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    WHFB- Orders and Instictual Actions

    The echoes of steel on steel rang round his head as Fjend and his warriors cut down their Imperial foes. It stopped, leaving the Chaos Warrior alone in his visored helm, his ears ringing in the silence. Around him, his warriors reformed. His objective was completed, he had been ordered to take the bridge and he had done it. But now Crom was fighting far to the right of this position, and Fjend had recieved no orders. He paused a moment, trying to recall the plan of the battle. They chanting of his men, and the sound of the distant cannon disrupted him however. Raising his visor he sighted knights approaching on his flank, and a unit of Free Company directly ahead of him. With a bloodthirsty growl he donned his helm and did as only his god could have willed it- Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

    In the midst of battles, the general cannot expect to be everywhere at once, directing every facet of the battle. He must rely on his subordinate officers and hard riding couriers to get information to his warriors. For while the footsoldier may know that his mission is victory, it is only the general knows how to best achieve it. These rules are intended to give a less structured feel to the Warhammer battlefield, and represent missed communications or heroic interventions by lesser commanders.
    For all intents and purposes, rules in the BRB remain unchanged, unless noted otherwise in this supplement.

    Rule 1- The New Turn

    Turns now run in a different order, since the ‘compulsory movement phase’ is gone, and charging also changes.

    - move Lords and Heroes (declare and move chargers)
    - move/redirect cavalry (declare and move chargers)
    - move/redirect infantry (declare and move chargers)
    - move/redirect shooters
    - as normal
    - as normal

    Rule 2- Instinctual Behavior
    This is the most important rule, as it represents what will happen when the troops are WITHOUT leadership. This is the default by which all units will fight, unless they are ‘redirected’ by a commander.
    Like the Tyranids in Battlefleet Gothic, units without expressed orders will follow a ‘flowchart’ of actions, based on battlefield situations and unit abilities.

    Question 1: can the unit shoot?
    -if the answer is yes, use the following chart. If the answer is ‘no’, then go to the next chart

    Question 1: am i fleeing?
    If the unit is fleeing, it will continue to flee until redirected. If the unit is not fleeing, proceed to the next question.

    Question 2: is there an enemy in range/los?
    If yes, the unit will remain stationary and fire on the closest available target in the shooting phase.

    Question 3: can the unit move to get into range?
    If yes, the unit will move the minimum distance needed, towards the closest enemy, to get their weapons into range. This may mean that the unit marches forward, or otherwise cannot shoot this turn.

    Question 4: Am I on a hill, defended position, or in cover?
    If yes, the unit will remain stationary, as this is an advantageous place to be.

    Question 5: Where is the line?
    If the unit is not range, has no target, and is not in an advantageous position, they will make a regular move towards the closest ally. If they are already within 6 inches of an ally, they will move with that ally (or remain stationary, if their ally does not move)

    Note: Missile-armed units will always elect to ‘flee’ if charged by an enemy with a greater unit strength. Otherwise, the unit will elect to ‘stand-and-shoot’.
    No Shooting

    Question 1: am i fleeing?
    If the unit is fleeing, it will continue to flee until redirected. If the unit is not fleeing, proceed to the next question.

    Question 2: am i within charge range?
    If the unit is within charge range of an enemy with an equal or lower unit strength, it will charge the nearest enemy unit.
    The only two exceptions to this rule are for units who have weapons with a charge bonus, (such as lances or mounted spears) or who have a defensive bonus (such as spears, or a special ‘stand and shoot’ ability, or are defending an obstacle). Offensive units will charge the foe regardless of unit strengths, and defensive units will only turn to face the nearest enemy in their frontal arc.

    Question 3: where is the nearest enemy?
    If the unit is not in charge range, it will move directly towards the nearest enemy. Units move normally, and will only march if the nearest enemy is bearing a missile weapon.

    Question 4: what is our mission?
    If there are no enemies within charge range, and no visible enemy, the unit will remain stationary and await orders.
    Rule 3- Redirecting Units

    Who May Redirect A Unit?

