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    451 (x8)

    ok this is something i had worked on a while ago so here it is with a decent atempt of fluff

    Admiral Jonah had been chasing the craft world for several weeks now since the eldar attack on the star port at Kalama6. It was going well as he had chased the eldar towards the 2nd planet in the last week of the chase and had destroyed several escorts and one of their cruisers Then it came into sight The chaos fleet it stormed out of a warp portal in front of the craft world. At first the craft world was left alone as the chaos fleet swarmed over the imperial pursuit force. Admiral Jonah watched as the Detures was cleaved in half by a chaos battle ship.
    The craft world wasn’t doing much better the defending ships were obliterated by the firepower of the fleet and it was sent crashing down towards Kalama2 Jonahs ship went crashing down after it.

    As the survivors of both crashes emerged there was intense fighting until both sides were reduced to roughly a few hundred of both race were left so the leaders of the spesies compromised. Using advanced eldar technology a hybrid was cloned from the DNA of an eldar and a human to create what was named a Fydaikhen soon the eldar and the humans died out until only the Fydaikhen were left to colonise the planet of Kalama2

    weapon stats
    Shock rifle S:4 AP:5 RNG24 rapid-fire
    Shock gun S:4 AP:6 RNG12 assault 2
    Shock cannon S:8 AP1 RNG24 heavy 1
    Las cannon S:9 AP:2 RNG48 heavy 1
    Multi cannon S:5AP:4 RNG36 heavy 3
    Assault cannon S:6AP:4 RNG36 heavy 3
    Void cannon S:7AP:3 RNG54 ORDEN1
    sniper crossbow S AP:6 RNG:24 rapid fire

    Shock cannons work like mutimeltas
    Close combat weapons
    warp sabers count as power weapons but give +1 A for holding 2ccw
    V-blades count as Close combat weapons but also give +1 A and +1 strength
    War gear: use space marine’s armory. -termie armor bikes weapons and jump packs
    add pessure boots and will saver bullets

    special rules hired guns: black star mercs can be included in other armies like deamon hunters in imperium armies :may not ally with chaos (read the fluff they hate chaos) , eldar(they dont acept them and try to kill them at any point) ,nids,Xenohunters (if they come out),deamonhunters or whitch hunters. (they are pycers ailens and sort of mutants all in one)

    commander use kasarkin sergent
    .............pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    leftenant 40 5 5 3 3 2 6 2 8 4+
    comander 70 6 6 3 3 3 7 3 9 4+

    Options: a pack lord may have any war gear from the armoury

    Special rules: independent character

    Retinue: the lord may have a body guard

    shamane use libraian
    ............pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    shaman 40 5 5 3 3 2 6 2 8 4+

    Options: a rune lord can have any wargear from the armoury
    mild pycic:a shaman may use force weapons
    Number: you get 2 rune lords and they must accompany the pack lord or join a squad in the army if chosen

    body gaurdSquad : the bodyguard may contain 10 soldiers ( gun lords or
    assault drones)


    elite blade masters use gray knight termie
    ..........................pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    Elite blade master 37 5 3 3 3 1 7 2 8 +2

    Squad : a squad contains 3-5 elite blade masters

    Weapons: power blades and shock guns

    Special rules
    master swords men: on a roll of a 6 when hitting the strike counts as being S:6

    gun lords use storm troopers
    .............pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    gun lord 19 4 5 3 3 1 5 1 8 4+

    Squad: the squad contains 3-10 gunlords

    Weapons: shock gun
    Special rules: will seker ammo: when a gun lord fires on a roll of a 6 when rolling to hit the gun lords shot counts as being AP1
    Shock cannon: one member of the squad may be given a shock cannon for +10pts
    or a immobiliser for +15pts


    gun sharks use kasarken
    ...............pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    gun shark 11 3 4 3 3 1 4 1 7 4+

    Squad: a squad contains 5-10 gun sharks

    Weapons: shock rifles or up to half the squad can have a sniper bow for + 5 pts per model

    assault drones use necrons arms and legs and gaunt ccws
    .....................pts ws bs s t w i ..a ..ld sv
    assault drone 12 5 3 3(4)3 1 3 1(2) 7 5+

    Squad : the squad contains 5-15 assault drones
    rules asault drones have +1 I due to having bioengenied parts
    Weapons: v-blades

    Gun sharks and assault drones can join their squads together to form one big group of men and drones

    fast attack

    skudder squadron use vyper but enlarge wings with green stuff
    ............pts Front side back bs
    skudder 60 ....10 10 ....10 4

    Squadron: there are 1-3 Scudders in a squadron
    Type: fast skimmer open topped
    Weapons: multi cannon or an assault cannon for +10pts and twin linked shock rifles

    blade masters use deathcult asasins
    ...................pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    blade master 20 5 3 3 3 1 6 2 7 4+

