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Thread: Nagashi Army

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    Note this is from my home made Nagashi list that is really more of a wish list right now, although it looks set to be an online campaign

    Part 1 the acolytes stir

    Well quite early on into the New list the question was asked, who should lead Nagash’s armies into battle? The Tomb Kings hate him and the Vampires for the most part were unreliable. So now I had the idea to give Nagash new agents beings that were neither vampire nor Tomb Kings….

    Enter the grave slayers…

    Long before his return Nagash sent his Acolytes across the world to find the remains of great heroes that may have restless spirits. The Cultists did as commanded bringing back the bones and ashes of slain heroes before the black pyramid where a rather horrifying metamorphosis took place… the bones reanimated reforming into skeletons that had a pulsating light within. Instantly the new creatures turned upon the cultists slaying them all in what appeared to be an inability to control the new creatures, but in truth deep within the Black Pyramid Nagash was testing out his deadly new warriors who would answer only to him.

    Though occasionally prone to remembering their old lives the Grave Slayers were proving to be mightier warriors than the Vampires ever had been and possessed Innate Necromantic abilities the first step on Nagash’s road to war had begun…

    Grave Slayers are intended for Nagash's army however they may lead Vampire Count and Tomb King armies too provided Grave Slayers are the only characters (they destroyed the armies former masters)

    M 4
    WS 6
    BS 3
    S 4
    T 4
    W 2
    I 6
    A 3
    LD 10

    Points 125

    Special Rules:

    Undead- Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings players really should know this

    Enders of Life- all Grave Slayers possess the killing blow skill, furthermore their weapons are magical but loose this ability if they select a magic weapon

    Innate Power- all Grave Slayers are level 1 wizards , if they choose to wear armour they can’t cast spells but still generate power and dispel dice

    Flashbacks- Grave Slayers must take stupidity tests to represent their tendency to remember things they’re not supposed to and this can be a problem in battle

    We Obey only Nagash- A Grave Slayer must always be the army general unless Nagash, Dieter Helsnicht or Arkhan the Black is in the same army.

    Lords of Darkness- a Grave Slayer may be selected as either a lord or a hero choice, if taken as a lord it has a 100 pt magic item limit instead of 50

    Nightmare Creature great evil in female form who feeds upon... *screams* who's only weakness is *more screams*

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    Looks good Nightie, now....

    You said beter than vamps? Why not give it the same strength as a Thrall? (5 IIRC) Make it that bit better in combat, but still isn't a vamp clone. He is after the reanimate corpse of a dead hero, so they S should put him on par with other heros of death.

    Also as a lord choice wouldn't an extra bit of upgrade be better? Higher stats etc, a lord with the stats of a hero isn't all that tough. Also what is his options? Weapons, armour can he be mounted etc Know this or WIP?

    But so far looks good, nice fluff too. Next please, M'Lady ^_^


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