I have been working with a few others on Rules Development for a WHFB Scenario I envisioned. It is loosely based around the old Warcraft 3 Custom Game by the same name (some of you may have played it). In my Scenario you select one of 16 different Characters based off WHFB, they have similar stats to their big game counterparts, but they also have special abilities. Then all the players are thrown into the Frozen Wilderness (represented by a 3' X 3' Table top) and they have to survive against the Weather, Aggressive Animals, and other Players as long as possible. There is real time Weather, Item Pickup and Crafting, and of course killin'. It may sound real difficult, but after a game or 2 (they last approx 2-4 Hours for a 4-8 Character game), it is pretty simple.
Please see the Thread on Warseer for the PDF Download and more information. Feel free to leave any Comments or Ideas on here or on Warseer.