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    Ork Path to Glory

    Well, I was reading Path to Glory the other day for the nth time, when a thought struck me. Why not do the same for 40K? For those of you who don’t know, Path to Glory is a system allowing players to create chaotic warbands, and by defeating their enemies, grow. This system includes a mild RPGesque character system. Players roll dice and spend ‘Favor’ (gods of Chaos give more successful warbands more than others) to build small groups of fighters. These warbands then fight each other, usually using Warbands rules. The winners get more Favor points to spend to advance their hero, and ‘buy’ more warriors. In all it is a fun style of gaming, and a game can be played in about ½ hour.

    Well, I started tinkering with various ways to translate this to 40K. There was a rule set written as a conversion of WFB Path to Glory to a traitor marine in the Eye of Terror. Now that’s all fine and dandy, but what about the other armies? Currently I’m stuck; this type of game doesn’t work well with 40K’s fluff. I have some ideas for Inquisitors and heretics- much like a combo of Necromunda and Dark Heresy. But all the other codices- with the notable exeptions of Chaos, Orks and Dark Eldar don’t fight with each other, so are not suitable for this system. I decided to flesh out the Orky version first because; frankly they were made for PTG style gaming. Much like Chaos, Orks are constantly fighting, have no organization to constrict them, have a perfect cultural motto-“might makes right”.

    So “Ere we gooooooooooo” (requires Codesrks)

    The player’s starting character is a Warboss with the normal characteristics. However, his equipment is not purchased via normal means, PTG uses a system called Favor points (I shall call them Ork points- after all ‘Orks is da best!’) to purchase units and upgrades.

    A warband starts with 35 Ork points. (Ork points will be abbreviated as OP from here on)

    ALL weapons, equipment, profiles, upgrades, tanks, special rules, ect. are in effect as per the newest Ork codex OR the core rulebook.

    When you roll up your warband like units can combine. For example 3 groups of Slugga Boyz are rolled with 3-5-6 Boyz in each respective group. These can be combined into a Mob of 14 Boyz. Use the ‘Mixed Armour Rule’ for units with more than one armour value. As long as one model in the unit has Stikkbombz, the whole unit counts as having them, the unit always counts as having them if they had them at the start of the battle, it is assumed that the Orks ‘share’ them and pick them off the dead. The only restriction for combining like units is that they must obey the maximum unit size as in Codexrks.

    Nobs/Meks/Painboys can be distributed to any units as you see fit, units can only have one of the aforementioned leaders. Nobs/Meks/Painboys can all be grouped into a Mob if you wish, mixing the three in any way, but the max size is 10. Additionally, these leaders can confiscate any equipment/weapons from any other unit. For example, a group of 7 Nobs wants some Rokkit Packs, they take 7 Packs from a Mob of 7 Stormboys which includes a Mek leader. The 6 stormboys would become normal Slugga Boyz, the Mek would still lead them, while the 7 Nobz would gain the ‘Jump Infantry’ rules. An additional example, a unit of 4 Meks wants to take the Deffguns from a Mob of 2 Lootas, the two Lootas would become Slugga Boyz, while only two of the Meks would get Deffguns, because there weren’t enough to go around.

    A note on Bikes and Rokkit Packs- models these pieces of equipment may join other units with, or without that equipment, but so long as they are a part of that unit, they cannot use that movement type.

    Your Warboss chooses from the following weapons at the points listed. Note that normal rules for carrying weapons apply- only 2 one-handed weapons or 1 one-handed and 1-two handed.
    Big Choppa-1OP Slugga and Choppa OR Shoota-Free T.L. Shoota-1OP
    ‘eavy armour-1OP Bosspole-Free Stikkbombs-Free Ammo Runt-Free
    Attack Squig-1OP

    That’s right you’ve gotta earn that Mega Armour you lazy git!

