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    Special Rules for the Kabal of Wretched Souls

    I began with only a few special rules to fit my army, but this pretty much turned into a fandex, since the fluff of my Dark Eldar's kabal requires them to unique from most others. If you want to take a peek at that, pop on over to:

    Tukosra's Folly - History of the Kabal of Wretched Souls

    I think it turned out pretty well, but both it and this army list are WIP, which is an open invitation for constructive comments, questions, etc. As for this list, I still have a few units I want to add (Vilucyan Hellions and some special characters, primarily). If you have suggestions for those, I'd be happy to hear them!


    Dark Eldar Kabal
    The Wretched Souls may use any units or rules that a Kabal may use from Codex: Dark Eldar unless stated in this fandex. Since the army may not be a wych cult, no Archite may be chosen and a Dracite may only be chosen if an Archon is also in the army.

    Exiled from Commorragh
    The Kabal of Wretched Souls may not include normal units of Archites, Mandrakes, Wyches, Hellions, or Dark Eldar Retinues as listed in Codex: Dark Eldar. They may also not include Asdrubael Vect, Drazhar, or Lelith Hesperax. Instead, they have available the special units listed below.

    Defenders of Osgorim
    Unlike other Dark Eldar, the Wretched Souls are adept at ambushing the invading daemons that slip through their portal. Their warriors may use the scout special rule when facing armies containing daemons.

    Daemon Enslavement
    Any Daemon that is defeated in close combat by the Dark Eldar is captured on a D6 roll of 6 (5+ if defeated by a Haemonculus). If this roll is successful, the Dark Eldar player gains the full points value of the model in victory points.

    Any unit that captures at least 300 points of Daemons during a single battle may roll for a battle honor at the end of the game for campaigns that use battle honors.


    HQ: Wretched Souls Retinue (0-1)
    Incubi are scarce in the Wretched Souls Kabal. Most died defending Tokosra and his most trusted kabalites during the exile. Those remaining few are to be feared, for they train daily against the worst nightmares imaginable. Warriors are more common in Osgorim retinues, but competition is fierce for the positions and so are those that fill them.

    Osgorim Incubi_________35________7_____4____3____3____1____6____1____8____3+
    Deadly Warrior_________11________5_____4____3____3____1____6____1____8____5+

    The Wretched Souls Retinue may be taken only with a Dark Eldar Lord. Osgorim Incubi may only be taken if the lord they join is an Archon.

    Squad: 0-5 Osgorim Incubi and/or 5-10 Deadly Warriors.

    Wargear: Osgorim Incubi are armed with a Tormentor Helm and Punisher. Deadly Warriors are armed with a splinter rifle.

    Options: The squad may take Gruesome Decorations for +2 points per model, which adds 1 to the result scored during close combat.

    Deadly Warriors may each choose up to 15 points of weapons and wargear from the Dark Eldar Armory (arcane wargear is not allowed).

    Transport: The retinue may be fielded with a Raider for +40 pts if they and their lord number 10 models or less.

    Elites: Stronghold Mandrakes
    There are quite a few kabalites who have cracked from isolation or having lost everything they once had in Commorragh. Now they lurk in the dark corners of Stronghold Osgorim... as well as the minds of their victims. Mandrakes rarely venture out of the fortress complex, but crafty lords have sometimes found ways to bend the Mandrakes' hunger to do their wishes.

    Stronghold Mandrake____10________4_____3____3____3____1____5____1____6____6+

    Squad: 5-10 Stronghold Mandrakes.

    Wargear: Splinter pistol and close combat weapon.

    Special rules: Sneak Attack: Stronghold Mandrakes always strike at initiative 10 in the first round of close combat.

    Shadow-skinned and Hidden Deployment as in Codex: Dark Eldar.

