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    Create-a-Character: X-Men

    Well I watched X-Men earlier for the first times in ages and i got an idea, how about making up some of the characters from the comic/tv-show/movie into 40k beasts. Anyway here is the first one that springs to mind. Just add in whatever you fancy. I'd say do one each so everyone gets a chance, but its up to you:

    Juggernaut - 250

    WS: 3
    BS: -
    S: 6
    T: 6
    W: 5
    I: 2
    A: 2
    Ld: 10
    Sv: 2+/6+

    Special Rules: Monstrous Creature, Feel No Pain, Fearless

    Unstoppable Charge: The Juggernaut is an unstoppable beast and when he gets moving, he is impossible to stop. As such, the Juggernaut ignores difficult terrain. Furthermore, the Juggernaut can move through his own and enemy units with no trouble. Simply smashing them aside. To show this, everytime the Juggernaut moves through an enemy or friendly unit, inflict D6 impact hits at Juggernauts strength. Monstrous creature rules apply.

    Stay Away Charles!: The Juggernaut is immune to all forms of Psychic Power, used by friendly models or enemy.

    I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!: Whenever the Juggernaut charges he inflicts D6 impact hits on the enemy. The hits go before any other attacks are made in the combat. Impact hits are resolved at Juggernauts strength. Monstrous creature rules apply. Against vehicles, 1 automatic hit is made rather than D6. Roll to penetrate as normal and then when rolling on the damage table, add +1 to the result.

    Momentum: The Juggernaut requires alot of momentum to be at his worst, however he can become over excited. Any time the Juggernaut moves whether it is basic movement or charging, he may choose to move an extra D3" or D6". If D3" is chosen, roll a D3. On the roll of a 1, the Juggernaut falls over where he is and is unable to to move for the rest of that turn. Also, he loses his invulnerable save and feel no pain as he has lost his momentum. The same happens on the rolle of D6", however, it occurs on a roll of 1, 2 or 3.

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    Hmmm. I don't know about Juggernaut falling flat on his face like that. Perhaps that rule should be more like - rolls an extra d6" when he runs, but must move in a straight line.

    I like this idea, no matter how nerdy it is. And to prove how big of a nerd I secretly am, here's my all time-favorite x-men character...

    Omega Red

    WS - 6
    BS - 0
    S - 5
    T - 4
    W - 4
    I - 6
    A - 4+1
    LD - 9
    Sv - 3+/5+

    Fearless, Independent Character, Death Spores, Carbonadium Tentacles

    Death Spores - Any model, friend or foe, within 6" of Omega Red (including Omega Red) takes an automatic Str. 2 hit at the beginning of Omega Red's player's turn. No armor saves are allowed.

    Carbonadium Tentacles - Omega Red counts as being armed with two power weapons (additional attack included in profile). In addition, if he successfully causes a wound in close-combat, after the resolution phase of that combat, Omega Red immediately regains one wound. He may only regain one wound per close-combat and may never go above 4 wounds in this manner.

    How many points should he be?
    Last edited by grimmtu; December 7th, 2008 at 11:14. Reason: Toned him down a bit.

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    Lol. There was a ''create your own character'' thread a while back, and i remember me and Ginger made quite a few X-men profiles. (For Fantasy though) Don't think i have them saved though... Although i do have the Final Fantasy ones i did

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