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    Da Tower of Terror

    Da Tower of Terror. This is just a silly idea I've been entertaining after a drunken night of philosophical 40k rants, turned battle tactics, turned retarded scary Ork inventions. Me and my drinking mated do like our wild tangents.

    I've always been rather fascinated with Orks, and their ability to defy logic. I often like to translate this into silly rules, or loopholes, and this is one such example.

    The Tower of Terror is a mobile terrain piece, and acts more as a bulding than it does as a super-heavy transport vehicle. I rather like this idea, as it provides a number of ways for it to be used.. as a terrain piece placed in the center of the board, or as a part of the Ork army, with points having been spent to use it.

    Design: The Tower of Terror should be approximately 6"-8" wide by 6"-10" long, and stands roughly 24" tall. While it is a single, mobile structure, each facing counts as an individual structure for all purposes determining its functionality rules wise.

    Armour Value
    : Da Tower of Terror is a massive Ork structure with awkwardly welded and riveted armor plates. Each facing counts as AV 12, but such is the armor reinforcements that all glancing and penetrating hits are made at a -1 modifier.

    Transport Capacity: Each facing has a transport capacity of 20.

    Entry Points: Each facing has a single entry point at ground level. Models wishing to embark or disembark from the Tower on a turn in which it has moved, or a turn after which it has moved, must make a dangerous terrain test. Elligible enemy models may attempt to assault a unit inside the Tower, but count as being Tank Shocked if the Tower has moved this or last turn.

    Fire Points: Each facing has five fire points. Occupents firing from a fire point may be targeted by enemy models until the beginning of their next player turn, however they will benefit from a 5+ cover save, or the Tower's Supa Force Field, whichever is better.

    Movement: The Tower of Terror can pivot up to 90 degrees and move up to 6" in a straight line during any player turn in which that player controls the majority of the facings. If two players are tied (IE, have one or two units embarked each) then both players may move the Tower during their own turns. Each facing that suffers a Crew Shaken or Immobilized result on the damage table reduces the distance moved by 2". Any turn during which a Waaagh! is in effect, the Tower may move an additional d6" regardless of any damage taken.

    Supa Force Field: Da Mek who painstakingly enslaved hundreds of Grots to build this behemoth placed his most prized posession within. Da Supa Force Field surrounds da tower with a shield of visibly green Waaagh! energy. Said to have been created from the brain matter of fifty warp 'eads, 'ard wired into a massive promethium engine. At the beginning of each turn, roll a d6 to determine the shield's effects.
    1: The Tower shakes violently for the turn. It counts as immobilized and any models wishing to embark or disembark must roll a dangerous terrain test.
    2-3: The Supa Force Field grants a 5+ invulnerable save to the Tower of Terror.
    4-6: 4+ Invulnerable Save, with additional effects on a result of 5 or 6.
    5: The psychic Waaagh! energy surrounding the structure sucks it into the warp with a silly POP, spewing it forth 2d6" in a random direction, facing a random direction, Da Tower stops short if it comes would contact with another piece of terrain.
    6: Waaagh! energy explodes forth from the Tower, Ork players count as being affected by the Waaagh! special rule for the duration of the turn. If it ain't da Ork's turn.. oh well, they have a really quiet, boring Waaagh! celebration while they wait for their next turn.

    If you feel this would complicate the game too much or bog it down with too many dice rolls.. simply give it a 4+ inv save.

    Paraphet: Any unit Embarked in Da Tower may move to its roof (0ne full turn, during which the unit may not fire, or be engaged in combat) which is surrounded on all sides by massive boarding ramps. Models on the roof may disembark from the tower onto other structures, so long as every model in the unit ends within 6" of the Tower's roof.

    So far as points are concerned.. I'm unsure what to make it. As well as the rules for close combat between opponents within the Tower of Terror.. I will leave that for the players to decide.. though I'd suggest only allowing opposing units only being allowed to be in combat with a single enemy unit, as the confined space would restrict the ability to have multiple combats.

    EDIT: And I apologize if parts are worded awkwardly. I will try to touch it up later, but as of now, I've run out of time as I have to get ready for class.

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