my scout army is based on the Comanche/plain indians. I want to give them a special rule about counting coup. For those who don't know, counting coup was a way of gaining honor by showing bravery and daring. One method was striking someone with a stick during combat. The purpose was to show that you could have killed them. Another method was to steal something of value. I will deal with the first method, though instead of striking with a stick they use the flat of the blade.

I have spoken about this with another in the gameing group. We came up with the following:

To count coup the unit in question must declare it before the assault phase. The unit must be within assault range. You cannot count coup using ranged attacks. All members of the unit get to make their base number of attacks against the enemy. For every attack that hits, the opposing unit gets to make an armor save. If they fail any armor saves, coup has been counted. For each failed armor save, the coup counters gain a +1 to their leadership for the upcoming combat (start to finish). Should the coup bring the leadership above a 10 the unit is considered stubborn. The assault is then carried out as normal. After the combat is completed the unit's leadership returns to normal, though they can count coup again the next time they assault.

Please let me know what you think.