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    Sarge Ironhedz shootaz

    I've recently made up a 20 strong shoota boyz mob for my 2k, but some of the orks stand out a bit more than the normal shootaz. And so I wanted to come up with some rules for them for the odd one off game and such.

    This is what I currently have:

    Sargent Ironhed’s Shootaz

    Sargent Ironhed (35 pts)
    Nob with bosspole and TL Shoota. Eavy armour
    “Iron Lid” – Head butt attack gives Ironhed +1A

    Korpral Snikka (25 )
    Eavy armour
    Snikka’s Karbine - Snikka’s weapon comes with auto and single fire modes. As such can be used as a slugga or a shoota, but not both in the same turn.
    Snikka’s Snikka – During a Kommando raid, Snikka lost his left hand when a stikbom when off too early in his hand. It was replaced with his favourite knife by the regiments mad dok. It counts as a single CC weapon.
    Kommando trainin – Being an ex Kommando, Snikka can be equipped with one of the following weapons in place of his Karbine:
    -Big Shoota
    -Rokkit launcha
    (The points values of these can be found in the Kommando entry in the ork codex.) Any weapon upgrade that Snikka takes does not count towards the units max number.

    Korpral Zogdakka (25 )

    Eavy armour
    Zogdakka’s Shoota – Zogdakka’s gun comes with an under slung grenade launcha which can choose to fire rather than the shoota. It comes with three types of grenade. Each type can only be used one per game.
    -Smoke: Gives a 5+ cover save to the whole unit.
    -Low explozive: 18” Range. Works like a frag missile.
    -Killa stik: 18” Range. Works like a krak missile.

    Korpral rule:
    Should Ironhed die before either of the Korpralz, both Snikka and Zogdakka must engage each other in assault. The winner emerges as the new Sargent and gains the bosspole.
    During this assault the unit may shoot as normal but cannot move, run or declare assault.
    Nor can the unit make any use of either of the Korpral’s shooting rules.
    If the unit is assaulted, it acts as normal, though the Korprals will continue their fight in a separate assault.

    Snipa Longsnik (20 )
    Longsnik’s gat – Counts as an assault 2 sniper rifle

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