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    Rules Crusade? Home brew skirmish Campaign rules


    I've been using the same home brew rules for decades now, and figured I should share. It's loosely based on the old Milton Bradley Space Crusade game, and uses all the Warhammer 40,000 background and models.

    It's designed for cooperative, campaign style play. Typically about 5 players play small (4-10 model) squads, either cooperatively against a GM run foe (Imperial Crusade for example), or competitively in a scenario-moderated free for all (Gorka Morka for example).

    Rules Crusade Intro

    Currently the Gorka Morka campaign rules are getting the stuffing knocked out of it as we play our latest campaign.

    Ork Campaign rules for RC

    Last campaign before that was Imperial forces, it covers just about everything you could think of.

    Imperial Campaign Log

    You're welcome to try the rules out. Comments / questions welcome, though I'll likely be slow as hell to get back to anyone (unless, of course, you are actually playing with us! ).

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