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    131 (x4)

    Yet Another Ogre Character

    Urgo Elfcrusher, Slaughtermaster - 310 points

    M - 6
    WS - 4
    BS - 3
    S - 4
    T - 5
    W - 5
    I - 3
    A - 4
    Ld - 8

    Special Rules
    Cause Fear, Bull Charge, Immune to Poison, Hatred (Elves)


    The Grinder, Elven Cookbook, Armor of Ulthuans

    The Grinder - This is a large, cyclopean contraption of blades, saws and skewers. It probably serves some practical, culinary function but woe unto the poor soul who discovers that function. Counts as a Magical Great Weapon with the following bound spell -

    Grind Their Bones!

    Casting Value 5 (6 v. Elves, see below)
    Magic Missile. Range 24". Target enemy unit takes d6 Str. 4 hits. Any unit suffering wounds from this spell may not make a march move during their next movement phase. They may charge as normal, but may not claim any benefits from charging (for example, the strength bonus from a lance).

    Elven Cookbook - Urgo adds +1 to all of his casting and dispel rolls if the opposing army contains any elves. This bonus also applies to his bound spell, Grind Their Bones! (See above)

    Armor of Ulthuans - Light Armor. This suit of leather armor is fashioned from the tanned hides of many brave High Elf warriors. Urgo has a 4+ Ward Save against any ranged attacks, including magical, non-magical and spells.

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    Man im doing an ogre army sometime next year (yea havent cranked the fantasy out in a while) can i have permission to use this? it sounds freakin sweeeeeeeeeeeet

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