on the points, help there would be helpfull.

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    Just no. Skaven. Don't. Use. Cavalry.
    Catapultam habeo. Nisi omniam pecuniam mihi dabis, saxum immanem ad capitem tuum mittam.

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