    OP earning/ loosing chart-
    +1 OP for winnig a battle
    +3 OP for killing an opposing Warboss
    +1 OP per every 10 wounds caused- Glancing hits are 3 wounds and Penetrating hits are 6 wounds.
    -1 OP for loosing a battle
    -1 OP per every 20 wouns lost- Glancing hits are 3 wounds and Penetrating hits are 6 wounds.
    -6 OP if your starting Warboss is killed

    These tables are for upradin’ your boss. You get one free roll on the first to start yourself out. Roll on the Advancement table first, then follow the instructions.

    2 Tactics- roll once on the Tactics table
    3-6 Oooh Treasure!- roll once on the Treasure Table
    7 1-3=+1S(2) 4-6=+1A(2)
    8 1-3=+1WS(2) 4-6=+1BS(2)
    9 1-3=+1I(2) 4-6=+1LD(1)
    10 1-3=+1W(2) 4-6=+1T(2)
    11 Leadership Advance- roll once on the Leadership table
    12 Personality- roll once on the Personality table

    Tactics- Each time you roll you give the USR to one unit. The unit has the USR permanently lest it is disbanded or ALL its members destroyed in a battle. A unit may only be given ONE USR via this manner.

    1 Counter Attack
    2 Fleet
    3 Hit & Run
    4 Move Through Cover
    5 Stealth
    6 Tank Hunters

    Oooh Treasure!-

    2 Blessed by Gork
    3 Blessed by Mork
    4 Gift From The Gods
    5 Roll once on Follower Table #2 do not modify the result in any way. Get the selection for free.
    6-7 Weapon Cache- Roll D3 times on the Squad Weapon table. These weapons may be freely distributed to any units you wish.
    8 Weapon Cache- The same as above only roll D6 times.
    9-10 Roll on Followers Table #2- reroll any 1’s and 6’s roll the second D6 to determine troop type. Do not modify those two rolls in any way. 2D6 Slugga/Shoota boys(they don’t have to be from the same units) can be upgraded to this type for free.
    11 Weapon Cache- 1 Thunder Hammer 2 Lightning Claw 3-4 Power Klaw 5-6 Power Weapon
    12 Weapon Cache- 1 Kustom Mega-Blasta 2 Snazzgun---1-2 Shootier 3-4 Dakka 5-6 Blasta--- 3-4 Kombi-Skorcha 5-6 Kombi-Rokkit

    Leadership Advance- max. of 2
    1 Any friendly unit within 12” may use LD for tests.
    2 D3 rerolls per battle, may be used to reroll any dice directly effecting this character, no rerolling-rerolls.
    3 All friendly units within 6” add d6” when declaring a charge, rolled after charge is declared.
    4 Character and unit ALWAYS Fearless when outnumbered 2:1 or worse in Close Combat.
    5 Character an unit will move d6” towards the last enemy unit to wound them in the Shooting Phase. If there were no wounds inflicted on the unit during the enemy’s Shooting Phase, ignore, otherwise move immediately after the phase ends.
    6 Character an unit automatically shoot at the last enemy unit to shoot at them. They shoot immediately at the end of the enemy’s Shooting Phase, if they were not wounded this phase ignore.
    Personality- max. of 1
    1-2 Reckless-Character and unit move an additional 6” in the Movement Phase, but ALL of their cover saves for the enemy’s next Shooting Phase are at –1.
    3-4 Stubborn-Character and unit always ignore 25% shooting LD tests.
    5-6 Noise Junkie-Character only fires twice in every friendly Shooting Phase.

    Table #1- 1 OP to roll on
    1-5 Orks 1-3 Shootas D6 1 OP each EQP#1+Shootas
    4-6 Sluggas D6 1 OP each EQP#1+Sluggas/Choppas
    6 Grots 2D6 ½ OP each Grot Blasta

