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    Victory Points Allocation

    Ok, so I regularly get together with a couple of other players and have 3-way battles.

    Last night we had such a game with the Victory Conditions set to Victory Points and a randomly placed objective each that would give a bonus 250 victory points if it was owned by the player attempting to capture it at the end of the game.

    Because of the way victory points work it is possible for one player to cut down a few members of a squad and then the next player can finish that squad off and claim all victory points. Not fair. So, we count victory points for each individual model. With the Tyranid and Eldar Codex this is very easy as each model has it's own points cost and wargear/abilities etc have a points value that can be allocated to each individual model.

    With the new Marine Codex however, you pay 90 points for a Sergeant and 4 marines and then 16 points for each additional marine, so a 10-man squad is 170 points. Our Marine player is claiming that each model in that unit should be worth 17 points (170 / 10 ) however my understanding would be that it states that a normal marine is 16 points, so 9 x 16 = 144, which means that the squad sergeant should be worth 26 points.

    Am I missing something from the rules that states how this works, or do you have any thoughts/recommendations?


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    The DA FAQ explains that when SM units are combat squaded, then each half is worth exactly half the Victory points, regardless of where the special weapons and sgt are placed.

    So if you were to go by that, each marine would be worth total/10 each.

    But if all other players are playing each model is worth their points. Missile launcher troops would be wroth SM + ML for example. Then just use the old points cost of XX per for Sgt and XX per marine for the first 5 marines in the squad, which adds up to XX.
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    Seeing as it's 16 point per additional marine, I would assume that each unmodified marine is worth 16 points. A five man squad with sergeant being 90 points, you remove 4 unmodified marines and are left with... 26 points. 'twould appear that a sergeant upgrade is ten points, and I'm pretty sure that's what it was in the old 4th edition codex as well.
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