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    creature pitfighting

    these are some campaign rules i made up for use with the creature creator in chapter approved. This is designed to be a fun campaign done in 5-minute sections, possibly at the end of your gaming club. These are adapted from the pit fighting rules that go with creature feature.

    Creature pit-fighting special scenario rules
    The objective of this round-based combat system is to design, then battle, your own creatures against your friends in a mini-tournament. This is not hugely competitive.

    How to play

    Each player starts off with 100 points to spend on creating creatures, using the creature creator II, found in chapter approved. These creatures will be referred to as your creature roster.

    Battle are matches between two players in which both players set up their creatures on opposite sides of 12” radius ring using a set amount of points from their roster. Both players then attempt to use their creatures to wipe out their opponent’s creatures until one side is all knocked out. After the round, the creatures are returned to consciousness: they don’t die, just get knocked out. If, however, a creature takes more wounds than it has left in one turn, it may require medical attention. After the battle, every creature that took more wounds than it had left in one turn of combat must have the same number of points paid on it as it lost wounds over it’s maximum, or it will die. These points are subtracted from the owner’s total. If he cannot or does not want to pay, the creature is removed from his roster.
    Points are awarded to the participants as follows: for every 25pts played in the battle, the winner gets d3 points to spend on his roster, new creatures, loans, medical care, upgrading existing creatures, and bets. The loser then gets points equal to the winner’s winnings multiplied by the percentage of the winners creatures that were knocked out, for example in a 100pt battle, the winner gets 4d3 points to spend, which comes to ten points. The loser managed to knock out 80 out of the winner’s 100 points, so he gets 10 * 80%= 8pts for the match.
    Points won are spent on new creatures, loans, medical care, upgrading existing creatures, and bets.
    Before each battle begins, you may place bets on who will win. Bets are made by saying you want to place a bet, who on, and how much. Then, you subtract your bet amount from your total points, and sit back and watch the battle. If you win your bet, you receive the points you paid back double, minus one. The most you may bet on any single battle is 20pts. You may not bet on your own battles.
    Loans of up to 50 pts may be taken out from other players at an interest per round rate of at least 10%, or more if the lender chooses. Loans may be taken out to save creatures with serious wounds which you cannot pay for. If you are unable to pay back the loan after the agreed time (no more than three rounds), you lose your creature or creatures with the closest points value to the cost of the loan and the interest, and it is given to the lender. These cannot be under the total cost of the loan. The debt is then cancelled.
    Creature pitfighting special rules continued


    In each round, every player will battle every other player once. Before and after the battles for a round begin, you may spend points on creatures and upgrades for creatures if you wish, but not in-between battles. Before each battle, all players not participating have a chance to place bets. Loans may be taken out at any point, but cannot be paid back on the turn they were taken out. Interest and deadlines for repayment are always when a round finishes. After battles, players collect their winnings from the battle or bets, and must pay for medical treatment for creatures that require it immediately or lose the creature. In battles with point limits, if a player does not have a cheap enough creature to field, they may borrow a creature from another player if they will allow them. If they do borrow a creature, they must pay 10% of its points value per battle, as well as pay for any medical treatment it needs as a result of it battling. If a player is not able to pay for the medical treatment of a borrowed creature, the creature receives treatment free, but the player’s next points are spent on the treatment instead. Creatures may not be borrowed for rounds without a point limit, and may be borrowed during house rounds, if the house allows it. If you do not have a cheap enough unit to battle and do not borrow a unit, your opponent receives the points for winning automatically, but you receive none.
    Here is a good example of an order of rounds to play:

    Round one: 25pt limit each per battle
    Round two: 50pt limit each per battle
    Round three: 75pt limit each per battle:
    Round four: House round, everyone’s entire armies versus a house army of the same total points
    Round five onwards: every creature in your roster
    Random rounds: House rounds
    Final round: knockout battle. Best plays worst, second best plays second worst, etc. Keep up the knockout rounds until one player remains champion or massive all v all battle, whoever has the most points left on their roster and left over is crowned champion

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    Cool rules, I would like to play a game. So where can I find this rules from that creature creator?

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    Sounds like a cool idea to play. Where is the chapter approved for the creature creator?
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