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Thread: Deathwatch MkII

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    Senior Member omegoku's Avatar
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    Deathwatch MkII

    The following is an attempt to upgrade the Chapter Approved deathwatch Kill team to fit in with the new codex. Comments and criticisms welcome. Especially on points cost and balance

    Any Imperial army may take the following unit as one of its HQ choices, it does not count as the mandatory HQ.

    Deathwatch Space Marine Unit .. 290 Points

    Captain 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+
    Librarian 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 10 3+
    Veteran 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+

    Unit Composition:
    1 Captain
    4 Veterans

    Unit Type:

    Power Armour
    Special Issue Ammo
    Frag grenades and Melta Bombs
    (Captain has Iron Halo)
    (Librarian has Force Weapon instead of Chainsword and Psychic Hood)

    Special Rules:
    And They Shall Know No Fear
    Combat Tactics
    Combat Squads
    Teleporters (Deep Strike)
    Preferred Enemy : Xenos (Eldar(including Dark eldar), Kroot, Ork, Tyranid or Necorn)
    True Grit
    Counter Attack
    (Librarian is a Psyker)

    The Captain may be replaced with a Librarian for free.
    The Librarian may select 2 powers from Codex Space Marines as normal. He can be upgraded to an Epistolary at +50 pts

    May include up to 5 additional Veterans at +30 pts per model
    Any Marine may exchange their Chainsword and/or their Boltgun for one of the following:
    Storm Bolter, Combi-weapon +5 pts
    Power weapon, lightning claw, plasma pistol, storm shield +15 pts
    Powerfist +25 pts
    Thunderhammer, chainfist, Relic Blade +30 pts

    Two Veterans may exchange their Boltgun for one of the following:
    flamer, meltagun, missile launcher + 5 pts
    Heavy Bolter, plasma gun, Heavy flamer + 10 pts

    Heavy Bolter is equipped with Hellfire shells and a suspensor.
    Each time the Heavy bolter is fired, but before rolling any dice, the unit must decide which way the Heavy Bolter is going to fire.
    Hellfire Round : see Space Marine Codex
    Suspensor: Heavy Bolter become Range 18" Assault 3
    Normal: Fires as normal Heavy Bolter

    True grit: Models count their boltgun as a bolt pistol in each assault phase, except if they charged (or counter charged)

    Preferred Enemy. Select one enemy type when creating the list. USR

    Teleporters. Models deep strike as if they were wearing terminator armour (so teleporter homers will work)

    And They Shall Know No Fear. see Codex Space Marines

    Combat Tactics see Codex Space Marines

    Combat Squads. see Codex Space Marines

    Infiltrators. USR

    Counter Attack. USR

    Special Issue Ammo. see Codex Space Marines

    Arch Overfiend & Grand Despot
    I currently play:
    Doom Eagle Space Marines
    Hive Fleet Omega Tyranids
    Goff Ork Boyz(dead)
    Tau of O'me
    Inquisitorial Xeno Hunters

    and my attempted foray into fantasy
    'Dark Angel Green' Dark Elves in need of fluff

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    Aspiring Champion Memnoch's Avatar
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    PMd you my general thoughts but shouldnt they have bolt pistols as standard?
    Currently play: 4000+ of Black Legion

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    LO Ninja Pheonix Lord's Avatar
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    The old chapter approved works fine. Its only the wargear for the captain and the options for the libby where it comes a little unstuck.

    As for the list:
    true grit, remember no bonus attacks for charging.
    Transport, Rhino, Drop pods and Razorbacks.

    Cant really think of anything more. As for prices well i dont own the new marine dex so cant help you there. Also why have you got rid of the normal marine for 20 pts?
    Urm i know i dont have the new marine dex but those stats look abit familiar, should you be posting that?
    Im sure if you asked nice you could just use the old marine dex anyway.

    I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

    Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

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