My friend has been making some bloody sweet looking 2'x2' modular game tiles. He's made three so far, but given the absorbant ammount of time he spends sculpting and painting them he won't have a fourth ready by the time he gets his Christmas leave. We've been planning a 1000 point 1v1v1 battle with another friend, and so I've devised a special mission specificaly to use only three game tiles.

Before I post the rules, I'd first like to point out that all three of us liked the old Victory Point mission rules, and so will be using them instead of kill points or whatever 5e has to offer. Let me know what you think / provide any suggestions. Please and thanks

Special Mission Rules:
Buy In, Victory Points, Strategic Assets, Night Fight, Objectives
Reserves, Infiltrate, Deep Strike

Buy In: Such a battle is rare and cannot take place without an incredible investment of time and strategic resources from all three commanders. As such, each player must bid $6.01 at the beginning of the game.

Victory Points: Victory Points are awarded for kills and claiming objectives. For each model slain by an opponent, set that model off to the side of the battlefield which that opponent sits. Each model is worth its total points value in Victory Points for the player who slayed it.

Strategic Assets: We have yet to decide on a concrete set of strategic assets, or if we will use them at all. If we do, they will most likely be ripped directly from Apoc. with certain restrictions.. such as no Vortex Grenades.

Night Fight Special Rules: Roll a d6.
On a 1 or a 2: No Night Fight special rules.
On a 3 to 5: Night Fight is in effect for the first round.
On a 6: Night Fight is in effect for the first two rounds.

Objectives: There are four objectives which contribute victory points as per the following rules.
Each objective is worth a number of Victory Points equal to 1/4 the points cost of the game.
Home Territory Objective (One): If you do not control your home territory objective by the end of the game but are contesting it, it is still worth half its Victory Points.
Enemy Territory Objectives (Two): If you contest an enemy territory objective with the opponent to whom it is not their home territory, each contesting player is awarded 1/4 its victory point value.
Central Objective (One): If any players contest the center objective it is worth no victory points.

End Game:
Starting at the end of turn 4 and the end of each turn after roll a d6 and compare the results with the following table:
Turn | Game ends on d6 roll of X+
4 | 6
5 | 5+
6 | 4+
7+| 3+

Determine the Victor:
Calculate your final Victory Points at the end of the game. There are no real losers, everybody gets a prize!
1st Place: Whoever has the most VP. Award: $15.00
2nd Place: Whoever has neither the most, nor the least VP. $3.00
3rd Place: Whoever has the least VP. Award: $0.03
*Note: It is recommended that before beginning game, but after the points value of the game, all Victory Point value should be determined for easy refference. It should also be noted that all fractions are rounded down.
In a 1,000 point battle the victory points for each objective would be:
Home Territory: 250 (125 if contested by owner)
Enemy Territory: 250 (62 if contested by non-owning opponent)
Central Territory: 250

Battlefield Layout