    Table #2- 2 OP to roll on
    1- 1-4 Nobs D3 3 OP each Nob EQP+Stikkbombz
    5 Runtherds D3 3 OP each Grabba Stikk+Squig Hound+Grot Prod for 1 OP each
    6 Meks D3 3 OP each Mek’s Tools+Mek EQP
    2-3 1-3 Lootas D3 3 OP each Deffgun+EQP#1
    4 Flash Gits D3 5 OP each Snazzguns+Gitfindas+Eavy Armour+Flash Gits table
    5 Tankbustas D3 3 OP each Rokkit Launcha+Tankbusta Bombs+Tank Busta table+EQP#2
    6 Burna Boyz D3 3 OP each Burna+EQP#2
    4-5 1-3 Stormboyz D3 2 OP each Slugga/Choppa+Stikkbombz+Rokkit Pack+EQP#1
    4-5 Bikerz D3 5 OP each Slugga/Choppa+Warbike+EQP#1
    6 Kommandos D3 2 OP each Slugga/Choppa+Stikkbombz+EQP#1
    6 1-3 Trukk D3 7 OP each
    4-5 Warbuggies D3 6 OP each 1-3 T.L. Big Shoota 4 Skorcha 5 T.L. Rokkit L. 6 Deffgun
    6 Deffkoptas D3 7 OP each Rokkit Launchas 1 OP each Buzzsawz 2 OP each

    Table #3- 3 OP to roll on
    1-2 1 Warboss 1 12 OP Warboss EQP+Bosspole+Two FREE rolls on Table #1, get what’s rolled free
    2 Big Mek 1 7 OP Big Mek EQP+Mek’s Tools+One FREE roll on Table #3, get what’s rolled free
    3 1-2 Weirdboy 1 11 OP Warphead 4 OP

    3-6 Painboy 1 5 OP Painboy’s Tools+Nob EQP
    4-6 Meganobz D3 8 OP each Mega Armour+Stikkbombz+Mega Armour EQP
    3-4 1 Battlewagon 1 18 OP
    2-3 Deff Dread 1 15 OP
    4-6 Looted Wagon 1 7 OP
    5-6 1-4 Big Guns D3 4 OP each 1-3 Kannon/ 4-5 Lobba/ 6 Zzzapp
    5-6 Killa Kans D3 7 OP each

    EQP Table #1-
    1-2 Nothing
    3-5 1-3 Squad Weapon+Stikkbombz
    4-5 Stikkbombz
    6 Squad Weapon
    6 1-3 Squad Weapon+Stikkbombz+Eavy Armour
    4-5 Stikkbombz+Eavy Armour
    6 Squad Weapon+Eavy Armour

    EQP Table #2-
    1-2 Nothing
    3-5 Stikkbombz
    6 Eavy Armour

    Squad Weapon Table-
    1-3 Big Shoota
    4 Rokkit Launcha
    5 Burna
    6 Big Choppa

    Flash Gits-
    1 Dakka
    2 Shootier
    3 Blastier
    4-6 Squad Weapon

    1-3 Bomb Squig
    4-5 Tankhammer
    6 Kustom Mega-Blasta

    Mek EQP Table
    1 Slugga/Chopa
    2 Big Shoota
    3 Rokkit Launcha
    4 Kustom Mega-Blast
    5-6 Kustom Deffgun 48” S-7 AP-4 Hvy. D6

    Mega Armour Table-
    1 Snazzgun 1-2 Dakka
    3-4 Shootier
    5-6 Blastier
    2 Big Shoota
    3 Kombi-Skorcha
    4 Kombi-Rokkit
    5-6 Twin-Linked Shoota

    Nob EQP Table-
    1 Power Klaw
    2 Big Choppa
    3 Twin-Linked Shoota
    4 Kombi-Skorcha
    5 Kombi-Rokkit
    6 Extras- 1 Bike
    2-3 Eavy Armour
    4-5 Bosspole
    6 Cybork

    Warboss EQP Table-(3 Rolls)
    1-2 Weapon 1-4 Power Klaw
    5-6 Big Choppa
    3 Mega-Armour- Roll on Mega-Armour Table
    4-5 Gun 1-3 Twin-Linked Shoota
    4 Kombi-Skorcha
    5 Kombi-Rokkit
    6 Snazzgun 1-2 Shootier
    3-4 Dakka
    5-6 Blastier
    6 Extras 1-2 Bike
    3-4 Eavy Armour
    5 Cybork
    6 Trukk

