Hey guys,
Iíve been trying to figure out a Kool event for a local game convention next year. I always like to have a theme for the event. Last year I did Warhammer chariot races, it was a hoot and really successful. This year I want to do something 40K themed.

Apocalypse is great fun but I donít have two Apoc armies and typically bring and battle doesnít work locally outside of the LGS setting. Kill team is neat too but Iíll have a minimum of a 6-hour commitment for the game and KT would end up being way too short.

So Iíve been racking my brain trying to figure out a unique 40k event. I decided to use the Movie Marines list and pit them against Movie Chaos Marines. Iíll have to create stats for Chaos Marines but they shouldnít be that different from Imperial Marines. I'm gonna tweak the stats of the MM a little because they are a bit OTT. I am gonna add some advanced flavor into 40K for the event like shooting modifiers to hit and bring back overwatch.

Eight players will get a 5 man squad of Marines or Chaos Marines, one player will get a platoon of 25 Guardsmen and an inquisitor, and another will get a Platoon of 25 Chaos militia and a Sorcerer. There will also be a Marine Hero, a Chaos Hero, An Imperial Dread and a Chaos Daemon Prince assigned to the marine players.

Iím also planning some random events like roving bands of Khorne Rage Zombies and rampaging spawn. Either of these will be a threat to both sides.

Here are the initial tweaks Iíll be making to the MM list for the game.

The basic marine stats are the same as the MM list, the Dude becomes the sergeant and the Sergeant becomes the Marine Hero.

The Marine Dreadnought is AV14 on the front, AV13 on the sides, and AV12 in the rear. He is armed with a Dread Assault cannon and a Dread CCW including a Heavy Flamer.

Marine weapons
Bolt Pistol: Range 24 S6 AP4 Assault 3
Plasma Pistol: Range 18 S8 AP2 Assault 3 Gets Hot
Bolter: Range 36 S6 AP4 Assault 3
Storm/combi Bolter: Range 36 S6 AP4 Assault 6
Heavy Bolter: Range 48 S7 AP3 Assault 5/Heavy 10
Autocannon: Range 60 S9 AP3 Assault 4/Heavy 8
Dread Assault Cannon: Range 48 S8 AP3 Assault 12

Flamers have a range of 24 inches and are assault 1. To shoot a flamer you roll to hit ignoring shooting to hit modifiers. If the shot is missed roll a D6 and a scatter die to determine where the template hits. If you hit place an ordinance template over the target. Any model under the template is wounded on a score of a 4+ and if the wounding score was a 6 the model receives no armor save. Heavy flamers have a 30 inch range, are assault 1 and may re-roll any missed to wound rolls.

All weapons have a short and long range anything under half its maximum range is short range. Iíll be suspending cover saves for the duration of the game and replace them with to hit modifiers. Light cover is any model that is less then half obscured when using TLS. Heavy cover is more than half obscured when using TLS.

Basic shooting to hit modifiers.
Long range is a Ė1 to hit
Light cover is a Ė1 to hit
Heavy cover is a Ė2 to hit

I know these initial numbers are high, but I will be tweaking them further as I play test the scenario and rules. Remember this is supposed to be a fun memorable event when adding feedback.

More to follow.....