    Squad: the squad contains 5-10 blade masters

    Weapons: power blades

    Blade masters may make a 12? assault move due to pressure boots

    heavy support

    heavy skudder
    pts Front side back bs
    skudder 110 13 11 10 4

    Type: gravtank(fast skimmer and tank) open topped

    Weapons: multi cannon but may be upgraded to a voidcannon for+30pts or a shock cannon for +10pts and has twin linked shock rifles


    L.R.M.P team
    pts Front side back bs
    L.R.M.P 120 10 10 10 -
    pts ws bs s t w i a ld sv
    sighter team 50 3 5 3 3 1 4 1 7 4+Team: 1 l.R.M.P and 1-3 sighter teams

    Weapons: the L.R.M.C is armed with a redeemer launcher and the sighter teams are armed with shock rifles

    Rules: the system works by one of the sighter teams marking the target and then the missile platform launches a redeemer at the marked target.(works like Tau marker light and may only fire at marked targets)
    The L.R.M.P can fire 2 types of redeemer rocket. It fires either a longbow class or a talon class
    Long bow S6 AP4 ordenance1 5? blast
    Talon S8 AP1 ordenance1 2d6 armor pentatraition

    The L.R.M.P has 18+ inches of range and does not need LOS the sighter teams can only mark targets at 36? away from them

    Infiltrators: the sighter teams may infiltrate

    Unique: the L.R.M.P team may only be taken in a black star army and may not be combined in another army it counts as heavy support.

    longbow squadron 30pts (2longbows +20points per extra longbow)
    pts Front side back bs
    type : fast skimmer open toped
    weapons: twinlinked shockguns
    longbows can carry up to 3 models per craft and you must have as many longbows as needed to transport the unit eg 9 gunsharks must be carryed by 3 long bows but 10 gunsharks need ten the longbows. they allways travel in a formation and any longbow lost the men inside are killed ,inv saves alowed, the squadron must keep with in two inches of each other at alltimes.

    after burner: the longbows insted of shooting may move a further d6 inches
    well what do you think?

    any ideas to improve this list would be welcome

    spambot kill tally: 79

    [16:19] <@Alzer> Arky's right though
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> I know he is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> He usually is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> Sometimes it's intentional.
    [00:01] <+zubus> i love you, ya skirt wearin nothern monkey! ^_^

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    36 (x3)

    well those stats tables didn&#39;t work, when you post on L-O it removes all additional spacing.
    That Redeemer Talon Missile is an Ordinance Weapon, seeing as you have not specified that it has the template, but you have for the other, I would think that you only put it there so it rolls for damage on the Ordinance table :lol: I think you should change it to Heavy 1 and 2D6 for Armour Penetration against vehicles.

    Wheres that extra I for the assault drones? It says they have an extar point of strength, or toughness (can&#39;t tell which since the spacings messed up)

    Grey Knight Terminators are a big step up from Death Cultist for your Blade Master type models&#33; :huh:

    Assault cannons are just Multi-Cannons with +1 S, and they both cost they both cost the same to put on a Skudder&#33;

    I wouldn&#39;t put range 54" on the Void Cannon, as its not used on any other weapon in the game, choose 48" or 60"

    For gun lords, a shock gun is kinda poor when you think about their stats and rules, i think a shock rifle would be a better fit. They are pretty cheap for BS5, and that AP1 rule. The entrie squad shouldn&#39;t be able to upgrade to Shock Cannon, also +10 points is a bit cheap for the upgrade to shock cannon, its about +20 pts for a Salamander Space Marine, and they&#39;re only BS4&#33; Instead of putting &#39;works like multi-melta&#39; for the shock cannon, you should put 2D6 for armour penetration against vehicles at half range.

    The Heavy Skudder has the description &#39;Grav Tank&#39;, is that meant to mean its a fast vehicle, and a skimmer

    You should be able to buy more &#39;sighter teams&#39; for an L.R.M.P.

    I have a bit more to say, but I can&#39;t be bothered right now.


    I have never heard of a fleet of ships &#39;chasing&#39; a craftworld in my puff. I doubt it would happen.
    You cannot win, for to fight us is to give us power.

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    Bearded Ninja Arklite's Avatar
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    Sep 2003
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    451 (x8)

    ok ive made the edits and there is not ment to be more than 3 sighter teams due to if you had more you could mark half an army

    oh and this is a new weapon for the gunlords this costs 15pts and you may only have one per squad

    Immobiliser strenth X AP6 allways wounds on a 4+

    if the immobiliser is fired at an infanty squad it will cause them to pass a pinning test at -1 leadership Vs vehicles it rols a d3 on the glancing hit table

    about the fluff i couldent think of a better way to throw in a human/eldar hybrid

    spambot kill tally: 79

    [16:19] <@Alzer> Arky's right though
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> I know he is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> He usually is.
    [16:20] <@Kaiser-> Sometimes it's intentional.
    [00:01] <+zubus> i love you, ya skirt wearin nothern monkey! ^_^

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