Colonel-Doge Enzo De Silva - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Colonel-Doge Enzo De Silva

    Here is the fluff for the army he is for. (Imperial Guard Fluff: Good or Bad?)

    Colonel-Doge Enzo De Silva
    Cost: 105 points

    WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
    4 5 3 3 3 4 3 9 4+

    Equipment: The Eagle's Talon, power weapon, carapace armour, Trademark Item (beret)

    The Eagle's Talon: This heavily embellished weapon has been in the possesion of the De Silva clan for more than 800 years. It has been passed down to the oldest male memebr of the household in the Imperial Guard for as long as anyone in the clan can remember. It is a brilliant weapon, able to make a headshot at a distance of 500 yards. This weapon counts as a master-crafted storm bolter.

    Special Rules: Guard Officer, Tau Fighter, Old-Fashioned

    Guard Officer: As a Colonel, Enzo must replace the officer at the head of your HQ Command squad, for no additional cost.

    Tau Fighter: De Silva started his military career as a young lieutenant during the battle for Issus 3, where he and his regiment, the Evansi 433rd, fought Tau-backed rebel forces under Shas'O Longreach to a standstill, before being ordered to pull out. Enzo still harbours a special hatred for the Greater Good and its proponents. Enzo, and the army commanded by him gets Preferred Enemy: Tau.

    Old-Fashioned: Even though Enzo is very young to be a colonel, he has inherited the old-fashioned military ideas of his homeworld. He is a strong opponent of camoflauge and ambushes, and only grudgingly accepts recon intelliegnce, which he refuses to allow his troops to gather themselves. An army including Enzo may not include sentinels. As well, no unit may Infiltrate or Deep Strike, which Enzo considers dishonourable.

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