    Elites: Vilucyan Wyches (0-1)
    After exile, there were no wych cults that would have anything to do with Tukosra and his shattered kabal. In jealous rage, he created his own modest arena where kabalites could train to become his personal wych entertainers. Under the tutelage of a their newly-appointed dracite, Vilucyr, the wyches eventually became quite skilled at their craft, but Tukosra was wary of them gaining too much influence and power. He knew all too well the headstrong nature of the wych cults he'd dealt with in Commorragh, and took steps to restrict his cult so it would only ever be for the entertainment of himself and his guests.

    Vilucyr and his wyches loathed such treatment. They were starved for real battle. So they carefully plotted Tukosra's death in secret. At the end of the next arena fight, Vilucyr challenged Tukosra to a duel in front of the Archon's followers. Refusal was not an option, Tukosra knew, for it would cast him as the weakling. They fought at length with blinding grace and speed, but when they were almost too tired to fight anymore, Tukosra seemed to gain the advantage. Before he could close in for the kill, Vilucyr signaled his men and a cloud of corrosive gas streamed up from beneath Tukosra's feet. His flesh was melted away by the acid gas until all that was left was a pile of bones and a puddle thick, black blood.

    Vilucyr assumed the title of Archon and took over the Kabal of Wretched Souls for many years until he too was assassinated. Under his reign, the wyches became his personal guard and grew into a more respectable sized cult. They are still used for special missions these days, but have dwindled in number since the days of Vilucyr.

    Vilucyan Wych_________14________5_____4____3____3____1____6____1____8___none
    Wych Succubus________20________5_____4____3____3____1____6____2____8___none

    A Dracite may take Vilucyan Wyches as their Retinue instead of the normal Wych unit. If they do so, the Vilucyan Wyches no longer take up a slot on the FOC, but they still count as the single unit allowed to the army.

    Squad: 1 Wych Succubus and 4-19 Vilucyan Wyches.

    Wargear: Splinter pistol and wych weapons.

    Options: Up to 2 models may be armed with a shredder at +7 points. The entire squad may take plasma grenades at +1 point per model and/or haywire grenades for +3 points per model. The Wych Succubus may choose equipment from the Dark Eldar Armory.

    Transport: The unit may be fielded with a Raider for +40 points.

    Special rules: Combat Drugs, Dodge, Wych Weapons, as in the Wych

    Troops: Skyboarders of the Four Towers
    Not widely used by other kabals or cults in Commorragh, many Hellion skyboards eventually were taken out of service never to be flown again. Many of these surplus skyboards were bought up on the cheap by Vilucyan during his reign. This turned out to be a very shrewd move by the young Archon. He gave a few to his growing cult of Wyches, but most of them were repurposed for use by warriors, which made for a perfect mobile unit for protecting the tall towers of Osgorim from flying daemons (and sometimes even rival Dark Eldar). To this day, the towers swarm with clouds of hundreds of boarders on the vigil or simply travelling between different regions of Osgorim.

    Skyboard Warrior_______13________4_____4____3____3____1____5____1____8____5+
    Skyboard Sybarite______+7________4_____4____3____3____1____5____2____8____5+

    Skyboarders may also be taken as a Fast Attack choice instead of Troops.

    Squad: 5-20 Skyboard Warriors.

    Wargear: Skyboard, splinter rifle, splinter pistol.

    Options: Up to 2 models may be armed with blasters or shredders for +10 points each. The entire squad may take soul seeker ammunition for +5 points per model not carrying a blaster or shredder. One model may be upgraded to a Skyboard Sybarite and may choose equipment from the Dark Eldar Armory.

    Special rules: Skyboard: Skyboards repurposed for use by warriors have been slightly reworked for ease of use rather than high speed maneuvers employed by hellions. The skyboard uses the rules for jet packs and gives the rider a 5+ invulnerable "jink" save. Hit & Run, Scouts.

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    I know this is an old post, but nobody has replied to this yet and I just wanted to say: it's awesome. Needs a bit more, though, three units will never keep you going.

    ~ DiW

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