Since i´ve always had a soft spot for LOTR i´ve devised a couple of scenarios for tournament plays. We have used these in a local tournament to great effect, and now i wonder what you guys think about them.

Scenario 1”Trapped”

Deployment: The defending player deploys one model at the exact centre of the board, and then deploys the rest of his troops anywhere within 8 inch of the first model. The attacking player then deploys his forces 11 inch or more away from the defenders.

Game length: 10 turns

Special rules:
The attacking player always has priority in the first turn.
“That still only counts as one” No matter how many wounds a model has it is still only counted as a single model for the purposes of counting escaped models.


Your forces have been ambushed by their cunning foes, you must attempt to break out of the ambush quickly or all will be lost.

“Flee for your lives” Escape with 6 models (one of these must be a hero) by moving them of the board on any table edge. 1p

“Push them back” Break the attackers. 1p

“Breakthrough” Escape with an additional 5 models after the first 6 has left the board. 1p

You have successfully executed an ambush, now all that remains to be done is to assault the surprised enemy army and spread panic across their ranks.

“Swamp them” Break the defenders. 1p

“Assassination” Kill or rout the enemy general. 1p
The general is the hero/villain with the highest courage. If two or more models have the same courage the owning player may choose which one is acting as the general.

“They shall not pass” Prevent the enemy from escaping. 1p

Scenario 2 “Take and hold”

You need three objective markers for this scenario. Place one marker in the centre of the board. The defender then place the other two anywhere between 8-16 inches from the first. No objective may be placed closer than 8 inch to another or closer than 12 from a table edge.

Deployment: The attacking player deploys half his force, within 6 inch of a table edge. The defender then deploys a third of his forces guarding each objective (They may be placed anywhere within 6 inch of the objective).
Game length: 10 turns

Special rules: The attacker has priority in the first turn. The attackers are at -1 courage if they are within 6 of an objective.
Reinforcement: The remaining attacking forces will enter the board from the table edge on the opposite side of their deployment zone. As soon as the attacker wins the priority (not counting the first turn)

There are many powerful objects in middle earth, such as the palantírs or the sacred trees of Lothlorien. These powerful objectives can turn the tide of war in an instant. It is critical that you capture these objectives before your opponent does.

“Domination” Each objective controlled at the end of the game is worth 1p

“Protect and preserve” Each objective controlled at the end of the game is worth 1p.

To control an objective you must place one of your models in base contact with it.

“King of the hill” If both players have models claiming the same objective by the end of the turn. These models will fight a round of combat (even if they have already fought one that turn) and the loser has to step aside allowing the winner to claim the objective. You may not strike a model through the objective since the fighters are to far away from each other to deliver a killing blow (The only exception to this rule is models armed with spears or pikes. Models armed with a ranged weapon or models with the throw rocks special rule are allowed to take a free shoot at their enemy if they are victorious in a fight). The objectives are ignored for the purposes of line of sight. You may move across an objective by passing a jump test but you may not stand on it.

Scenario 3 “Hold the line”

Deployment: The defending player deploys all his forces within 12 of his table edge. The attacking player then deploys all his models anywhere within 18 of his table edge.

Game length: 10 turns.

Special rules: The defenders are at +1 courage as long as they remain in their deployment zone. The attacker always has the priority in the first turn.


Your forces have been assailed by a relentless foe refusing to give ground. Now you must hold our ground and push them back once and for all.

“Let them come” Finish the game with more than half of your force intact.

“Stand fast” Keep more models than the enemy in your deployment zone by the end of the game.1p

“The challenge” Kill or rout the enemy general. 1p

This is the final hour the enemy has been pushed back and the balance of power stands on a knife’s edge, you must take the initiative and rout or destroy your enemy before they have a chance to retaliate.
“We shall break them” Break the defenders. 1p

“Leave none alive” Reduce the enemy below 25% of their starting numbers (counting models not wounds) 1p

“They shall fall” Keep more models than the enemy in their deployment zone at the end of the game. 1p

Final: “The Lord of the rings”
A single objective marker is placed in the centre of the table. Both players then deploy their armies anywhere within 12 inch of their table edge.

Game length: 10 turns

The objective is simple capture the one ring and hold on to it for as long as you can.
To pick up the ring just place a model (not one locked in combat). in base contact with the marker The ring cannot be picked up by monsters ( Balrogs, trolls, eagles, mumaks, spiders, ents and other such creatures) or mounted models (though you may choose to dismount and pick it up. However you may not ride steeds of any kind while carrying the ring) in order to pick up the ring you must first pass a courage test. If a model picks up the ring, the opponent must try to take it from him. If the warrior carrying the ring is defeated in combat and loses a wound the enemy may choose to either cause a wound as usual or to steal the ring from him. If a model is killed the ring is dropped to the ground.

“One ring to rule the all” The player controlling the ring by the end of the game gains 4 p

“The ring has a will of its own” The player who has held onto the ring for the most number of turns receives 3p

Special rules:
Reinforcements: Cavalry and flyers will be held in reserves in this scenario, they will enter the board at the start of turn 2 on a roll of 4+ or turn 3 on 2+ (roll once for each model) from the owning player’s table edge. A warrior may choose to give up his steed and deploy as usual.

“My precious”
It is possible (although difficult) to give the ring to another model. In order to do this the models must be in base contact and unengaged, the model attempting to give the ring away must pass a courage test with a -1 modifier if he fails he will attack the model trying to take the ring from him (simply resolve a round of fighting between them)
“Corrupting influence”
Carrying a ring of power is a great burden which must be endured by the wearer alone. The model carrying the ring cannot be supported with spears or pikes nor can he use shields or two handed weapons. Also he can no longer perform heroic actions. The model must also pass a courage test at the start of each turn; if he fails he cannot move nor shoot at all that turn.
“The power of the ring”
Carrying a ring of power is not entirely negative; any warrior who is brave enough to take up the ring gains an extra fate point, and the magic resistance special rule. As a true icon of power the ring increases the owners stand fast range by 6 inch.
“The ringwraiths and the ring”
The ringwraiths are bound to the one ring and would do absolutely everything to claim it for their master. Thus the must always move as quickly as possible towards the ring, and they must charge the enemy model carrying it. Such is the wraiths determination to claim the ring that they can make a free heroic move as long as it brings them into base contact with the ring bearer. Since the ringwraiths are highly feared by their minions they will always succeed in taking the ring from a friendly model (no tests are taken).
“Completing the task”
The nazgúl are not affected by the ring in the same way as others. When a ringwraith picks up the ring he has fulfilled the mission that he was intended to do and so loses all remaining might and fate. (Keep a note on how many points he had since he will recover them if he loses the ring)
“The dark lord incarnate”
The ring contains enough of Saurons power to sustain the ringwraiths physical body, thus they no longer loses will points in close combat, and the range of their harbinger of evil rule is increased by an extra 6 inch. They also gain increased magical powers. Add the following spells to their profile.
Chill soul: 5+
Fury: 3+