    Characters who are not engaged in melee, or fleeing, may redirect units. Characters can be Lords or Heroes or unit champions. Units themselves may not attempt to redirect, unless they also do not have the option to take a unit leader- in which case they are assumed to be equals and may redirect themselves as if they had a unit champion.

    -The army general may Redirect any unit within 12” of himself. Additionally, any unit within 6” of him automatically counts as being redirected.

    -Non-general characters chosen from the Lord/Heroes section may redirect any unit within 6” of themselves (not automatic). Additionally, they may redirect attempt to redirect any unit within 12” of themselves, but this requires more effort- as will be described later.

    -Unit Characters may only attempt to Redirect their own unit.

    All characters count as being Redirected all the time. They have been briefed personally on the nature of the battle, and their ability to lead men makes them well ordered on the field.
    When may I redirect Units?
    Units may be redirected at any point during the turn- yours or your opponent’s- assuming you have a character with enough Orders left over to Redirect. Units are only ‘redirected’ for a single turn, and at the start of the controlling player’s turn, the unit will count as Instinctual again.

    The First Turn: On the first turn of the battle, both armies count as having been Redirected. This is because orders are still fresh in their heads, and their officers have probably moved among the lines handing out assignments and missions. After the first turn however, units begin each subsequent turn as Instinctual.
    How do I redirect Units?
    Every character has a number of ‘Orders’ available to them every turn. Lords and Heroes use their Leadership value, while Unit Champions may only attempt Redirection once. Once these ‘Orders’ are used up, they will not be available again until the start of the controlling player’s turn.
    If a character wishes to Redirect a unit within range, he ‘spends’ one Order. This represents him shouting to the unit, or sending an messenger, blowing a horn, or giving a signal etc.
    The recipient unit will take a leadership test on the leadership of the character issuing the order (or they may use the general’s leadership if they are within 12” and his LD is higher. However- the BSB has no bearing for purposes of Redirection). If they pass the test, they are assumed to be Redirected and may move/charge/shoot as a normal unit would.
    If the unit fails the leadership test, it remains Instinctual, and the character may attempt to redirect it again (spending points as normal).

    If a unit rolls double 1s when testing to Redirect, catastrophe has struck! The order is lost or confused, and the unit remains entirely stationary, failing to do anything this turn as they mill about confusedly on the field (they do not even revert to Instictual Behavior). Additionally, the leader who issued the Order is so preoccupied attempting to restore organization in this unit, that he loses any remaining Order points for the turn.
    While the General is well trained in command and has a large enough staff to send several orderlies to distant units, other Lords and Heroes are not as fortunate. While they can spend an Order to Redirect a unit within 6” of themselves, they must spend 2 Orders to redirect units who are more than 6” inches away.

    Rallying vs. Redirecting
    Fleeing is part of Instinctual Actions. Therefore, a unit who is fleeing at the start of their turn does NOT take a leadership test to rally. If their warriors broke from battle, they are not suddenly going to stand firm again. Instead, unit champions or other characters must expend an Order to attempt to rally the unit. Standards, BSBs, and Musicians work as usual, and this is the only time where a fleeing character may attempt a redirection.
    You may only attempt to Redirect a fleeing unit once per turn. If the unit passes, and rallies, it also counts as being Redirected for the remainder of the turn.
    Hopefully this will make your games a little more interesting. Characters have become an integral part of the Warhammer Game, as they are quite powerful as either magic wielders or combat monsters. However, these rules make your leaders more dynamic, and give a more ‘storybook’ feel to your battles. Unit captains will fail and lead their warriors to destruction, or a general might lose control of the force he commands. Or expert generalship and careful use of officers will lead an army to victory over a far larger and disorganized foe. These rules might also be used with my ‘Heroic’ (2 rules for more "Heroic" WHFB) suggestions, and/or the ‘Skills and Drills’ (Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Advanced formations, Drills and Skills) that Kithre proposed.

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