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Thread: Primarch

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    Yup. Boredom has done me in yet again. And this time, I wrote up universal rules to represent any of the Primarchs. I'm just unsure whether I made them cost enough... XD

    (0-1) Primarch 1,750 Points


    Unit Composition: 1
    Unit Type: Infantry
    Wargear: Legendary Weapons (count as: Storm Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Frag and Krak Grenades. See below for special rules.)
    Special Rules: God Among Men

    Legendary Weapons and God Among Men
    The Primarchs are direct descendants of the Emperors own divine genetic code, and each are imparted with a portion of His godly power. All Primarchs are subject to the following...
    • Treated as Monstrous Creatures, though unit type remains Infantry. The Primarch uses all special rules for Monstrous Creatures, and only counts as Infantry for the purpose of determining the effects of other special abilities.
    • Have the Counter-Attack, Eternal Warrior, Feel No Pain, Furious Charge, and Acute Senses universal special rules.
    • May always make take an invulnerable save at '3'+ in place of their normal armor saves. Against attacks that ignore invulnerable saves, the save may still be made, albeit on '4'+ instead.
    • May choose whether to pass or fail any morale test they are called to make.
    • The following affects attacks made during both the shooting phase and assault phase.
      • Every successful hit scored by the Primarch inflicts two hits instead of one. Every successful wound inflicted by the Primarch inflicts two wounds instead of one. This bares no effect on attacks made versus vehicles, instead the Primarch may roll an additional dice and discard the lowest when rolling to penetrate armour.
      • All failed to-hit and to-wound rolls made by the Primarch may be rerolled. Additionally, all successful saves made against the Primarch's attacks must be rerolled.
      • All successful to-hit and to-wound rolls made against the Primarch must be rerolled. Additionally, all failed saves made by the Primarch may be rerolled. This ability has no effect on the Feel No Pain ability.


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    I would check out the Primarchs Project at Bolter and Chainsword or posted otherwise on this site, as the project is at least 5 years old, has been through many iterations and is really well thought out, with profiles not TOO dissimilar to what you have posted..

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