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    Mobile Battle Cathedral "Saint Myfanwy"

    Just wanted to get some opinions on this data sheet I've whipped up. I think I'd run this in conjunction with my 2500 pts of Sisters that I just finished. Maybe I'd pop 2 additional Land Raiders in there or (God forbid!) another superheavy (probably just a Baneblade or Hellhammer, something simple). I'm aiming for 3500 to 4k, and I wanted something sweet and unique.

    I just took the Hellhammer stats and doubled the structure points, pushed up the armor, pushed the BS to Sister levels, swapped out the main cannon for a Vulcan mega bolter (I think they're roughly equivalent as far as to how much they're worth), added 2 sets of sponsons (for which I paid the cost as per the actual data sheet, I just added 2 instead of 1), gave it the Repair rule and Stubborn for Sisters near it (Though, as I have Books of St. Lucius all over the army, this isn't gonna give me much benefit).

    I figure the sponsons are each worth 100 points per set (as per the Hellhammer data sheet), so 2 sets are 200. (That makes 700 points so far.) The 3 Extra structure points I valued at 200 points. (900 points) With ugraded armor and BS for 100 more points (popping me up to 1000). The Repair and Stubborn I tossed in as extras for Sistery flavor. I don't figure they're worth much for my army.

    I think this is fairly balanced, as for the cost, you could get 2 normal super heavies, and this one doesn't have as much fire power as 2 Baneblades or 2 Hellhammers. It's a little more resiliant to make up for that.

    I wanted to do a tank that had a Sisters flavor to it but also had some anti-tank (I wanted almost a giant Land Raider Crusader type thing). This tank I think achieves that.

    I'm planning on getting the Stormlord kit and using that as the basis for this, coupled with several of the Imperial Buildings (I'll buy a whole Imperial Sector) to make a giant tower coming off the top of this.

    I'd like to get some comments and (maybe, just a little) comment and criticism. Remember, this is for Apocalypse only!

    Don't hate on any grammer mistakes (point 'em out though), as the fluff part was written in about 2-3 minutes and I didn't spell check.

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    Well first thing - love the name!! Maybe a little dubious on its use, but hey, its funny :-)

    I think that doubling struicture points is probably going a bit too far, as this is still only a Baneblade chassis. A Leviathan sizerd vehile, maybe, but not a Banblade. Secondly, I think that you ought to look at something like void shields. Big towered superstructures tend to be a little easy to damage (hence most tanks are less than 4 metres tall) and this thing is certainly big and important enough to warrant at least a couple of banks of shields...

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    I'm actually assuming its much larger than a Baneblade.. considering the amount of weapons its bristling. 12 sponson weapons are a bit unlikely on a Baneblade, when you consider all of the internal space required to mount their systems, store ammunitions, house their crew, etc, while still maintaining area enough to drive the behemoth..

    You've just given me an idea though.. considering the vehicle's name, I'm surprised to see no transport options. But.. instead of giving it a transport capacity with firepoints, etc, I think it would be more interesting to use the Building (terrain) rules on this baby, and have gun decks that the sisters can fire from Just a thought.
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