    Big Mek Table-(3 Rolls)
    1-2 Weapons 1 Slugga/Choppa
    2 Squad Weapon Table
    3-4 Kustom Mega-Blasta
    5 Kustom Deffgun 48” S-7 AP-4 Hvy. D6
    6 Shokk Attack Gun
    3 Mega-Armour- Roll on Mega-Armour Table
    4-6 Extras 1-3 Roll 5 times on the Squad Weapons Table, distribute these weapons to any squad(s)
    4 Bike
    5 Cybork
    6 Eavy Armour

    If I have forgotten anything(99.9999999999% chance I left out something critical) please say so.

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    I see you've put a lot of effort into this, but this is JUST TO MUCH! You first need to look which unit gets what, where the points need to get spent, what you have rolled in table 3, so you can roll further on an other table so you can roll on another table! And all that to get a lousy stickbomba! The rule system is overal cool (I like the idea to mix you're units and change equipment, FLYING GROTS FTW!) but the tables are to complecated. A veterancy system is always a big problem, so don't try to make to much rules. And as you can switch weapons between squads, why not make only a weapon system? Who cares if you're slugga boys suddenly have a tankhammer, it is a tankHAMMER, isn't it? In this way you can keep it simple and fun, and you can switch the really weird results.

    This system is really cool for orcs, because the looting nature of them. I don't know if this play system would be so cool to play with for, lets say dark eldar, because you will get weird and overpowered combinations. So I wouldn't put the effort in it to make a system for them. I would love to play this game, and maybe I will try it out with some friends.

    Cool, creative and cool idea, so rep for you!


    Dont anger the dragon, he'll let it rain on you all day long. :P

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    Sorry for double post, there isn't a delete button.
    Last edited by Kamikaza; April 28th, 2009 at 17:45. Reason: double post

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    Well I know that Threadnomancy is frowned upon, but this deserves to be resurrected......anyone have any suggestions?

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    Yep, way too many tables. Also, I would think this would be more fun in a stand-alone, single game experience. So improvements would be applied at the start of the either player turn upon defeating a warboss, inflicting 5 wounds (I've halved this number to increase the pace of the game), etc. I'm not familiar with PTG, so that may already be very similar to your intention.

    I'm also unsure about what constitutes a warband, or differently put, what does each player's army start with? I see you give each player 35 OP to start with, but perhaps that should just be a set number of normal points (like 500). That sounds like enough points so that the first player to gain OP isn't the main deciding factor in the game.

    So let's try to compress it all into a couple tables. Players may choose which of the two tables to roll on. And OP are pooled together for the entire army, so players simply choose which unit to improve.

    Level Up
    (always costs 2 OP, max 2 level-ups in each stat, re-roll if max is already reached)

    1. WS +D3
    2. S +1
    3. A +1
    4. T +1
    5. W +1
    6. Choose one 1-5.
    Acquire Lootz
    (number is required OP, if not met, the OP are wasted)

    1. Stikkbombs, ammo runt, gitfinda, bosspole, or twin-link a shoota or slugga (0)
    2. Bomb squig, burna, big shoota, big choppa, or cybork body (1)
    3. Power klaw, tankhammer, snazzgun (plus one random snazzgun option), or 'eavy armor (2)
    4. Deffgun, rokkit pack, hand-held scorcha, or kustom mega-blasta (3)
    5. Kustom force field, warbike, mega armor (no klaw or shoota included), or deffkopta (4)
    6. Choose any number of items spending OP for each.
    Alternatively, the player could choose to use his OP for increasing the size of his warband. This would add a unit to reserves equal to 10x the number of OP acquired (including upgrades purchased via the army list). These reserves may be rolled in at the start of their next player turn as normal, and may deep strike or outflank if they have the ability.
    Last edited by Krovin-Rezh; April 21st, 2010 at 22:06.

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