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    Slayerlings, Youngbeard Slayers, Goblin/Skaven Slayers...

    The idea of bringing the Slayer list from Storm of Chaos back to life. Just off the top of my head.

    Goblin Slayers

    Slayers starting on their path to inevitable death normally band together and hurl themselves to aid throngs facing massively outnumbering hordes of goblins, skaven and other vile and numerous creatures. Led by a more insane and ironically less succesful Orc Slayer, they learn to skewer through masses of low strenght enemy until they grow tired of fighting such measly enemies and form Troll Slayer units of their own, once again led by individuals a bit more unhinged and powerful than themselves. Sometimes more experienced Slayer bands 'recruit' these youngbeards to counter the creatures considered too lowly to be fought against by proper, brutally scarred and tenacious Slayers of a monster-killing status.

    Core choice in a Slayer army, don't know about points.

    M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld
    Goblin Slayer 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9
    Orc Slayer 3 4 3 3 4 1 2 2 9

    Unit size: 10+
    Equipment: Slayer axes
    Special rules: Goblin Slayer, Stubborn

    Goblin Slayer

    The more numerous the foe, the deadlier the Dwarf.

    Instead of the normal Slayer rules, Goblin and Orc Slayers use the enemy's Rank Bonus as the base for their Attack statistic when it's higher than their normal allowance of Attacks.

    Gitedit: edited the Goblin Slayer rules.

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    'Ere we go, 'ere we go!

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